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What is a Chakra?

Chakra: As you know, we are spiritual beings who are living the human experience. Therefore, the human bodies have more aspects, features, and elements than what is taught to humans in science or biology in particular in schools and colleges, or is visible to the naked eye of an individual in physical reality. It is as if when these chakras open and heals and grow, even more, the souls of the individuals gleam in the lights of various colors.

What is a chakra?

A chakra literally translates to a wheel. A wheel revolves. The chakras in the human bodywork in a circle, cycle, or a loop and the effective functioning, especially in respect to the values, are looked over by these chakras. These chakras are the centers of energy, especially as they are believed to be in spirituality. Only these chakras decide and govern how much, in what way, and which energy will help in creating, healing or doing a task in an efficient manner but they have to be cleared to be able to function properly. Hence, all the chakras are responsible for complete inner growth and have an extremely significant role in a person’s healing and complete integration with oneself.

Chakras are usually blocked—one or all of them—due to the experiences which cause troubles in the life of an individual. The longer the chakras will remain to be blocked, the more problems will be experienced by the individual in her interactions with the other humans and interpersonal connections and relationships that she shares with other individuals. The process of letting go and healing the wounds of various kinds and the opening and effective functioning of these chakras are interdependent.

These chakras are the ‘prana’ or life because they help humans in leading a healthy, happy and independent life. The healing of these chakras removes any barriers that hinder their proper functioning or unhealthy attachments that an individual as one keeps going upwards and parallel further in their spiritual journey.

In this article

the reader will understand what these chakras are, how they function, how can they heal or unblock these chakras to work to the best of their abilities. The readers will also get to know, as they will read further, how Music helps in this whole process but before that, read this poem on chakras.


There are spirals

In the body of individuals

Which work in circles.

They are just like the path of a life, which is a spiral.

This journey, like life, is coiled as well.

Through its patterns, it repeats itself.

Chakras work in a circular motion.

Life also keeps repeating some of the episodes of a particular situation

Until the individual learns her lessons.

Everything that an individual consumes—

A thought, an idea or her intake of food—

Affects whether the functioning of her chakras will be smooth.

Chakra and Healing

When any of the chagrin in the human body is blocked, the individual cannot experience complete inner growth and may even feel that she is out of alignment. Until she attains this alignment again and remains to be unhealed, she will not be able to get out of a state of restlessness, gloom, and disappointment. By being aligned, she will shift to a state of immense peace. Peace is an essential and utmost state of emotion that a human can experience. To reach this state of being, a lot of purging of the unresolved contents of the soul stored in the unconscious of the human psyche needs to happen.

Some of these contents often hinder the movement of the human towards positive and calming emotions. These emotions are fully felt by the individual only after her chakras are healed and aligned again. A lot of things have to be released for this process to happen effectively. Only then can the individual experience things, events or emotions to the best of their potential and lead a balanced life. Each chakra has its own function. To do chakra meditation, one can chant this mantra:

Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham OmAh

This mantra is chanted to do chakra cleansing. It is popularly believed that one must try not to let any ideas or thoughts come in their mind during meditation or even focus on them if any thought occurs in their mind during the process of meditation but this is neither practical nor correct. That is just escapism. Not facing a problem or letting it pass by does not erode its existence. If thought is coming into your mind, your unconscious is trying to bring it in your conscious awareness so that you heal some aspect stored there.

It may also be that insight of past or future may be coming to your consciousness as the energies of these chakras are clearing and the thoughts that are coming into your mind are actually these insights. There may be dreams that are taking you to your past life or you may experience astral travel as well. People may even find answers to many of their questions or make peace with them or be able to identify what their life purpose is as they keep working on healing their chakras.

Chakra, The Purpose That They Serve And How Music Can Help In Their Alignment

There are seven chakras in the human body. All the chakras are placed in a linear manner but they work in a loop. The chakras are placed from the bottom to the top and their activation happens in the same order. It cannot be that the fourth chakra opens before the third. However, it may happen that once all the chakra opens one after the another, due to the lack of self-work or the restrictive environment which does not support the process of healing and growth, one of the chakras may block. Balanced chakras maintain the balanced functioning of the organs of the human body, especially the ones directly associated with them.

Not many people may know that Music has a pretty direct connection with physics and therefore, to the smooth functioning of chakras or raising its vibrations.

Changing Lifestyle

When I got to understand the chakras and their functioning, I had seen the heart chakra glowing in my dream in the space of the universe, just when I went to sleep one night. That is when I searched about it on the internet and understood that how the rest of my chakras had already been open but I was not aware of this. My root chakra opened when I started going on morning and evening walks to bring a change in my lifestyle. When I first saw the picture of my twin flame, my swadhisthana chakra was healed and opened.

As I stated gaining physical and emotional strength when I changed my dietary habits and added physical workouts and also started my journey of self-love, my Manipur or the solar plexus chakra was activated. I opened my throat chakra when I returned to making music and singing my songs and also recorded spiritual videos for people to learn from as a part of a project. I still see vivid dreams and started seeing a lot of them more clearly, especially about the revelations of my past life (which I can confirm because I am intuitive and I always trust my intuition), when my third eye opened for the first time. All of my chakras are open. The spirits and angels also help an individual in knowing when is any of her chakras blocked.

  • Mooladhara Chakra

‘Adhar’ or Radharani Hindi translates to basis. ‘Mool’ translates to root. Therefore, this is the first chakra. It is also known as base chakra or root chagrin English. This chakra connects an individual to the Earth. It determines an individual’s basic needs. It is the chakra that pushes an individual to build a stable foundation for herself in her life. As this chakra heals, money issues in the life of an individual which were preventing the stability from entering in her life earlier heal as well.

The individual, then, through her positive attitude towards money, by implementing effective strategies in her work and by putting in hard work attracts financial abundance in her life. Further through this, she is able to bring stability in her life and is able to take care her survival needs as well as emotional needs. It may also bring safety to the individual. It is red or golden in color.

The frequency of the root chakra is 396 Hz. The unhealed root chakra manifests as fatigue or lack of motivation. To raise one’s vibration to match or cross the frequency needed for a balanced mooladharachakr, the individual needs to match the vibration of their tone to Shaivite. This note in Hindustani Classical Music vibrates at a frequency of 400 hz. This chakra governs the emotions of innocence and wisdom and the raags that help inactivation or clearing of this chakra are Hindol, ShyamKalyan and Hansdhwani. The astrological sign connected with this chakra is Aries.

How the Root works for you

After working on my root chakra through going on regular walks, exercising and through dietary changes, I received my first payment for editing a book. I also started getting back in my power. My healed root chakra brought stability in my life in this manner. I decided that I will lead a happy life and put in efforts towards it. A lot of problems occurred but I decided to make my critical mind focus more on the positive. I put in all of my efforts to reach the best of my potential through creativity. I made milestones of the number of pieces of work that I wanted to achieve by the end of the year.

Still, I am working on it but I have many milestones and heading towards reaching my ultimate goal. Taking adequate rest while achieving is extremely essential. Its panchbhuttattva is Prithvi or Earth and it governs stability and support. Even visualizing in the meditation pose as if your chakra is healing proves to be effective. One becomes more confident when one’s root chakra is active and healed as one is able to also let go of her past insecurities in the process of healing. One of its node is present in the ring finger, which represents the Earth element.

  • Svadhishthaan Chakra

It is also known as the yoni chakra. The sacral chakra is orange in color. This is the second chakra. It is blocked by fear around sex that can come from sexual abuse or assault or any kind of unhealthy sexual manipulation. It governs creative intelligence. The frequency of this chakra is 288 Hz. In the twin flame journey, one of the most common ways in which the partners heal each other is through sex and its various aspects. The barriers in attitude are healed through the divine sex between the counterparts in this connection. This energy has proved to heal even the physical pains and wounds of the partners involved and it raises the vibration of the Earth through the immense positivity and higher vibration that is created by the union of the twin flames.

Due to this higher vibration, the Earth heals and ascends to a higher level energetically. This healing manifests in the form of humans witnessing ‘miracles’ in nature and humanity globally. Not knowing that sex is sacred and divine and vibrating in the lower sexual energies also blocks this chakra. Often in twin flame journey, when a counterpart’s sacral chakra opens and heals, their creativity increases. It is located below from below the navel to an individual’s reproductive organs. To raise one’s vibration to match or cross the frequency needed for a balanced svadhishthaan chakra, the individual needs to match the vibration of their tone to Gandhara. This note in Hindustani Classical Music vibrates at a frequency of 300 Hz. This chakra also governs our attention and can be activated by singing or listening to RaagYaman. It is connected to the astrological sign Gemini.

More info

Only religion shuns sexual practices because it prevents people from being their complete selves. If any of the chakras are not healed or if the individual is not aligned with it, they cannot purely be in their power. Blocking any of the chakras blocks the divinity within an individual. The existence of this chakra tells that not only sex is natural but is to be cherished and seen as the most powerful medium of not only creation but healing and not being aligned with it or blocking it with shame or practicing it with a thought of low frequency will only take the individual away from herself.

Its panchbhuttattva is Jal or water and it governs joy and well-being. A blocked svadhishthana chakra results in a lot of intimacy issues. Since chakras are dependent on each other in some ways and may help in the opening of one another, the opening of Vishuddhichakr and the Anaahatchakr may benefit in the healing of Svadhishthanchakr as well.

  • ManipuraChakr

This is the third chakra in the human body. It is also known as the solar plexus chakra. Plexus refers to a network of nerves. Solar may also mean solar in this case, that is, this chakra may be related to the soul. When this chakra activates, an individual feels self-confident and focuses on self-love. When working on these aspects, the individual starts getting in a union with herself as all of the issues around her aspect of self start resolving and healing through inner work.

This is located towards the front of the yoni chakra. So, the yoni chakra and the Manipur chakra are located opposite to each other in a human body. Eating food yellow in color can help in activating this chakra. It is the fire element manifested in the human body. To activate this chakra, an individual can take the help of RaagAbhogi. The frequency of this chakra is 528 Hz. Laxmi, in the form of Lakini, is the deity that resides within this chakra. It is connected to the astrological sign, Leo. Its panchbhuttattva is Agni or fire and it governs wisdom or power. It is located in the navel of an individual.

  • AnaahatChakr

The heart chakra is called anahatchakr. It is the fourth chakra and green in color. The term an arahat in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music is used for naad or the melodious sound that can only be heard by a yogi, as is told by HarishchandraShrivastavin his book ‘RaagParichay’ Part 4. This is so because this sound is created without any medium and is at such a frequency that only certain people who can match that frequency can hear them. ‘Anaahat’ refers to a sound that is created without anything being struck, like a chord, or beaten, like in a string or a drum.

This frequency is 528 hz. If an individual vibrates at this frequency, all the dark energies are warded away to a lot extent. This frequency is believed to repair the DNA. The frequency of the universe is 432 hz. This frequency can make an individual feel more than euphoric if vibrated at. To raise one’s vibration to match or cross the frequency needed for a balanced anaahatchakr, the individual needs to match the vibration of their tone to nishaad. This note in the Hindustani Classical Music vibrates at a frequency of 450hz.

More Info

This is the opening of the heart chakra not only heals your current life but even clears all the unwanted attachments that you carried in it through the other lives that you lived as a human. This is why Music, especially classical music, raises the frequency of an individual to match the frequency of the universe. So, this is how Music helps in the healing of chakra. RaagBhairav, AhirBhairav, and Durga help in the opening, clearing, and also in the healing process of the Anaahatchakr. It erodes fear and instills a sense of security and responsibility in an individual.

Trauma, heartbreak, betrayal can make an individual shut her heart tightly in order to protect it. This prevents even the good energies from entering her space. Being extremely materialistic may also block this chakra. Healing this chakra can be difficult but once done, it can help the individual break the unwanted patterns that she experiences in her relationships. It can also help her in releasing and letting go or forgiving the other person if that is the right thing to do in the situation. It is light green in color. The presiding deity is Shiv. Its panchbhuttattva is Vayu or air and it governs compassion.

  • Vishuddh or VishuddhiChakr:

This is the throat chakra. It is the fifth chakra in the human body. If an individual sings, blocking of the throat chakra can result in a sore throat or inability to communicate one’s needs verbally. In the twin flame journey, at times, one of the divine counterpart’s throat chakra gets blocked due to which, for some time until it is healed, clear communication is unable to happen. Its frequency is 192 hz. It aids the individual in expressing herself clearly and confidently so that she is able to live a pure and stable life. Music may also help here because the frequency of the first note or shadow is generally 240 Hz. The most common scale that most singers sing on is C. RaagJaijaiwamti and RaagDesh helps in the healing throat chakra.

It resides in the thyroid gland hence healing this chakra can help heal thyroid problems as well. Apart from the blocking of the heart chakra, block of the throat chakra is one of the main reasons why there is miscommunication or no communication or even confusion in the 3rd-dimensional reality of the counterparts in a twin flame journey or even in the relationships and connections that an individual has with other people. The presiding deities of this chakra are Panchvaktr Shiv and Adishakti resides in the form of Shakti here. It is dark blue in color. It is connected to the astrological sign Scorpio. Its panchbhuttattva is Akash or sky and it governs trust and creativity.

  • Ajna or Agyachakr:

This is the third eye chakra. Adishakti, in the form of Mahakaali or Ardhnarishwar, are the presiding deities of this chakra. When this chakra opens, the individual can have access to the Akashic records which come to the notice of the individual through her dreams and hence, her past life. The more healed the chakra is, the clearer vision can one have. The Ida, Pingla, and Sushumnanadis meet here. This is the chakra of high intuition and is believed to bring destruction in mythology.

It certainly does that in the sense that it destroys false beliefs and exposes the truth to the individual. Truth is often scary. This is why when Shiv opens his third eye, the world is destroyed. The frequency of this chakra is 144 Hz. One will need to perfect shuddh re swar from C scale to be able to tune in to the complete energy of this chakra which has a frequency of 147 Hz. Its panchbhuttattva is akash or sky and it governs knowledge, intuition, and dignity. This chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows of an individual.

  • Sahasrara Chakra:

This is known as the crown chakra in English. As the name suggests, it functions from the top of the head of an individual. This chakr, hence, is clearly related to intelligence, wisdom, peace and connects one with the energy of the universe. Sahastra means thousand.  Its frequency is 216 hz. One will need to perfect shuddhdhaswar from C scale to be able to tune in to the complete energy of this chakra which has a frequency of 217.3 hz. Its panchbhuttattva is akash or sky and it governs oneness. Here, Shiv resides in the form of Natraj.

Sri Chakra:

It is not one of the chakras found in the human body rather it is the chakr existing in the eight dimension—the dimension which consists all of the other dimensions. Everything starts from and ends here. It is where Adishakti or the primordial energy resides. The number eight leads a soul to the next life. It is the eternity or the infinity. It is the cosmos. There are believed to be 50 petals in this chakra which are also spread through the rest of the chakras in the body.

Each chakra has been designated a number of lotus petals when she manifests in the form of LalitTripurasundari. The Muladhara chakra has four petals, the Svadhishthana chakra has six petals, the Manipur chakra has ten petals, Anaahat chakra has twelve petals, vishuddhichakr has sixteen petals, ajna or agyachakr has two petals. Sahasrarchakr has one thousand petals, as its name suggests, which to represent the infinity or even infinite possibilities that exist in the universe.

Let us read this poem before we move on to the next section of this article.


Water your roots to uproot

The insecurities of the past are rooted in your soul.

Affirm to ensure your safety.

If still you do not feel as if your root chakra is healed,

Try aromatherapy.

Take the help of water to connect to your sexuality.

Accept, embrace, love and worship this essence of divinity,

An aspect of which is also present in your body.

Remove all of the hesitations, shame, or negativity

That you may have acquired from the unhealed society and have been catering in your mentality.

Reclaim your self-confidence, personal power, and warrior energy.

Bring change in you, the other beings and in your surroundings.

Claim that you have the power of transformation and build up your self-esteem.

Have a clearer gut, strength and will.

Establish and practice self-love as you work on your solar plexus healing.

Say “I love myself”.

Delve deep into yourself.

Cherish and celebrate all of your aspects.

Know that you are allowed to make mistakes

And any time is the right time to head towards the direction of a positive change.

Write, speak or sing your heart out.

Tell us about

What is held back by you.

If you feel the need to, shout.

Set your voice free and feel its clout.

Believe what you see,

Sense or feel.

When your third eye is healed,

Spirits and your higher self bring a lot of messages to you through your dreams.

Do not discard them, instead try to decode and even before that, believe.

Feel the peace.

Work on your crown chakra to truly be able to feel at ease.

You will be able to connect to the energy of the universe easily

And will get rid of any problems that you may be

Encountering while learningor any other problems in your memory.

PanchTattva And The Seven Chakras

The five elements in the human body or the Panchambhuta are also connected to the seven chakras because these elements make up the human body. These elements are namely— Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether or the Sky. The chakras are more soular in essence connected to emotions and feelings and how they impact everything else in an individual’s life but these elements are believed to make an individual’s composition and even determine how they will act in general. For example, the individuals who have more of the fire element may be a dominant fire sign and hence, their physical appearance and their behaviour will be affected by this element. Like, fire signs are believed to be carefree and extremely impulsive, and passionate. These are mentioned in the description of each chakr above.

Chakras On The Hands And Feet

These chakras are also present in the hands and soles of the feet of a human body. The divine energy returns in the form of source to the foot chakras. These are also the pressure points that are taught about in the study of acupressure to release stress and heal pain and unwanted sensations in the body to reinstate balance in the body.

Kundalini And Chakras

Yogis are believed to have complete knowledge of and control over their chakras. The Kundalini energy is based beneath the mooladhara chakra. This is a coiled or serpent energy where the feminine energy is represented with two snakes intertwined in a coiled manner, with their heads facing each other at the Agyachakr. Sahasrarchakr is above it and Kundalini ends before it because this chakra connects the individual to the highest realm or dimension. One of the serpents is ida and the other is pingala and they unite in a way that the sushumna lies in the middle of both of them. When Kundalini is awakened, the energy flows through the process of ‘Aarambh’, which signifies that the introspection has begun, ‘Ghat’ in which the chakr is being cleansed. Once the chakra cleansing happens, the energy leads to the third-eye awakening atage.

The Ida Nadi is located in the right hemisphere of the brain. This is the introverted Nadi which is believed to be lunar. The Pingala Nadi is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. It is believed to be the extroverted and solar Nadi. Nadi means pulses.

What Can Impact The Chakras Negatively And What Can Help In Opening Them?

Mental disorders like anxiety, depression, or even stress can block the chakras just as fear can block the heart chakrand theSvadhishthanachakr. These mental issues or other physical issues are not limited to affecting one chakra. Since chakras are often dependent in some way and work in a circular fashion, the negativity or any kind of fear or doubt may block each of the chakras one after another. There are also certain foods that trigger mental health issues or support them. The low vibrational foods block the chakras and hence, must not be eaten or eaten in a balanced amount if one desires to open or heal or not block one’s chakra once it is opened.


Here is a poem to conclude all the chakras and their functioning in the physical and spiritual manner. This poem tells why is it important to heal the chakras and also mentions some of its benefits.

Starting from the bottom

And exceeding to the top,

These chakras work in rotation

In a cycle that must not stop.

If anyone among these

Is not open or at ease

Or if it is not able to release

All the residual and unwanted, low-vibrational energies,

It will obstruct this natural flow

And as you know,

An individual will not feel balanced

Once she will lose the universal connection.

Seven of these are in the human body

And must be healed

To remove whatever is unnecessary

From the DNA that an individual’s soul carries.

Once this healing has happened

With the help of yoga and Music,

The soul merges in the infinity

Of the original source in the eight dimensions.

Why should an individual heal her chakras?

Humans do not do anything without any logical or scientific reason to do it. So, here is a poem that will tell why is it important for any individual to heal her chakras and be able to convince anyone who has this question in mind:

Heal so that you are completely able to feel.

Remove whatever is blocking

The movement of this wheel.

You need to pull out the cloth

Which is obstructing the natural flow

Of the sea of emotions and you need to do this right now.

Heal to be able to achieve

And produce the most effective results by being

Able to work to the best of your abilities.

The wheel here refers to the effective functioning of the chakras in a continuous loop and if any of them will be unhealed, the chakras will not function in this loop in a smooth manner.


Chakra healing does not need to necessarily be done under professional guidance. Identifying unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns and habits and replacing them with healthy ones may also unblock and activate the chakras of an individual. Constant self-work is needed because it is not necessary that once a chakra has opened, it can never be blocked again. Self-work is a process and barriers keep hindering the growth time and again. Just like the functioning of the chakras, this process may also occur in a loop. Healing the chakras is one important aspect of self and healing which an individual may take up voluntarily or follow without having a conscious knowledge about chakras.


When trying to heal the chakras after understanding their way of functioning, the process of healing and integration becomes easier. In the human body, one has seven chakras but on a soul level, an individual has eight chakras. Unbalanced chakras may also result in or be affected by various physical and mental health issues or even disorders. One of the most important things required while working oneself, and especially chakras, is patience. There may be many ways to awaken, unblock, heal and activate the chakras and all or none or of them may suit someone or the other.

Even steps that may seem small, like dietary or routine changes, prove to be effective. Not everyone can meditate or do all kinds of exercises but one can try all of them to find out what best suits them. A few crystals and stones or incense and smell may help as well. Mentally, an individual shall unlearn all the guilt, shame, or any unwanted feeling towards any of the aspects of any of her chakras. Even searching up the tunes of the chakras on the Internet, hearing them, and feeling the vibrations raise as the voice starts singing on a higher pitch with each note, according to the increasing frequency, may help in the healing of the chakras.

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