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What Is Ultimate Happiness in Life?

Happiness may be defined as a term that is used to express a particular feeling i.e., pleasure or joy. It is a term which we feel a lot of times in a day and at some of the other moments, we experience it. If a person remains in the state of happiness, his mental health remains healthy as well as his outer personality also looks good. As well have heard that being happy reduces stress on the mind and body which helps to avoid many diseases. A person who is suffering from any disease recovers partially just by not thinking about it and being happy. It is an important feeling or expression for any person. Let’s find out what is ultimate happiness in life is.

Happiness is not just a feeling or the smiling face emoji which we use on social media platforms but it is much more than that which every person cannot express. It refers to the enjoyment of the present moment in which we are living. The people who live their life happily have a better experience, relations, and health as compared to the others who just spend their life under stress and anger. Just by showing others a smiling face doesn’t make you happy, you should be happy from inside also which means your inner body should also be in the state of happiness and not taking any stress about the future or any other difficulty. The main point is to be happy for the moment you are living in and making others happy by motivating them to look towards life in a positive manner. 

It is an expression that comes out when any favorable thing is done to a person. There are various times when a person gets happy for some things which seem to be small for us but has a great impact on the other person.

Nowadays, people are living in stress rather than being happy which is not their fault. In today’s world there is a lot of competition in almost every field and every area, which has made human life very fast and due to which people do not have time to take rest or look for their health. In a world where there is immense pressure overworking persons, the school/college going students also don’t have time to make themselves happy. They are under the pressure of studies but the schools have a lot of subjects and workload over the students due to which they do not get the time for extracurricular activities which affects their mental as well as physical health.

In today’s world, it is the responsibility of a particular person to look after themselves and take out some time from their daily schedule to attain happiness in their life which is more important than to just earn and store. If you are not happy by mind and health than all those earnings for which the person spends his whole life is of no use.

In this fast-growing world, we are very familiar with a new trend which is followed by every youngster nowadays which is coming into a relationship and it is not a bad thing. They are very happy and excited after coming in a relationship but the main problem arises when they break up because either they are unable to move on or they go in depression which is not a good thing for their health. Everything is good when it doesn’t give any harm to your health but when it comes to your happiness, it should be your first priority. Just becoming sad or going into depression for small things is not good.

As we all know that happiness plays an important role in one’s life. Everyone wants to live their life happily but sometimes life takes us in such situations which gives stress and puts in a different feeling which can be either sad or worried and it’s very normal because our mind is developed in such a manner that it knows when to react and how to react. But a person should also know how to become normal or happy again which is a major thing.

“Happiness is like a bonus given to an employee,” which means when any person gets a bonus for his work he gets pleasure and becomes happy. In the same manner, when a person gets happy it helps in reducing the stress and helps in growing him physically. People from all around the world have tried several times to measure happiness but they don’t know that it a feeling and feelings are not measurable. It just depends upon the amount of happiness a person gets.

People should find happiness in small-small things so that they can live their life happily. Sometimes when things are not done according to us we get sad and don’t like to be a part of it but we should think positively for the same thing and hope for the next time. Just by thinking positively and being happy can reduce most of the problems. Happiness is not just a term but a feeling.

In order to live life happily and stress-free one should learn to find happiness from small things so that life becomes easy. In today’s competitive world, we all busy with our day to day routine and not taking proper care of our own self. Life is a race, and 

we all are busy in proving ourselves better than others but we all should learn that something which is more important than our work is our health and rest for our body. In a few cases, it has been seen that some people are so busy with their work that they don’t have time for their own self which is not a good thing. And in these types of cases, either they get into depression or have several health issues. 

We should learn from kids about living life with happiness. As we all have seen how easily they find happiness from small things and gets attracted towards it. They know to find happiness from small things. They are happy because they don’t care about the rest of the world, which we should also learn from them. Most people are unhappy because before doing anything for their betterment, they think about what society will think about them which is not a good thing.

These are the things which we should learn from kids. Kids do what they think is good for them without caring for the people around them, they just think of their own self. We should also do the same i.e., without thinking about society and people we should do what we like. At least this will give us happiness which is more important. If we fail by any chance, we’ll learn from it and take a lesson for the next time. We should do what gives us happiness and not under the pressure of anyone.

When we think of an item for a long time and one day we finally get it, the happiness achieved is not measurable. It’s totally a different feeling. 

For Example:

  1. A school-going child asks from his parents to buy him a fancy watch as all of his friends are and he also wants it but due to some financial problem, his parents are unable to buy him a watch because of which the kid gets upset. He daily goes to the school, looks at his friend’s watch, and thinks how lucky his friend is. However, after a few days, his parents gifts him the same watch for which he was asking. At that time, the amount of happiness he got is not measurable. It is just a feeling that one can feel.
  2. When a boy completes 18 years of age, the first thing he asks from his parents is a bike. Some who are capable and have a strong financial position buy the bike for their child but the ones who are not capable are unable. Moreover, when that child grows up and buys a bike from his own earned money, the amount of happiness he gets is unmeasurable. 

Thus, these examples give us a lesson that happiness is not measurable.  

“Happiness is the key to a successful life.” A successful person does not only mean rich by wealth but also refers to a person rich by health and who gives time to his family as well. This is called real happiness. Happiness is the state of mind that gives immense pleasure and joy to one own self. People should learn to find happiness from small things so that they get a reason to be happy. Happiness is like a flower in an open ground, which anyone can take, but only some make use of it and others are just busy in the competition of earning more.

Happiness is something, which one can find by himself, and no one else can help him. If a person is, full of negative thoughts and is in depression than only he can help his own self and nobody else. Some people think that happiness is not an easy thing to achieve whereas it is the simplest thing one can get. To achieve happiness, you need to have a positive mind and attitude so that you can get happy with even small things. 

Some people get happiness in playing games, hanging out with friends, spending time with their family, having a conversation with their loved ones. These are the simple things, which make common person happy. On the other hand, some people find their happiness in money, which is a personal choice. However, such people remain happy only till they have money or they are earning, once the income stops or money is spent totally this person gets in depression which is not a good thing.

Happiness is so easy to find that it can remove the word depression from this world but due to some people, it is not possible. There are various examples that a person gets happy with small things. In order to live a happy and stress-free life, one should know to achieve happiness in life. When there is a happy person in any group or locality, he makes the people around him also happy. Therefore, so many comedy shows are shown on tv so that the common man gets happiness in his life by watching these shows. One of the major examples of such a show is “The Kapil Sharma Show.”

For making the people happy, there are certain meme pages on social media platforms who do their work so well and entertain people by their memes but there are very few people who praise their work, whichshould be done by all. Nowadays, it is a new occupation to become a comedian and entertain people for which they are paid. People after completing a full day of work come home tired and watch these shows, which give him happiness. The main point is that everyone should be happy in their life and should not miss any chance of achieving happiness in one’s life.

There should be no limit to being happy. Doctors also tell their patients to be happy and take less workload or stress, which will improve their mental health. Being mentally happy is more important than taking the stress of work and society. Happiness is something, which plays an important role in the life of kids as well as adults. Everyone wants to be happy but sometimes situations do not support.

Being happy also reduces the chance of getting angry on small mistakes. The one who has a happy mind avoids getting angry or small things, as he knows it is not good for his own health. Therefore, one should learn from such type of people to have a happy and peaceful mind in all situations.

It is not necessary to show everyone by smiling all day.

You should have a happy and peaceful mind so that mental health remains good. Happiness is that state of mind, which is reflected in outer personality also. If a person, who has a happy mind will have a positive attitude towards everything that can be seen by a random person also. On the other hand, if a person does not have a happy mind, he’ll look at everything with a negative attitude that nothing will happen everything is a waste which will again be visible to a random person because whatever goes on inside is visible on the face of a person and is difficult to hide it.

A person with a positive attitude will do any work with a positive mind that he can do it, which is really helpful for performing any task. On the other hand, a person with an unhappy mind will look towards every work with a negative attitude and will not be able to finish it.

Therefore, one should start a new task or work with a positive attitude that will motivate him to perform the work. Happiness achieved after completing work has its own importance, which cannot be compared to any other feeling. It is said that happiness is a feeling, which gives a good impact on every person.

Everyone has his or her own way of getting happiness. It’s just the difference in methods of achieving it. Happiness is just like a necessity for a person. Living life is not a tough job but living it with happiness is. Happiness can also be called as an asset for a healthy life and mind. One with a happy mind has a cheerful behavior and is ready to try new things in life but the unhappy ones are not ready for the new challenges in life. One should try to always be happy so that life becomes an interesting journey to live.

Only being happy from inside is not enough. The one who is happy from inside has confidence and a smile on his face, which is visible to everyone.

Suppose if you have to go for an interview for your new job and you are not looking confident than you may not be selected. Unless you are not having a confident face, you will not be selected. Happiness plays an important role in everyone’s life.

What Is Ultimate Happiness in Life?

  1. Family Support is one of the main factors which affects happiness. A person who has strong family support and has a family to discuss any point in his life will automatically have happiness in his life. When a person has the support of his family than he will be happier. Therefore, it is an important factor affecting happiness.
  2. Good Sleep is also one of the major factors. If a person will get a good amount of sleep than automatically he will feel fresh in the morning and will have a happy day. Sleep plays a major role in deciding the mood of a person. If a person will not get the required amount of sleep, he will not feel good and may not have a good day.
  3. Money is an important factor as some people find their happiness in wealth. Such type of people do not want anything else, all they want is money for them. They get happiness in buying new things for them and their family, which is not possible without money. Therefore, people like this give their focus towards making money so they can create their own happiness.
  4. Talking to many people also gives happiness to some people. A person who is talkative and likes to talk finds his happiness in talking and communicating with people. These types of people make happiness for them and give it to others by talking and entertaining them.
  5. Health also plays a good role in providing happiness to a person. If a person has good health then he will automatically be happy, as there will be no worries to him towards his health. On the other hand, a person with bad health will always be worried about his health and will be in tension always thinking of his disease. Therefore, he will attain less happiness from other things.

  Happiness is nothing more than a state of mind. It is a feeling, which makes the person happy about different things. This state of mind cannot be measured, as it does not have any particular value for anything. It varies for different persons. Every person has their own choices which make them happy or sad which varies from person to person. 

Therefore, it cannot be said what will make a person happy because they have their own likes and dislikes towards different things. A person can make himself happy by having control over his mind by not taking stress over things and keeping the mind in a peaceful state, which will automatically help to achieve happiness. There are various sources of achieving happiness in one’s life. It just depends on the person which source he wants to use. Being happy helps in many ways by keeping the mind happy, having a positive attitude towards the world.

Happiness can be attained by meeting and talking to our closed ones. As communication with them gives us more joy, pleasure, and happiness are doubled. Many people desire for happiness as they do not get it in their life and do not know how to get it.

The definition of happiness is different for everyone. Some see happiness in money whereas some find it in love, career, and a peaceful state of mind. Therefore, the source of happiness is different for everyone. It is a feeling, which comes from different sources. You don’t need to find happiness in the same thing in which others are getting. It is ok to be different. Some people who do not have happiness, desire for it whereas the ones who know where their happiness is are not putting any effort into achieving it. Thus, happiness may vary from person to person. It is a goal for some people to find true happiness, which is not an easy task for them because they don’t know their area of interest.

Some people find happiness in many things and on the other hand, some people go on vacation to find true happiness, which is also a good method to find happiness by going on vacation with your loved ones. So that they can get to achieve happiness. From time to time ways of becoming happy change from childhood to adulthood. During childhood, we used to find happiness in every small thing such as getting a coffee, chocolate, toys, etc. Whereas now we have our own goals after completing them, we get happiness. Therefore, things change from time to time in everyone’s life. Nothing is permanent.

Happiness isone’s life mainly depends upon the goals, desires, and what one wants from life. It’s just a matter of priorities and objectives in one’s own life. Different types of things make different people happy depending on what they want from their life. The simplest and easiest way to achieve happiness in life is to do what a person likes to do.

If a person does not get happiness in his life, then he becomes upset and does not like to interact or communicate with anybody else. This happens when people exhaust themselves from their daily work and routine. Therefore it is important to set goals in life so that on the achievement of which a person will get happiness in life. However, it is not possible to achieve full happiness in one’s life. Happiness is something that comes from small things for some people and from completing goals for others.

As already discussed, Happiness is a state of mind. If we want to achieve happiness in life, we should find happiness from small things because if we will not find happiness in small things then it will be a problem for us only. The interest varies from person to person. If a person finds happiness in wealth then it is not necessary that others will also find their happiness in wealth only. Some may find it small things that others may not be able to. Therefore, one should not compare happiness with others because all have different interests. Being happy depends on one’s own self and they have their own goals for life which will help them in achieving happiness.

Happiness does not only help us to be happy in life but it also reduces the risk of having any disease. Happiness plays an important role in everyone’s life. A person who does not has a reason to be happy in life suffers from various diseases and goes into depression. Happiness is good not only for a person but also for society. If all the people in a society will get a reason to be happy than we can fight with depression which is a major disease nowadays. Nowadays, it’s a very common disease. When everyone will be happy then there will be positive vibes in society. Happiness is becoming important day by day in everybody’s life. 

People who find happiness in every small thing have a very positive attitude towards society. This type of attitude helps to live life in this modern society. Finding happiness from things is a good habit which keeps the mind peaceful. Nowadays, where people get aggressive on small things and are ready to fight than this positive attitude helps in solving the matter peacefully. Being happy is a choice and not a decision. It totally depends on a person whether he wants to be happy or not. If they don’t want to be happy than nobody can force them.

Happiness by choice is always a good decision because it gives a good feeling to the mind. The person who chose to be happy lives life successfully which tends out to be an example for the society. We should always remain happy in our life so that our mind and health is good always. If we learn how to live happily than most of the problems will getsolved. The people who live their life happily help others also to live happily, which is a good move. However, some people don’t want to get happy and want to spend their life without any motive or ambition. 

A happy person lives his life happily and wants others also to live happily. Happiness increases when shared with your close ones. It also makes other people happy which gives a good impact on others. Happiness is a term most people use daily. It may be knowingly or unknowingly. People can achieve happiness only if they want to. Nobody can force them to become happy. Happiness works as a medicine for those who are in depression or have some problems related to it. 

Happiness plays an important role in daily life. When we wake up in the morning and if we are happy people then we will have a fresh start to the morning, which will be beneficial for us. Certain people long for money and become happy when they get it which is also a good thing. As already told, every person has his or her own area of interest due to which the reason of getting happiness varies from one to another person. Many people find happiness in talking to their near and dear ones which gives them immense pleasure.

Happiness simply means a feeling of pleasure and joy. A person who has a happy mind will help others also in developing a happy mind, which will be beneficial. There are no limits to happiness. The more positive a person will be, the more he will achieve happiness. Happiness does not only mean a happy mind for one person but for society. If a person looks towards the world with a positive attitude than he will help others also to look with the same view which will be beneficial for society and if the whole world follows this habit than the world becomes a peaceful place to live in.

Happiness can help in solving most of the problems that have a harmful impact on the world. i.e., Many problems are in the world which leads to war and will not be good for them. We can stop fights among our own compatriots if we think positively. If a person will have a happy mind than he will try to clear out the fight but if the mind of a person is not happy then it may result in serious fights. Therefore, if people want they can change the change just by keeping a positive attitude and having a happy mind but due to some, all of them face it.

If a person chooses to stay happy and look at the world with a new view than this world will become a better place to live. However, it is not that easy because some people themselves don’t want to be happy which leads to harming others. However, we should always find happiness in small things because it will be beneficial for us only and we will be able to help others also have a happy mind and soul. When a person has a happy mind and soul than he will work with a positive mind and will be able to prevent diseases. Therefore, we all should take happiness from all the sources it comes from. So that we can have a good mind and soul and will be able to save ourselves from many diseases. 

A person who knows the value of happiness will help others also to look for happiness in their life which will help them in living life with a positive attitude. Happiness plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It does not see the boundary of society, that is a good thing. Happiness is like a blessing to an individual, which helps them to live life happily. And these persons help others to live a happy life with a positive mind. A happy person is like a good leader to society because he has a positive mind towards society.

Happiness is helpful in everyone’s life because happiness removes stress and helps the person to take care of his health so that he can prevent any disease. In this world full of competition and stress, everyone wants to be happy which has become difficult nowadays because they do not have time for their own-self. Due to which there are certain diseases, which have become very common nowadays. People are busy making money and not looking after their health, which is not a good thing. Therefore, one should earn money but also take care of their health and body, which is more important in this fast world.

Many times, there comes a situation when we remember our past happy moments and which brings a smile on our face, which is a good thing. Like in the past when you were with your friends and you remember that conversation in your presence and have a smile on your face. This is more important. Thus, happiness is important and you should accept it whenever you get a chance.

Happiness creates a moment in which you live and becomes memorable which comes to your mind in the future also. Therefore, everyone in their own life should obtain happiness so that it will be beneficial for them only. When you are happy at home, your parents, family members and your near and dear ones also live in a happy atmosphere, which is a good thing. That means when you are happy, it is not only you who is happy but also the people around you also become happy just by staying in the same atmosphere.

Some people do not know the importance of happiness. We should make them aware of its benefits and the benefits, which they will be providing, to society. Being happy is a choice, we cannot force anyone to be happy. It is their personal choice. We can just make them understand it’s benefits on their mind and soul. The person who wants to be happy finds his happiness in anything around him. Being happy doesn’t only mean to find it in major things. However, a person who does not want to take happiness, he will find one or the other way to keep himself away from happiness. 

Happiness is unmeasurable. It is not measurable because the area of interest of everyone varies. Therefore, every person finds happiness in his own interest. Happiness is something that can recover a person from depression and many such diseases. When a person wants his life hassle-free and without worries, he should find his happiness in his area of interest, which will be beneficial for himself and for his near and dear ones.

As already told, happiness helps in making a healthy mind and soul, which makes the person make the right decisions. Happiness is a feeling, which a person feels whenever something happens according to him or in his favor. Thus being happy is everyone’s own choice. Happiness is always good for health and society. When a happy person goes to a group of people, he shares his happiness there also which doubles his happiness as well as make others also happy.

Final Assessment

Therefore, one should always be happy in his life and should look for it whether through a small source or large on his own interest. Moreover, should help others also to look for happiness for their betterment. This is what is ultimate happiness in life is all about.

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