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What is illusion?

Let us read this poem to get a brief introduction to it.

A fault in the reception

Or a difference of perception

Or is it an indication

To move in a new direction,

Towards a novel inception?

Is it also subjective to interpretation?

What do you think is illusion?

Is it a cobweb made up of the strings

Of our false beliefs

Or is it a trickery of our mind

Which makes it up independently?

Or is it making an attempt to seek relief

From what it does not approve of in reality?

Is it structured or does it exist in void?

As it comes from the word ‘illude’

Which referred to the act of ridicule,

It indicates to you

That your mind is playing with you.

It is presenting made-up cues

And whatever it is placing in front of you

Is everything but the truth.

It is what is not.

It appears as if it is what you sought

But it will make you feel like you are falling short

Of intelligence and you will begin to sort

The difference between what is real and what is not.

You believe that thing to be real which is actually not.

It feels like your mind is playing a sport.

This contrasting and contradicting fusion

Causes immense confusion

About the situation

In the mind of a person.

It may also create concussion.

The illuded cannot decipher the solution

To bring herself out of this situation.

The process of illusion

Is a game of deception.

Sometimes, it is our mind’s creation

And at other times, it is a reaction

To another person,

Of whom our mind records a false impression

And traps us into the cobweb of illusion.

Illusion is when the cues sent by the senses of the human body are wrongly deciphered or decoded by the human mind. As this poem describes, illusion is seeing a receptor which is not actually present. This can be seen as perceiving something wrongly. It is like the difference between facts and false lies and when the human mind of an individual believes that these lies are the truth. Therefore, we can assume that having a faulty perception about the facts not presented in front of the human eye is illusion. It is usually followed by confusion and an individual takes some time to figure out after the process has occurred that what she experienced was not true but was made up by her mind. Optical illusions are the most famous among all the illusions.

Concepts- Similar But Not The Same

Illusion As Opposed To Misinterpretation

‘Lesion’ refers to a tissue damage or an injury. If we assume that the word ‘illusion’ has come from this word, then it would mean that illusion is a damaged or injured perception of the individual about the receptors that are trying to get stored in her mind as a memory or are trying to get recorded in her memory. The Oxford dictionary defines ‘illude’ as an act of deceiving. Therefore, illusion is a deceptive perception stored as a memory in the mind of an individual. Illusion is a misrepresentation of the cues that form the perception in an individual’s mind.

To ‘interpret’ is to expose the meaning of, as per the Oxford dictionary. When an individual understands the meaning of a cue, she interprets it but if she perceives the cue contrary to its primary intention, she misinterprets it. This process where she interprets the cues in a wrong manner or opposite to their intent or is unable to expose the actual meaning of the cues is known as misinterpretation.

In illusion, the miscommunication occurs at the level of perception, before the cue gets stored in the mind as memory. It occurs as soon as the mind receives the cue, that is, at the first stage of its reception. However, in misinterpretation, the confusion or miscommunication occurs when the mind is processing the cues that it has received, that is, after the level of reception has passed.

Illusion As Opposed To Delusion

These two concepts may sound similar but their meanings differ largely. Therefore, they cannot be used interchangeably.

When one is confronted with the reality that she is illuded, she does not stay in this state of mind any longer as she is able to make meaning of circumstances and people based on the facts and evidences.

However, when one is deluded, even after she is presented with the facts which ideally are intended to help her discriminate her false belief from the reality, she discards the facts and continues to believe what she believed earlier, that is, the false information which she believes are facts. She creates stories of her own in her mind, which do not at all match with the reality.

Illusion As Opposed To Confusion

Confusion comes from ‘con’ and ‘fusion’. ‘Con’ means to defraud and ‘fusion’ means complete union. When defrauding cues unite, confusion occurs. Confusion is dependent on the options presented as solutions to any problem or in the conflicting situation. The individual has to choose among the many choices presented to her as a solution so that she can move forward in the same or new direction. There is a mix of options which is creating a lack of clarity in the mind of the chooser.

In illusion, the lack of clarity is not among the range of options because the individual is clear about the choice that she has to make but it is in between what is real and what is not. Illusion reduces or diminishes the sense of reality in an individual. The individual cannot see the line that differentiates between the real and the unreal cues that her senses are receiving and acting upon.

Illusion As Opposed To Allusion

Grammatically as well, there are concepts which sound similar to illusion but are different in meaning, therefore, they cannot be used interchangeably in speech or writing. One such confusion is between illusion and allusion.

Allusion or to allude to something means to refer to something indirectly. Illusion is a psychological concept while allusion is a term in literature. It is when one word indicates to the meaning of another.

Illusion As Opposed To Impression

Let us look at how both of these are different. There is a sense of unclarity in illusion but when an information or a circumstance creates a lasting effect or a deep influence on an individual’s mind, it is said to have been impressed on her mind or that it has created its impression on it. Impression is that the cues are leaving a mark on the memory of the individual.

Illusion and Narcissism—When Illusion Becomes A Choice Or A Cover

Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD, as in known generally, is a serious psychological disorder and in this, the narcissists really believe for all of their lives that they are living in the reality and everyone else around them is making them suffer. The facts and evidences, however, prove the reality to be the exact opposite to what they believe it to be.

Narcissists hate being confronted with the truth because they know deep in their consciousness that they are the ones who are wrong and made others suffer but they never accept it. They are unempathetic, cruel people who have no sympathy or compassion, whatsoever, for their victims. Even after the victims survive, the narcissists never accept their reality. Since they live a shallow life of illusion, a strong survivor who can expose their false portrayal to the world is a threat to narcissists. So, narcissists try to take other people away from reality by making strangers believe that their perception, that only they have been wronged, is true. Their victims trust them and are in the same illusion until the reality of the narcissists is revealed to them.

Narcissists take the help of illusion to cover their reality. All the logic is only applicable to their favour. They are incapable to see a balanced truth. All of this happens because they have an underdeveloped cerebral cortex.Their brain chooses to live in illusionsince they do not have the ability to differentiate between wrong and right.However, this is no excuse to the behaviour of the narcissists. They must not be sympathised with because that is how they make an empath their target.

Read this poem to understand it clearly. This is written for the ones who had been trapped in the vicious cycle of narcissists’ illusion and are now confused if all of this happened, because we know that the narcissists would have told their victims otherwise. So, the victims or survivors are the ones who may be suffering from illusion and this poem is to bring clarity to them.

Did It Happen Or Did It Not?

Of course, it happened.

That is why you have proofs.

I know that you are confused

And are trying your best to

Make sense of whether

How the narcissists used you

For your energy, money or something other

Should really bother

Or make you believe that you have suffered.

Because these narcissists,

They are saying

That they are the ones

Who had to undergo suffering

But think, if this statement of blame would make any sense

—all of their false theories—

Why did they not show

Any of its sign or complained

About it when it happened, right at your face?

Of course, it happened

But the narcissists made you suffer

And are now putting the blame

—all of it—on your head.

You do not have to accept

Any of these false realities

And illusions made up in the narcissists’ mind,

Especially when your intuition is confirming

That you always did what is right.

Look at their deceiving patterns

And persevere

To stand in your power.

You are not at all responsible

For their faulty manners.

Always remember

That it did certainly happen.

Do not stay in the confusion

Of whether it really happened.

Have I Ever Experienced Illusion?

No, I have not. However, I have certainly heard of stories about people experiencing them. Sometimes, what does not make sense to the eye makes perfect sense during the study of mind. Read my poem to find out more about what I have gained about illusion:

Sense And Sensations

Sense and sensations

And their stimulation

More than it is essential

Leads to the creation of an illusion.

Now you see what is not there.

You believe the false to be true.

This process occurs when you have to gather

More of them when your mind is already full of cues.

The overload of information

Disrupts the functioning

Of the mind in a proper manner

And creates a barrier between what is unreal and what is the reality.

So, the overload of sensory information creates illusion but it is also one of the primary reasons of panic attacks. This brings us to our next section.

Are panic attacks, anxiety and illusion interconnected?

Anxiety is not illusion nor are its symptoms. It is a psychological disorder which needs to be diagnosed and treated seriously. Panic attacks are one of the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder. They manifest in physicality as they affect the basic functioning of an individual. Like any physical problem, mental issues effect the well-being of the individual. In fact, if the client is made to believe that the panic attack or the symptoms of anxiety that she is experiencing are not real, it can lead to self-blame, self-harm and the client will get trapped into anxiety further and suffer more. So, whenever one comes from any person who is diagnosed with any mental disorder, one must take care of not negative their experience and not pass judgements because they can trigger the other person. Also, one should not advise meditation, deep breathing, jogging, exercise or similar techniques to them because it will re-iterate the idea that their mental issues are made up and false, which is judgmental and wrong. These are issues only to be addressed to and resolved by the professionals and they do not fall into the category of illusions. They should not be mistaken or mixed with each other.

Illusion In Spirituality

There are many types of spiritual connects. There are karmic ties, soul mates, soul families and the essential ones, because they are the cause of the existence and raising the Earth to the level of ascension and community awakening. The one major illusion that there is in the twin flame connection is about their separation. Twins flames can never separate because they are one in essence. The separation can never be on the soul level because they are two halves of one soul. One twin flame is the other because as soon as they meet, they unite.

In spirituality, many of the things that are believed to be the realities of the physical come to reveal themselves as lies and illusions. The separation is when one soul is divided into two and sent to the Earth to live the human experience. Union with the twin flame can be achieved by coming in a union with oneself and working on the light and especially, shadow aspects of the self.

Another major illusion that comes as a third party to delay or disturb the process or check the level of inner work that the partners in the soul journey are doing by trying to create disturbance, confusion, rift, jealousy, misunderstanding or miscommunication between the twin flames are the false twin flames. These souls appear as if they are the exact counterpart of one of the twin souls because they act like them but this is not their real self. However, their false self reveals itself after a few months, if the twin soul who has encountered them keeps working on themselves and on removing the barriers within themselves. The more one or both the twin souls keep coming in union with themselves and on removing these illusions of the reality as they see it in the third dimension, the closer their union in physical reality approaches. The third parties can be the counterparts’ own fears and doubts on themselves, their counterpart and their connection (they are the major ones which push the time of union farther away).They can also be their friends or family or strangers or acquaintances who gossip against the other counterpart and instill all of the negative thoughts and feelings in them. Even the counterparts’ own negative feelings are illusions which take them away from the reality that there is only love in their heart for the other. These illusions create separation between the counterparts time and again and make the spiritual journey tiresome and painful but they can be eroded by being confident in oneself and vesting this confidence on the counterpart and the journey. The counterparts should remind themselves of their permanent oneness in soul essence and try to remove worry of oneness in physicality because believing that they are separated would mean that they are vesting their belief on an illusion.

There is a lot of confusion in these connections when the inner work and healing has not yet been done and a row of episodes of spiritual awakening follow both of the counterparts. These spiritual awakenings help remove the barriers of illusion one-by-one and the counterparts wake up to new reality about themselves, their counterparts and their journey.

Here is a poem to reassure the one who are in this connection:

Do not fear, dear one.

Both of you are one.

Your separation

Is nothing but an illusion.

Illusion makes you believe

On even that which is not there,

Even on what is a lie.

Instead, listen to your intuition.

Your intuition will clear your confusion

And all of the doubts that you have.

It will separate the reality from illusion

And prevent you from grieving on the illusionary separation.

Soul families consists of all the people who anchor the counterparts in physical union and support them through their journey. This family also aids in keeping the counterparts away from the illusions that try to create their separation. Soul mates are the members of these families. Soul mates are not the exact counterparts or share the same soul. Two souls made from the same stars are soulmates. Often, the similar nature of connections create an illusion in souls and they start believing that their soulmates are their exact counterparts but the exact counterparts are only twin flames.

Karmic ties are those souls where some debts have to be paid from the previous lives of the counterparts that they have carried in their new cycle of life. These debts need to be paid before the counterparts can unite and they make these ties burdensome, suffocating and painful. Even they create illusion of separation and also that the connection of the twin souls will be as painful as they one of the souls is experiencing while being with these karmic ties.

Types Of Illusions

Illusions can be categorisedto be mainly of three types:

  • Optical Illusions
  • Auditory Illusions
  • Tactile Illusions
  • Optical Illusions

This illusion is limited to seeing what is not there, as is discussed many times in this article before. It is a visual illusion. When your eyes see something in a way that others do not, in other words, when your visual experience differs from the others, it is known as optical illusion.

  • Optical Illusions v Hallucinations

In hallucinations, the mind of an individual makes up an image which is not even present. Unlike in an illusion, there is not a problem in the reception. Instead, a false cue is perceived by the mind. The cue is false because it is not even present. Its existence cannot be proved through logic, reasoning and evidences. In optical illusions, the experience of perceiving the cue is different but in hallucinations, the cue is made up in the mind. When an individual hallucinations, she sees things which are not even there.

Understand hallucinations through this poem:

What you are seeing here is what you are not.

There is nothing of the sort

That your mind is trying to make you believe

That it does exist.

It is not taking up the clue

That what it is receiving is just a false cue.

It cannot be explained by reasoning

Nor does it have any explanation in the spiritual experience.

Do not be fooled.

Spirits and your guides do visit you.

There is a thin line

Between hallucination and an experience which is divine.

Again, science and reason

Cannot help in the differentiation

Because of the extremity of their perception.

So, you will only know the difference when you tune in to your intuition.

  • Auditory Illusions
  • Auditory Illusions v Hallucinations

An important thing that needs to be told here is that in spirituality, there are spirit guides, spirit babies, guardian angels, ancestors and higher self often sending their messages. One of the ways they make these messages reach the individual is through sounds. Therefore, not all of the cues that one is receiving is a hallucination. Sometimes, they are messages that need to be taken seriously instead of rejecting them by using extreme of science, logic and reasoning. These messages are important for the soul growth in the soul journey that the individual is traveling. These messages are not hallucinations and should not be discarded or rejected by the individual or the person the individual shares these experiences with. There are still things about the cosmos and universe and the realities of the fifth dimension that are to be studied or explored by Science. Just because they have not explored it yet and included it in the category of Science does not disregard the experience as solely a creation of mind. Here too, an individual should let their intuition guide them and they will know if what she is experiencing are messages or hallucinations. Discussing with a therapist may also help in this. There needs to be a balance between logic and spirituality because spirituality reveals the truth except from what is fed to serve the interests of a particular section of people. By tuning in, listening to your intuition, not following misguiding religious scriptures, discovering your truth through a row of spiritual awakenings and staying in your power, you will know when are you hallucinating or are illusive and when are you receiving spiritual messages which are necessary for you to know. It is not possible to describe it to you. Only you can know, by believing on your intuition, whatis the truth and what is not.

Read this poem and think for yourself.

Do Not Doubt

Do not doubt.

Your mind and brain

And your ego will want to

Make your refrain

From accepting and living your truth.

Do not go to the extreme of logic

Because you will not find anything there

Except disappointment

And return to yourself

To find your answers.

It may even confuse you more.

I am telling you that for sure,

There is nothing like magic

But you get what you want

When you vibrate on its energy.

The spiritual journey is, hence, not magical.

Here, if you will receive the fulfilment of your desire

Is dependent on your positivity,

Your efforts and ability to not attach but release

All the obsessions and attachments in your process of healing.

Do not let your belief on yourself, your counterpart and the journey waver.

An unawakenedsoul will never say anything in thefavour

And will not let yousavour

The fruits of your hardwork and labour.

Only respond byturning a deaf ear.

Only you have the power to decide what you will accept

Or believe to be your truth.

Be in tune

With your intuition.

Do not let yourself be affected by these lower souls’ affectation.

  • Tactile Illusions

As discussed before as well, often the spiritual experiences may be confused with tactile illusions. Tactile illusions are based on touch. Touch is one of the five basic senses in the human body. It is based on the outer appearance or the skin of the human body and is determined by the functioning of the cells of the skin. Touch helps those in receivinginformation about the outer world who are unable to experience the visual experience, either partially or completely. It is related to the bodily experience and the surface area used by the individual for sensing touch is large in size than the size or the area of the organs that are used to perceive the other sensations. With the surface area, the possibility of experiencing the illusion increases too. There are only a few experiences where touch is not felt and this alarms the brain when all the other organs cannot be felt by the individual or the things of the outer world cannot be felt. For those who are diagnosed with anxiety, when they feel derealised, the surroundings of the client appear to them as if they unreal or illusion when the symptoms are severe. When the clients are experiencing depersonalisation, they feel as if they are living an out-of-body experience and as if their existence within their body is an illusion. In this case, the experience of depersonalisation is caused by an illusion in the mind. The experience and situation is real but the symptoms are made up by the brain that the mind believes to be true at the moment. These experiences are often scary. They are experienced by the clients many times which is why they seek professional guidance from a therapist. Tingling in the bottom of the feet and sharp, pin-like pain are some of the tactile sensations experienced by the clients who are diagnosed with anxiety as its symptoms. These symptoms are not illusions. All of this is done by the mind or occurs due to the unresolved contents that get stored in the individual’s unconscious.

It is when an individual feels that something has touched them or is touching their skin but any such stimulus which is evoking this reaction is not present around the individual in reality.

Tactile illusions are of two types or are evoked in two ways:

  • Active touch
  • Passive touch
  • Active Touch

Every organ has a purpose in the human body. The skin, which aids in touch, helps in feeling objects. This is the aim of the skin, its role and contribution in the body. Through this touch, after the information passes the surface of the skin, it gets transferred to the brain and the brain deciphers what reaction shall it give to the touch and also, what is the purpose of this touch.

Through this touch, the information gets registered in the brain in the form of DNA. This DNA is extremely small. Each touch, each sensation, each experience is stored in the form of DNA in the body and then,in the soul. The DNA that is present in the body vanishes once the body gets decomposed but the DNA in the soul remains and never truly goes away. That is the reason that when the soul reincarnates, it remembers a lot of information which also includes many of the information obtained by the senses of the various bodies that the soul had received and stored through various lives that it lived in human experience. This is how touch becomes an important element in the study and findings of past life and aids people in recollecting the memory of their past lives and incarnations. Soul is eternal. Bodies are temporary. Soul, hence, is the reality and the bodies are just a medium of the souls to experience their human cycles. Believing that soul is in the body is an illusion when in reality, bodies shape themselves to aid the souls in their journey, that the spuls have decided to undergo before taking up a human body. The touch is active because it is being experienced as a new register, a new memory or can be physically explained.

If an individual consciously touches something and is aware of her actions, it is saidto be an active touch. If an individual is moving her body or any organ to touch something, like picking up a ball or a cup or a pencil or a book or giving a high five to another person, clapping or rubbing her hands, we will say that she touched them actively because she is conscious of the decisions that she is making. Therefore, through all the senses, the memory gets stored perfectly in the mind of the individual and probably, her soul as well.

  • Passive Touch

Passive touch is experienced by people when they feel that something or someone touched them when they did not move at all.If there had been a movement of their organs and then, they would have experienced the touch, it would have been active touch but when there is no movement and the observers feels that something touched her, it is known as a passive touch.


So, in this article, we looked at what is illusion, concepts similarto but not the same as illusion, is illusion serious or not, how is it significant in psychotherapy (when interpreted by therapists and experienced by their clients), the various types of illusions and their subcategories. We also cleared the confusion about what of it is spiritual and which of the symptoms or experiences can solely be considered illusions. We pondered on the truths of spirituality and on what keeps us from accepting the realities of existence, which are not made up to serve the ego of an individual or the economy of the various countries.

This is a poem for those who are in a spiritual journey but get confused if they are illusive because of the people radiating at lower vibrations who try to bring these people away from their reality and down from their power and use extreme of logic to serve the economical society, which discards the truth of existence and onlybelieves in the extreme of science.

Remember, the ego will derail

But your soul will bring you back to the reality

If you only believe,

You will know the functionality

Of the matrix.

The ego will play tricks.

The unawakened souls will blame and fool you.

There are also many who are spreading lies

Since centuries to serve their purposes,

All of which are completely selfish.

Do not get carried away by the ones

Who do not know for themselves

And also wish to derail

You from the path of reality

That you have chosen to follow.

Do not pay heed to these voices

Who call you crazy.

When the reality is initially exposed to one,

She is believed by none.

Many theories to bring her down

And shame her perception

Are talked about in the town.

But stand in your power.

Listen to your intuition.

You will be able to differentiate

The false beliefs from reality.

Let the good ones aid

You and you help others just the same.

They are bringing you down

Because they are not happy

With who they are

And their confining concepts of the third-dimensional reality.

That is why they try to discard

That there is any logic in spirituality.

The logic in spirituality is also spiritual.

The experience differs for each individual

And so does their realities.

What stays with you over the journey

Is the truth that had to be revealed

And was supposed to be known by you.

All of what you are experiencing

Is reality and not an illusion.

Do not derail from this truth.

Illusions are real.

But if you are spiritual

You will know that the spirits are too

The angels, guides, ancestors, higher self

and whatever you know that you are,

your role in the ascension of the Earth is just as true.

Do not believe them who tell you otherwise.

Their reality constrains them from being as wise

As is needed for them to understand

All or even a few aspects of your experience.

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