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  1. A gas leak has shook the city of Vishakhapatnam, claiming 11nlives so far and affecting 350 others. The leak happened from a chemical plant belonging to L. G. Polymers. The gas reportedly has spread over a radius of 3 kilo metre and has reportedly spread over and affected at least 5 villages. As of now protective measures are being taken ask 2000 people have been affected by this gas leak. 
  2. Aiims’s director, spoke about the threats of the virus and the probability of it increasing in the month of June and July. the doubling rate as of now stands at 10.2, which has increased from 12. Meanwhile the health ministry has also put out a statement saying that we will have to learn to live with the virus for now. 
  3. finally the wait is over for 10th and 12th grade students, as dates are out for the exams. CBSE will now be conducting pending board exams from pause July to 15 July 2020.  
  4. the police have successfully arrested the 18 year old boy who was the admin of the boys locker room Instagram group. But at least this considerant has initiated a much needed conversation about classroom harassment in college and school groups it was about time. 
  5. 14 sleeping migrant workers who crushed to death in Maharashtra after a cargo train ran over them. agencies have reported that they were walking back home after losing their jobs. the condition of the workers is plightful try to get home amidst the virus. this everyday news about the migrant workers is honestly so heartbreaking. 
  6. But there is one really good news. with the air pollution levels dropping The Himalayas are showing up on New Horizons. a recent image showed that the mountain range was visible from a village in Bihar. 
  7. it worked after stained injuries from burning in a boiler blast accident at NLC India limited thermal power station in Neywali in the state of Tamil Nadu. this is the third tragedy in a day. 
  8. Ratan Tata has invested an undisclosed amount you know 17 year old kids farm the startup which is also known as generic aadhar. this has been done in his personal capacity. It sources generic drugs directly from manufacturers and sells it to the retailers which also eliminates 1g to 20 per cent wholesaler margins.  
  9. Netflix show Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker recently revealed that he is not working on new Black Mirror episode because he feels we are already in a Black Mirror kind of life. he says we are already living in the next season of Black Mirror and humanity could use a little break. 
  10. according to Forbes list of top 10 private donations, Azim Hashim Premji, India’s leading business tycoon and wipro founder has become the third largest donor in the world. Jack dorsey, the chief executive officer of Twitter is the world’s largest donor in the world without 1000 million while the Gates Foundation follows post that post that with two 55 million. 
  11. Rick riordon recently announced that Percy Jackson is finally getting a TV series on Disney plus. he also revealed that the first season of the show will be based on lightning thief book. 
  12. the migrant crises touches new extremes in India. has been more than two months that we have been locked down but not everyone has the same privileges. The migrant crises in India it’s truly heartbreaking with people walking miles and miles. A migrant worker wrote an apology letter for stealing a cycle for going home, while one migrant worker struggled to get home to see his dead one year old one last time. various migrant workers have died on the road , due to the cause of accidents or if not that, dehydration. 
  13. Sonu Sood arranges bus for migrants: Nothing here just an appreciation point for the bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who has come across to be a real hero in spite of playing the role of villain in many movies for those people who have been neglected . He recently arranged multiple bses for the migrant workers to get home and even provided them with the meal kits. 
  14. According to the data by Centre for Monitoring The Indian economy, , 27 million people between the ages of 20 to 30 have lost their jobs in April alone. 
  15. Uber, one of the biggest rides hurling apps throughout the world. But the virus has spared none. The world economy is at an all time low. So, uber ruthlessly sacked its employees with a common message saying, “today will be your last working day”. 
  16. The Indian army is considering 3 year internships for the yuth of the country. The Indian army has come up with a proposal to introduce a three year stint or internship in the force for youngsters. According to the Indian express, a governments internal note mentioned to recruit those young people who do not want to make the defence services their permanent vocation, but still wan to experience the thril and adventure of miitary professionalism.  
  17. After 40 days of being corona free. Goa hit with a new cluster of 8 cases on 16 may 2020. 7 of these patients were actually patients who returned from maharashtra. Now the state govenrment of Goa is ramping up the state tests over there. 
  18. As of may 16,2020, the official count of the corona cases in india hav surpassed China’s count. However india is not the first country to have crossed China’s total corona count. It is the 12th country to get there.  
  19. This one is for all the people who havent been following the meme world. The great internet war of 2020 went on between the youtube and the tik tok users. Carry minati, aka,,ajey nagar, who is hailed as youtube’s senapati, made a roast video and uploaded it which got over 70 milion views on youtube in no time. This was about to become the most liked non musica youtube video in India, but what turns out to be the top 10 anime plot twists, the video was taken down by the one and only, youtube.  
  20. As delhites while preparing for swarm of locusts but when earthquake came out of syllabus and freaked out everyone. it was the 6th earthquake that Delhi experienced in the last two months. Meanwhile the sun smiled over the city giving it the hottest mayday in the past 18 years temperature as the reached 46 degrees Celsius. A rare Double rainbow was spoken today in Delhi. 
  21. Elon musks company, Space X made history today by launching the first ever crewed space mission by a private company. Space x was set up with the specific purpose of sending humans into space and colonizing Mars. still on a long way ahead but this is a huge step in the right direction. we still don’t have flying cars but but this is a great step. 
  22. Sonu Sood has upped the game a little, now he is also airlifting stuck workers. He arranged a special chartered fight to airlift the 177 women stuck in Kochi, who were then flown to Bhubaneshwar in a two hour journey to be reunited with their famiies. 
  23. George floyd was accused of using a fake $20 note at a local shop, upon being reported, the police came in and arrested him. A police officer named derek chauvin entered the scene, and then followed the viral videos showing Chauvin suffocating George Floyd to death by keeping his knee on George Floyd’s neck. This incident has ignited a series of major protests in the united states of America over racially driven police brutality. 
  24. For some reason, there should not be a lack of entertainment apps in our country. Essentially the Indian government launch the new app named Mitron that is the desi version of tik tok. it was launched and it has already crossed 150 Lac downloads. later it was found that mitron this actually early branded version of tick tick which is made by a team of developers from Pakistan. 
  25. The Australian country New Zealand effective leadership of prime minister Jacinda Arden tackled this corona virus situation really well and the effort by the citizens is also applauded . there have been no reported cases in the past few days and they discharged the last patient also. 
  26. do you remember that a pigeon Patch on its wings find a ring on its leg with a number inscribed on it was caught by police in jammu and kashmir region with the policee considering it a spy? Well now, the Indian authorities have now released the bird confirming it was not a spy. Apparently, it was a pakistani villager’s pet bird and the number written on the ring is that man’s phone number. Weirdly wholesome right? 
  27. Our health professional was taking routine blood it’s samples to hospital the hospital when the monkey snatched those from him. he started running after them as they climbed up on the tree chewed the packets and threw it on the ground. however the area the samples and everything was well sanitized later on. 
  28. Open top ten anime plot twists of all time, the Government of India has now officially joined tik Tok, and they already have 1,000,000 plus followers on the Chinese app. 
  29. The coronavirus virus cases in the country on a rollercoaster that seems to be only going on. India had more than 247K and a death toll of around 6000 has now become the fifth highest in the world. The peak still yet to come and the situation is going to get much worse.  
  • In one of the worst accidents of Russia President Putin declared a state of emergency as there was a massive diesel oil spill in the River Ambarnaya, Arctic thermal power plant nearby. environmentalists say that it would be really difficult the claim that the water is shallow and the magnitude of the oil spill is so large that it is even visible in photos taken from space. 
  • 20,000 tons of oil spills into an arctic river 
  • The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, Bing the real Wonder Woman announced that they will provide free sanitary pads in schools across the country to fight period Poverty. Menstruation is a fact of life put half the population and access to these products in the necessity not a luxury. this has been supported by New Zealand minister for women. 
  • Delhi earthquake scenes: another week has brought another earthquake as this has been the 11th earthquake in delhi in the last three months. If we concentrste on what the experts have been saying, these small earthquakes mean that the region of delhi might soon be struck by a amajor earthquake in the coming days. This could cause major destruction in the capital of india. 
  • Rumored gas leak in Chembur: many residents from Chembur , mumbai and nearby ares went into panic mode lst night as a very strong smell spread through the area making peope very nauseaous. The officias responded to this on time and took necessary measures. BMC says situation is under control and asked people not to panic, maenwhile the source of them smell is still being traced. 
  • With the celebrity than even the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joining a rally a lot of countries are now standing in solidarity but the anti racism movement. protests are doing day by day and it’s so great to see the massive support but on a side note we can’t help to think what’s going to happen now when the people are not following social distancing anymore. 
  • the level of carbon dioxide is now higher then it has ever been in the past 3 million years. According to the NOAA, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air in may 2020 as hit an average off 417 PPM which is the highest monthly average ever recorded. also it is very huge from 414.7 PPM which was recorded last year in the month of may. the crises has lower emissions but not enough to show up what will matter more is the trajectory we take coming out of the situation. apparently we don’t just have to stop emitting carbon dioxide but also remove the already have accumulated greenhouse gases from over the past years. 
  • #justiceforchutki: chota beem and chutki are like best friends forever another recent episode bheem ditches her to marry rani Indumati. The social media went crazy about this but me ’cause of the show clarified that no such thing has happened and they’re all kids kids and also let us not bring love and marriage into their innocent lives.  
  • Yemen needs our prayers: 2020 is bad for the rest of the world it is 50 times worse for yemen. The civil war playing on between the government and the anti government groups of Saudi Arabia Yemen and Iran have left the country in exile for more than four years now. go to regular air strikes and bombing  country is also facing a harsh famine. In the middle of all this there has been a spike in the corona virus cases, find the conditions are getting worse. thousands of lights have been lost due to the humanitarian crisis and billions are at risk. it is just really heartbreaking to see human lives suffer like this. 
  • Three years ago an alcoholic monkey names kalua was caught and locked up in a cage after he bit aoung 250 people and one of them has even died. Apparently the owner of the monkey was an occultist and used to feed him alcohol and meat. After the owner’s death , he went crazy level maximum and created a mess in the local area for not getting alcohol and meat any longer. He was brouht to the zoo and and made to adjust with the other monkeys but there has not been any real improvement in his behavior. So earlier this week the authorities decided to keep him in a cage forever. Given how this year has been going on, we can see the rise of the planet of th apes.  
  • India china violent standoff: 20 indian soldiers lost their lives as tensions rose between india and china over the disputed region of galwan valley. Negotiations and discussions over the occupancy of that territory was going on between india and china for a very long time but due to no conclusive remarks, the clash took place. The indian army and the indian air force are on high alert . 
  • With the highest 24 hour record being more that 15000 cases on20th june 2020 and the total crossing the mark of 4 lakh we are now the fourth most hit country of this pandemic. Delhi, the national capital of india is also getting the world’s largets corona virus care facility with the size of 22 football fields. It will have over 200 halls and 10000 beds. India now also has a medicine for mild and moderate corona virus infected patients treatment known as fabi flu . This is an appoved oral drud given by glenmark.  
  • Shcools have been shut and travel ban has been imposed again in most areas of biejing as 200 plus cases are reported in the region. They had just resumed their usual activity 10 days agon on 11 june 2020, and now this secon outbreak has left the citizens more scared and panicked. 
  • Tejas thakeray discovers a new lizard species: maharashtra Cm uddhav thackeray’s younger son Tejas thackeray amd his team have found a new species of lizard from sakleshwar in central western ghats of neighbouring state kerala. The common name that has been been given to this izard found in karnataka is magnifiecint dwarf gecko. They have published a paper in a renowned zoological journal and has got it approved. 
  • Under the disguise of corona virus patients treatment and asking for funds, a new phishing attack might be in orderfor Indians fom today. The suspicious mail could be from xcov2019@gov.in with the subject free corona virus testing. the CERT in hasalso published a set of guidelines to follow for checking these fraud and spam emails. 
  • After the recent #blacklivesmatter protest and racism related protests, johnson and johnson has decided to stop the production of all its skin whitening creams in the world. They claimed that the intention was never to promote fair skinned people but only to promote the cream for dark spots removal. It willno longer be putting out products of clean and clear which had maximum sales in south asian countries. This was never their intenton. They say healthy skin isbeautiful skin. 
  • 2020 is still hitting new levels of crazy. 20 in June 2020 a silver shiny large stone like object weighing around 2.8 kilo grams fell from the Sky in rajasthan creating a 2 to 3 feet deep crator. Da localities reported last that was knowledge of a sound of blast  that was heard from across 2 kilo metres from the site. the object was found to be emitting strong heat even hours after the fall.the object has been sent to the scientists for the further study. 
  • CBSE and ICSE have decided to cancel all the pending board exams find mark the students on the bases on internal assessment. however the 12th grade CBSE students will be given an opportunity to write the exam when ever the situation comes to normal. Mean while the students of final year from DU are still stuck in the conundrum over the OBE that just got postponed as the decision according to the guidelines of the UGC are yet to come.  
  • [16:38, 9/16/2020] Priyansha Bhatia: The Central gov. has approved the opening of Indian space sector to key private companies. Newly created Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACE) will be heading this to promote more research and productive space operations from not just ISRO but anyone from the Nation. 
  • Russia’s ‘Energia’ space corp. has said that they will begin their space tourism and will be taking two space tourists in 2023, and one of them will be allowed to take a space walk outside the International Space Station. NOICE! 
  • And last in cool space news, NASA has announced 
  • a reward of Rs 27 Lakh to anyone who designs a Moon Toilet, under their Lunar Loo Challenge. 
  • After years of branding and brainwashing the people, HULU has finally decided to drop the word ‘fair’ from the Fair & Lovely Cream and also stop any advertisements that highlight how fairness can lead up to a good career and life. ABOUT FUCKING TIME. 
  • In addition to this L’Oreal has also decided to remove words like “whitening and “fair” from its products. 
  • The NMRC had decided to dedicate the Noida Sec. 50 metro station to transgender community and name it as ‘She-Man’, but on further suggestions from the community, the station will now be called “Rainbow Station’. In addition to this, NMRC will also be providing transgender with employment opportunities to ensure self sustenance. 
  • Again, long way to go but i’ll take this small victory and smile cuz we’re gradually moving towards being accepting of all communities! Baby steps 🙂 
  • The alleged killing of P Jayaraj and his son J Beniks in police custody has ignited a fire in the Nation against police brutality which has gone unchecked for a long time now. It was reported that the duo was taken into custody due to the violation of lockdown rules and later cuz of the atrocious treatment, they died in a hospital and the death is said to be from “high fever and chest pain”. 
  • 1000s of people are protesting in Thoothukudi and other regions of Tamil Nadu against this and the social media is demanding justice for this act. The Madurai bench of Madras High Court has demanded to video-tape the postmortem that will be performed by three government doctors #JusticeforJayaraj&Beniks 
  • In another 5 minute hacks of environmental problems, Italy has started the process of covering its Presena glacier in the Northern region with large sheets of tarpaulin. Every year this six-week procedure is followed in the summer season and as the melting of glaciers is growing rampantly, this year more than 100,000 sq metres of the glacier is being covered. 
  • After 30 years of title drought, Liverpool won the first English League title and were crowned as the winners of Premier League 2019-20 after Manchester City’s 2-1 defeat at Chelsea on Thursday night. Fans celebrated in a frenzy and the chants of “you’ll never walk alone” echoed in the city. 
  • Bringing in a ray of hope, among 10 vaccines in an advanced stage of trial, the Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine has entered the final stage of clinical trials and the Serum Institute of India has also invested $100 million to mass produce it for India and other Low-middle -economic countries. 
  • “The vaccine is made from a virus called ChAdOx1 – a weakened and non-replicating version of a common cold virus (adenovirus).” 
  • Looks like ache din have reached WB as Amazon and Big Basket get approval from West Bengal State Beverages Corp, for allowing the sale of liquor and providing home delivery services Fun fact: Each state handles their alcohol sales policy on its own, so WB recently invited all the companies to suggest the electronic handling, sale, purchase and delivery of liquor, in which Amazon and Big Basket won the game according Reuters. 
  • n a historically progressive move, Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announces its men’s and women’s national soccer teams will receive equal pay, although World Cup prize money would depend on FIFA. vivo 
  • The schedule for IPL 2020 is out and starting September 19th, the first match is between MI and CSK. Also after Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh is the second player from CSK to withdraw his name from IPL 2020 and come back home in line with personal reasons’. 
  • More than 130k drug addicts got themselves checked into rehab in Punjab amidst the pandemic. The prices of drugs shot up because of the lock-down and with desperate times calling for desperate measures, people got themselves checked into rehab. 
  • According to the current Railway Act, begging is liable for punishment with imprisonment or a fine of Rs 2,000 and smoking is strictly prohibited. But it plans to decriminalise Begging on Trains and Penalise Smokers Only with a Fine. Quoting that begging does not need a “inhuman law”, which criminalises those who have been forced to beg. 
  • The much debated competitive exams started as per schedule on September 1st and 25% of registered students didn’t appear in the first three days of JEE Mains. 
  • A Supreme court lawyer has also written a letter to the Education Minister for increasing the number of attempts for JEE Advanced to three or more. However in a recent update, the date of JEE advanced has been slightly postponed from September 23 to September 27 and the results of it are expected to be out by the first week of October. 
  • After PUBG got banned earlier this week, the Chinese technology company behind PUBG, Tencent lost nearly $34 billion of its market value within just 2 days. And mauke pe chauka marte hue, Akshay Kumar took to twitter to announce the launch of desi PUBG, FAU-G. Fearless and United: Guards. 
  • But that’s not it, the PUBG mobile has got banned meanwhile the PUBG for PC is developed and managed by PUBG Corp, a South Korean company. Available on Korea and Japan’s PlayStore only, Indians have found their own jugaad to stay hooked to this game. 
  • Delhi records the cleanest air day after 5 years since AQI was first introduced. The Air Quality Index was recorded at just 41 earlier this week and so far August 2020 alone has had 4 such “good” air days. After last year’s protests and eventual cutting down of trees in Aarey region, Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday announced that out of the 3,000-acre Aarey Milk Colony, 600-acre land parcel would be reserved as a forest. 
  • Inspired by a tweet, a Facebook event with the name “Banging Thaalis & Shouting “Grow, GDP, Grow” From Our Balconies” is going viral on social media platforms and over 22,000 people have already shown interest in it. The event is scheduled on 9th September at 9pm for 9 minutes 
  • It’s raining ganja in Israel: In Israel’s second most populous city, Tel Aviv a high flying drone dropped thousands of packets of weed for people. This is called to be a campaign by Green Drone which is a pro legalization group working to get cannabis legalised in the country. 
  • Apart from sports world cup, Indian seems to be showing keen interest in Corona World Cup, after the initial innings of fighting this virus for months, India is now having the second highest no. of cases in the world i.e. 4.1 MILLION cases. Ab bas US aur India ka direct face-off chal raha hai. However the recovery rate in India is far better than that in the US right now. 
  • Meanwhile Tasmania and South Australia have been declared corona free. And cases in Pakistan are rapidly decreasing but no one seems to know the exact good reasons behind it. Wow. 
  • The first public test flight of a manned flying car has been completed in Japan: A Japanese company has successfully conducted the country’s first manned public demonstration of a flying car. Yes, a flying car and it’s not a cover-up for Ron & Harry missing Hogwarts express. Although it doesn’t look like as it does in all the sci-fi movies, this is a huge step. Noice, if we’re all dying, I’d die after having driven a flying car thank you. 
  • Slayy Point, a famous YouTube channel run by Abhyudaya and Gautami, made a video on the mysteries of Indian comment sections. One of the comments talked about was “Binod” by Binod. One thing lead to another, and now we’re all Binod in a world full of Binod. Even Paytm official handle changed its name to Binod. 
  • Mauritius declares a state of environmental emergency after they struggle to contain the damage caused due to a massive oil spill from a Japanese ship that was carrying nearly 4,000 tonnes of fuel grounded near the Indian Ocean Island nation of Mauritius. 
  • In a very odd outcome of Corona, a survey shows that an estimate of 1 million people in the UK have quit smoking over the past 4 months. (People in the 16-29 age group have quit smoking at more than twice the rate of smokers over the age of 50.) 
  • In this marvelous victory during the pandemic, New Zealand marks 100 days without any new domestic corona cases and in the last 3 months, the only cases were residents who returned from abroad. 
  • While we mourn the devastating loss caused by the massive Beirut explosion, two faces of Lebanon come forward, as on one hand angry protesters storm the gov. ministries, further leading to around 100 people getting injured and on the other hand the youth came forward to help out each other and clean up the city. 
  • After the President of Poland won the elections for the second time on strong anti-LGBT platform and arrest of a Trans activist, social tension in the coutry has been rising, as thousand of people protest against the rising Homophobia. 
  • After the destructive flood in Bihar and Assam, now Mumbai is caught under heavy rainfall as the state reported the heaviest single-day rainfall in 46 years and it is all expected to get worse. This heavy rainfall has also led to flood like situations in Kerala and the Idukki landslide claims the lives of more than 40 people while several are still missing and 5 more missing amidst the landslide in Karnataka. 
  • A man smoked Hookah with 23 of his friends at a wedding in a village of Shadipur and later all of them tested positive for corona. 
  • After being questioned over a social media scam, Badshah confessed to Mumbai Police that he bought around 7.2 crore views for Rs 72 lakh for his song Pagal Hai’ as he wanted to set a world record for most no. of views in 24 hours on YouTube (Butttttttt apparently, in his latest statement he has “categorically denied” all allegations). Mumbai Police thinks this is the tip of the iceberg. 
  • An 18 yo boy in Madhya Pradesh was arrested for allegedly beating a local shopkeeper. But this claimed to be a bright child got bail after a personal bond of 50,000 and on conditions that he will stay away from social media for 2 months in order to get a digital detox and plant five trees. 
  • A PI was filed in the Delhi HC, seeking recognition of same sex marriage under the Hindu  marriage Act, 1995 opposed by the Indian government and in its hearing the Solicitor general, on behalf of the state, stated that, “Indian culture and law do not allow or recognise the  same sex marriages” the PIL was filed on many legitimate claims but upon hearing such a remark, even the bench suggested the lawyer that such petitions should be looked at with an open mind, and ever since this, #nohomovivah and #yes homovivah has been trending on twitter. The petitioners too have have been suggested to try registering their marriage again and the case will be heard again on October 21, 2020. 
  • What is #chrisevans event? Recenty, Chris Evans posted a video on his Instagram hande which was a screen recording that when  he went back to the gallery and gave us a glimpse of his very personal photographs. This led to the hashtag #chrisveans trending on twitter even  after the post was deleted. Fans realised that this was an accidental mistake and they flooded the hashtag suggestions with cute pictures of him, his dog and all the things he loves. Internet felt like a whole some and kind place again.  But Chris being Chris, turned this NSFW moment to something useful with posting “now that i have your attention. Vote November 3rd 2020!!!”in reference to the 2020 presidential elections happening in the United states of America. 

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