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spiritual awakening process

What Does a Spiritual Awakening Feel Like?

The spiritual awakening process is an exciting idea that may be identified in numerous ways. A great deal of us is at the harm to clarify it. This isn’t unexpected, contemplating the assorted variety of our own. As individuals, we originate from societies that are not the same as different viewpoints on profound headway. All of us have unique qualities and inclinations; along these lines, each person’s excursion varies. Let’s find out what does a spiritual awakening feel like.

Fortunately, there are likewise repeating themes that join every one of us, and that is the accentuation in this article and at Awakenings Institute. At the point when we stir towards the acknowledgment that there’s unmistakably more to life than satisfies the eye, we enter a procedure of change that invigorates the

Soul and the capacity of our own to consolidate expanded degrees of comprehension.

At present, the Soul has all the earmarks of being tricky to heaps of individuals. They may detect it as genuine, yet with no quick aptitude of the Soul’s awakening, it can feel dynamic. With the proper assets, this may change, and experiencing the Soul’s greatness is promptly feasible. All we require is a receptive outlook, just as an open heart.

How Does Spiritual Awakening Feel?

It is like waking up from a dream or falling into an amazing new reality where everything seems so clear and simple. You have no idea what has happened until later when you look back at all the confusion and struggle of the past. The more we are able to see our true nature as pure consciousness, the less attached we become to things in this world. We begin to realize how much suffering there really is because it comes out of us – not something outside ourselves. When we awaken spiritually, we can’t help but be happy. Happiness becomes part of who we are now. This happiness doesn’t come from anything external; it just happens naturally.

How Do I Know If I’m Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

It’s like waking up one morning and realizing that everything around me seems brighter than usual. Everything looks clearer and sharper. There is an inner peace that was never before present. And then suddenly, after years or even decades of struggling with life, I find myself being completely free of my problems. It feels as though the whole world has become lighter somehow. The clouds have lifted off. My heart no longer beats in fear. I feel more alive than ever before. This is what we call “awakening.”

The Best Way to Awaken The Soul

In our explorations and research of souls awakening over twenty-five years, we’ve noticed an alternative approach to spiritual advancement that is most unbiased. From probably the earliest times in history that are recorded, religious traditions sprouted up in countries all around the planet. The common thread within these old traditions is the holistic view of theirs.

The best way to awaken the Soul

Everything is in existence, along everything is energy. All is connected, and all things have meaning and significance. Taking it whole group, quantum physics is now proving the truth of the classic wisdom.

With the connectedness of things, it will make sense that soul awakening emerges as a result of the heart. It is the middle of our being as well as the loving power of the center emanates connectedness. It is fascinating that most of us point to the region around the center when asked to lead people to ourselves. While we recognize ourselves with the ideas that run through our heads, something inside us knows that the more profound nature of ours emerges from the center.

The Role of Love found Soul Awakening Whenever we open on the love we keep in our hearts of ours; we awaken the Soul. It is that simple. The more we embrace the loving attributes of the heart, the more we have the light and wisdom of all of the Soul. These uplifting qualities incorporate gratitude, ease, flow, joy, and much more.

As the key to spiritual awakening, any individual can link up with the loving power of the Soul to get into higher wisdom and truth. We practically all generally share keyword phrases like “follow your heart,” “I sense this particular with most my heart,” and also “love will be the answer” without any considering what this means.

It is also fascinating the words “heart and soul” are usually linked in popular culture. In a short while of acute feeling, we might spontaneously put the hands of ours on the hearts of ours, like focusing on the electricity there.

When we stick to the center’s loving promptings, we feel we’re moving in the correct path. And also the Soul rejoices.

Awakening the Soul with Soul Centering we instruct a procedure we phone Soul Centering for awakening the Soul as well as initiating its presence. When we learned this process within the late 1980s, our way of life changed dramatically from our first conscious expertise of the Soul.

classic wisdom

At that time, Jane was experiencing unfulfilled and looking for one thing more. The life energy of her was waning, together with her enthusiasm of her. Without understanding what this might imply, she sensed that her Soul was declining. Since that time, we have seen countless stories of individuals who have had very similar experiences, where they couldn’t continue on the very same program.

It may be accurate to state that Jane’s Soul was on the other end, and the Soul Centering procedure was the synchronous solution. Her Soul’s awakening would have been a turning stage. She began practicing this procedure each day and jotting down the communications she received as a result of the Soul. A new reality was emerging.

What Do You Experience During a Spiritual Awakening?

Soul arising, Jane dreaded getting in place inside the morning. You might understand the feeling. Anything was lacking. When she learned Soul Centering, she grew to be very interested in her awakening and her life that she could not wait around to begin each brand new day. Today, over 25 years later, her enthusiasm of her about life is equally substantial.

Soul awakening, as well as accessing the Soul’s Inner Guidance Accessing the Soul’s assistance, is a fantastic advantage of Soul Cantering. With this particular assistance, our enthusiasm for soul awakening and realizing the Soul’s voyage led us to become alternative professionals and ministers of alternative healing. Thousands of the readers of ours, clients, and students have been exposed to Soul Cantering, in addition to a lot of other techniques we learned, produced, and today instruct within our transformational Holistic Coaching as well as Healing Program.

Twenty Signs of Spiritual Awakening We need to begin with the sound effects. Spiritual awakening is a valuable, jolting experience. It is everything but simple. Below are ten positive symptoms that you could be experiencing in your daily life:

Ten Positive Symptoms of Spiritual awakening one. Increased Empathy and Intuition

You end up listening much less to what people point out and more with the sensation or maybe intention behind their actions or words.

spiritual awakening process

1. Feeling Drawn to Nature

We may get diverted strolling outside around nature, just looking at blossoms, flying creatures, or perhaps the sky.

2. An Aversion to People that are Negative Or maybe Behaviors

You end up less intrigued by tattle, triviality, or possibly the judgment of others.

3. A Desire to have A United Community

You appear to be significantly more drained by us than their contentions, awareness, or energies (be it legislative issues, racial partitions, patriotism, sports, and so forth.).

4. Feeling and Believing that all Life Is Sacred

We acknowledge a lot of life as hallowed. You may end up taking bugs that are little outside to live and achieve their motivations (rather than contrast and crushing them).

5. Your Consciousness Feels Renewed

You begin thinking back on your life recollections as just perspectives on your aptitude instead of a solid reality. You completely handle since the whole beneficial experience of yours could be diverse as per the awareness you keep.7. You’re Residing in The Moment’

We’re much less keen on thinking about what questions. For instance, What if this particular individual never left me or perhaps What if I’d a much better childhood?

6. Increased Inner Peace

You do not care about a peaceful time or even alone time. You today tend to shut off social media and the T.V. more often recently.

7. Compassion and Positivity Surges through You

create positivity on you

Instead of fighting or perhaps wanting ill will for others, you wish we all survive, and each is happy because the truth is all of us are connected.

8. Improved Authenticity

You require less interest in crowds, public circumstances, or around others. Instead, you’re written content to watch, help, and help others to determine their very own beauty and truth.

Coming into your very own has a price. It is not likely to be easy to open your eyes to the materialistic society around you as you indulge in the community of yours, your family, and yourself on a deeper level. Below are a few side effects of religious awakening that may at first be hard or frightening to admit as you forget your journey:

Ten Negative Symptoms of Spiritual awakening

1. Unforeseen rushes of feeling.

I was crying at the fall of any cap and feeling out of nowhere irate or even dismal with negligible incitement. Or, on the other hand, maybe mysteriously discouraged. At that point, extremely upbeat. Enthusiastic crazy ride. Regularly, there’s a weight or feeling of clogged inclination inside the middle chakra. This’ not to be wrongly distinguished as the heart, situated to one side on the central chakra.

Guidance on how you can bargain: Accept your emotions as they appear and permit them to go. Go directly to the heart chakra of yours and sense the feeling. Grow it outward to all your fields and inhale significantly from the stomach up to your upper chest. Feel the sensation and permit it to dissipate without anyone else. Allowing the feelings being experienced can shield them from being held in the body.2. Food intolerances, hypersensitivity you never had before.

As you develop much more spiritually, you’re far more vulnerable to everything around you. The body of yours is going to tell you what it cannot tolerate like it is also sloughing off of what does not serve it any longer. You may be cleansing yourself of toxic compounds. Some individuals discover they often enjoy a white residue in their mouths, very much that way of runners after a race.

Guidance on how you can bargain

3. Amplification of the feelings.

Sight: Blurry perspective, shimmering items, watching glittery specks, auras around folks, animals, plants, and things. A few reports are seeing formerly opaque objects as transparent.

Hearing: experiencing white noise in electronic patterns. Some music, tones, beeps, or the head hear water rushing, whooshing, bees buzzing, ringing, or roaring. Some hear odd voices in their dreams theirs like somebody is hovering near them.

Enhanced senses of odor, contact, and taste: I have a friend that could smell and taste synthetic additives in several food items in a reasonably unpleasant manner. Some mystics have claimed to smell the fragrance of flowers then and now (this seems quite enjoyable)

 Advice on how you can deal:

Surrender to it. Let it are available through. Tune in. Be patient. Anything you do, don’t be scared. Hazy vision, perhaps relieved by yawning.

4. Vivid dreams.

 Sometimes, the goals are genuine; you get out of bed, confused. You may also have lucid dreams where you’re in control. Many desires might be mystical or even have messages for you. What about several ideas, you know you’re not dreaming that what’s going on is somehow real.

Advice: You are going to remember what’s crucial that you can remember. Do not force anything. Above all, be of fear.

5. Events that alter your life:

 Death, divorce, alteration of employment status, loss of household, illness, or various other catastrophes often several at one time! Forces that make you slow down, change, simplify, re-examine who you’re and what everything means to you. Authorities that you can’t ignore. Effects that cause you to release the attachments of yours. Forces that awaken the sense of yours of compassion and love for all.

6. Introspection, loss, and solitude of interest in far more extroverted activities:

? This phase has come as a surprise for many extroverts who formerly discovered themselves as outgoing and engaged. They say I do not know why, though I wouldn’t say I like going out almost as before.?

7. A feeling of a thing Impending.

? There is a sense that something is intending to happen. This could create anxiety.

? Advice: There’s absolutely nothing to stress about. Items are indeed happening, but the anxiety produces a lot more issues for you. All of your thoughts ȡ positive or perhaps negativeɡ are prayers. There’s absolutely nothing to fear?

8. Mechanical and electrical malfunctions:

? When you’re around, bulbs flicker, the laptop locks up, or maybe the radio goes haywire.

? Advice: Ask the angels yours, and manuals to repair it or erect an area of protection of light across the machine. Surround your car of yours with blue light. Laugh.

9. Dizziness.

? This happens when you’re ungrounded. Maybe you’ve only cleared a significant emotional matter, as well as your body, is adjusting to the lighter state of yours.

? Advice: Ground yourself by consuming protein. Sometimes casual food? Feels right. Do not create some food right and wrong for you. Use your guidance of yours to know what you want at any moment. Get your shoes off and set your feet of yours on the lawn for a few minutes?

10. Recollections Resurface

? Body recollections, suppressed memories, pictures of previous lives, and parallel lives. We’re healing and integrating all the selves of ours, so count on to have several of these experiences.


  • Remember that it’s ideal to remember just what will come to mind.
  • Go out of the rest by yourself.
  • Do not evaluate everything to Death (since you’ll be trapped within the tape loop of infinite problems to process).
  • Also, I feel your feelings of yours while they come up.

Ask for assistance from your guides of yours.

What Must you Do After Awakening?

spiritual awakening process

It is quite common for individuals to want to know what to accomplish after awakening. But there’re a couple of elements that are key that we have to be straightforward about to answer correctly. Are we speaking about right after awakening? Are we talking approximately 3 years after awakening?

In the Short Term: Immediately right after a spiritual waking up, you have to make room, plus you have to evaluate precisely where you’re in life. Many people awaken in a situation in which they can be considered a hot mess for three years. Perhaps they have a spouse who could support them. Maybe they’ve good close friends. Maybe they have a great deal of savings. Others do not have that luxury. Consequently, they’re much more work in front of them to develop room to break apart and be reborn.

Creating long-term financial solutions is essential for individuals, so they do not wind up unnecessary financial and requirements distress. There is often adequate ego distress from the first years as the ego is poorly melted.

Creating a religious practice, it must go without saying, is vitally important

In the Long Term: Several of you are much further along in the spiritual growth, so that is amazing. As the intensity of first yrs. of power subsides, it usually is crucial to intensify or re-intensify the energy far more intentionally. The floodwaters of awakening are likely to knock down a couple of things, though it appears to be uncommon every obstacle is removed by them and leave somebody in a state of clean freedom and oneness. Instead, awakening is similar to resetting the system. It is a brand new beginning.

The freedom and clarity earned from dissolving and performing the needed inner work during the beginning years provide an individual the capability to dive deeper for breaking stronger and better attachments purposely. Nevertheless, going more towards independence is a choice.

Numerous people are glad to plateau. Many people end up in a constant, awakened flow, and you do not need to go further or more profound than your soul want. Hopefully, if you have these later years, it is quite evident in case your soul of yours wants something or freedom else, and ideally, you right now can easily surrender to and live because of this fact within you.

A religious awakening is such a fascinating phenomenon. And so profound, but upon us rapidly and lasting the majority of the life of ours. Leaving us wondering the reason we cannot fathom even or how it happened. I understand today, I “woke up” within 2011; however, I did not recognize what was going on until 2015. Naturally, hindsight is 20/20.

The whole life of mine from as much back as a teenager, I can say I was recognized as the solid one, the one who overcame crazy odds in the beginning, the bad corporate female that climbed the ladder on the top immediately and also made things happen. I appeared to be able to go through anything and never be influenced by almost all folks. It was not I did not have a heart or maybe feelings; I repressed them, placed my big female panties on & did what had to be completed. I was the rock for everybody except myself, obviously, (I did not have enough time for that). Everyone trusted me.

It was not until 2011 when I “woke up,” as well as all began to shift. The outside world of mine had not changed just the inner world of mine. It was not precisely the same since. I went from being durable and confident to a psychological mess who eventually felt insecure. I did not know who I was any longer; did not understand exactly why things were today getting to me, and also I certainly did not go along with the points I’d always thought.

I thought I was having a mid-life crisis within my first thirties, and I had no idea next what I do now. Due to this, I’d love to drop some mild in hopes someone, anywhere, is looking for what’s happening to them & stumbles upon this to enable them to understand.

spiritual awakening process

A spiritual awakening isn’t a one-time event, and the moment it starts, there is no going back; it is like opening a door that can never again close. The entry, in the long run, opens more as well as more. Also, at some point, you’ll become dedicated to your self-discovery journey and step and self-mastery into the multi-dimensional being you are awakened to remember.

So what’s a spiritual awakening, and how can you navigate it?

A religious awakening is a procedure of getting much more conscious. When we step from the package we’re living in, the values we had been conditioned with and start the method of feeling, realizing that there’s much more than this life we’re now living. We begin to feel things like we’ve never experienced before. Some might even start to find out items, hear noises or words, and understand things randomly they would not usually follow, and also many will know they’re going nuts.

Awakening might be frustrating, mainly depending on which triggered it. At the start of me, it has been subtle adjustments in my belief systems of mine and relationships. Next, in 2013 with the demise of my grandma of mine, it started opening up more. In 2015 with the death of my father, all the walls staying near me came tumbling printed as well as the flood broke free. I tried to conceal it, break open from it, as well as numb it though it just got louder over time. The death of someone we like tends to become a trigger for arising, as we start to be more open to believing as a way to hook up to those that are not right here with us we miss a great deal.

An awakening usually starts with the shifting of your consciousness, which means you begin releasing beliefs you’ve always had, and It is not that you instantly have brand new feelings, you do not understand what to trust.

You may also start feeling things you’ve never experienced before, fears, experiencing emotions, or maybe having thoughts you would not usually have. You begin to ask, “who am I ?” Why am I right here? What’s my objective? What the heck is going on?

You start questioning and looking for answers to things you never thought you would ask. The desire for knowledge of all the things religious becomes insatiable.

In my experience of mine, there was no one means to point out, “here is what is happening, and here’s what you can do to assist yourself.” It was irritating as I did not know who or perhaps what you should believe in. I did not trust myself; I no longer understood exactly who I was, so how could I trust somebody else?

Naturally, this was all simply as it was claimed to be; however, it does not suggest you’ve to wrestle through your awakening. I should show you the four phases of awakening to allow you to navigate what you may be experiencing.

The four stages of awakening have absolutely nothing to do with opening your gifts (i.e., looking at, hearing, being spirit), or maybe opening up your psychic or perhaps healing abilities. Instead, these phrases help you recall the divine truth, who you’re, and what your goal is in this particular human existence. Your gifts are going to open on your path to self-discovery to aid you in this specific change. After that, everything you do with the sacred gifts of yours is up for you.

The four stages of awakening happen as time passes. Phase one and 2 are about stepping into self-discovery, while stages 3 and 4 are self-mastery. These stages can occur fast, or maybe we can get trapped in a scene for some time, it all will depend on your resolve for yourself and this particular journey. Most will revisit the first two stages a few times, peeling off brand new levels and opening themselves as many as flow even more.

What are the 5 stages of awakening?

Stage one: Intention and Forgiveness.

Forgiveness includes grief. We grieve who we were once, who we believed we were meant to be, who everybody else thought we were, so on. Pain isn’t merely around the death associated with a loved one; it could function as the death of the older adult, an area we were living, how we lived as well as living relationships.

Intention and Forgiveness

I cannot tell you the number of people who awaken and then get mad or even depressed. They wish they will have woken up earlier or perhaps actually eaten their life to return to how it was previously. Many will feel responsible for all of the items they’ve done they don’t align with or perhaps worse start to question why on earth they’d to get a lifetime of suffering and also struggle.

I know these feelings well and can guarantee that getting deep into this well and holding on to the discomfort is much like drowning within a seashore of emotion. Forgiving everything, and everybody sets you free altogether, in fact, yourself.

The next part of phase one is Intention

The only job of yours will become discovering your truth by setting the objective and asking the inquiries, like entering addresses right into a GPS. This journey allows you to learn to get around the real you.

Your most helping motives are likely to be “who am I?” “What is my purpose?” And “How will I connect and use my religious group to find out myself on a higher level? The goal will be the level most skipped since we live on a planet of distraction and seek everything beyond our being. I’ve information for you, my loves; you’re the camera you’ve been looking for.

Phase two: Surrender

spiritual awakening process

Surrender calls for us to forget about command, let go of the seeking, let go of having to know everything, forget about everything you thought you knew. Instead, be ready to accept the possibilities and opportunities spirit is trying to open up to you as many as. Surrender appears to be the toughest thing for any person to perform. It’s an illusion since we’ve been trained to think for so very long we’ve to manage the life of ours, work hard to allow it to be in daily life & surrendering frankly appears lazy.

Surrender does not suggest you do not do anything. We do not sit around all day, creating dream boards and waiting and meditating for our brand new living to drop from the skies. It implies we allow versus push or force.

We notice curveballs as options. We see visitors as a blessing, a moment to jam out and sing to the favorite tunes of ours, or even sit in peace. A detour becomes a chance to see new areas of town and take pleasure in the journey. We start allowing what’s better serving to appear, and rather than stating no, we claim I wonder what this can bring into my lifetime? Is it a chance for me to thrive much more?

Stage three: Flow or even Walking with God/Spirit

I like flow since it’s thinking that God or Spirit is within us, strolling with us and leading us. That we’re making it possible for life to unfold and adhering to the breadcrumb trail with no challenges of what we believed our life was meant to be like, or even are like. I firmly believe if you let go and run, we realize that life gets much more incredible than we can ever imagine.

You see, we’re aspects of God; we’re the Universe inside the Universe. We arrived here for the encounter, to touch, to taste, and to love, and our primitive minds don’t know what is possible. We’re necessary to be grateful and open, and the rest occurs on its own. We remember we’re the ones we’ve been seeking and that we have a good of all-knowing.

We’re not putting a being on a pedestal within the sky, believing He/She is the sole method to get a miracle in our life of ours. It’s all just as special but unique; we’re able to the life we wish. Flow is what it means walking with God, and also, to see we’re all fractals of the same consciousness here helping a job.

Stage four: Unity plus One with God/Spirit

Many love to call the phase enlightenment; however, I’ve another perspective and think there are various stages within awareness we can achieve, but that is for another post. I believe that we can each get to our amount of enlightenment within this lifetime. It starts when we start to escape from the judgment of ourselves and some whenever we accept and like ourselves wherever we’re on our journey. I’m you, plus you’re me.

This room is 1 of peace, true freedom, and unity. It starts to shift where there’s zero additional judgment, hierarchy, fear, or completion. You’re not caused or maybe annoyed by others since you realize that exactly where they’re or even their behavior (even in case we do not go along with it), is helping a goal within the entire. It’s giving that individual a chance to shift, to cure, to select once more, and to get themselves in you. Which does not mean they learn their lesson of theirs? You see, we’re all right because there are just opportunities and possibilities. We can be open and say it is possible to even with no proof and see that actually, only the option is a present from God.

Stage Five: The Power Of Your Mind To Create A New Reality

The power of your mind will create a new reality for yourself. This means that if you believe something negative about another person, then this belief will cause you to feel bad towards them. If you think someone has done you wrong or hurt you, then you’ll probably have an emotional reaction against them. But what happens when you change your thoughts into positive ones?

What happens when you start thinking positively instead of negatively? Well, firstly, you begin to feel better. Secondly, you can’t help but notice how much more pleasant it feels to be around people who are happy and contented than those who aren’t. And thirdly, you’re going to attract more good things in life because you’ve changed your energy field by changing your thought patterns. So if you want to get on with the rest of your day feeling great about yourself, just remember that every time you catch yourself being negative, stop for a moment and ask yourself: ‘What’s my point?’ Then replace any negative feelings with positive ones.

Today, when you look again on the day when the products changed, you can see the purpose behind your pain of yours. You can find that you, my love will be the camera you’ve been looking for, plus you’re as potent and Magical as any person. Nobody is coming to save us; we’re awakened to preserve ourselves.


While a spiritual awakening is generally viewed as an outing, it isn’t usually an excursion of physical travel or possibly journeys; it is a technique for going past your limits and spending the accompanying developmental advance.

Throughout an individual’s life, two or three encounters can be as groundbreaking and significant as those of a spiritual awakening. Relating to and legitimately encountering your godliness has a place with a change in perspective, most likely the most elevated request. A spiritual awakening can tear separated the material of reality as it has been being known by you and take you forward into a fresh out of the plastic new existence of cognizant advancement and development.

As the expression proposes, you “wake up” from the dream of ordinary, everyday material level, inner self-based regard for a higher truth of the soul. Also, such as showing up from full sleep, you can recognize the truth about the picture – a deception to which there can be no returning.

The strict way isn’t with no battle, notwithstanding. By its genuine attributes, the awakening method goes up against you with the weaknesses of yours, intellectual predispositions, self-duplicities, and protection from the switch. Development is typically an uncomfortable practice on occasion. As your chosen way provokes you to change conduct, discourse, feelings, or considerations to be extensive, or kind, pardoning, humane, it’s far-reaching to grapple with getting in this world, be that as it may, not of it. Far and away more terrible yet are the outside impacts that attack the strict searcher with impulses to stop the mission from awakening and returning to a standard way of life.

Likely the most considerable difficulties out and about are accessible in the sort of what Joseph Campbell named limit gatekeepers. Limit gatekeepers are the snags (emblematic or strict) that position in the way of essential defining moments throughout your life.

They might be adversaries, restricting convictions, life conditions, rivals, or perhaps difficulties that obstruct your advancement ahead toward a more elevated level. These rivals can go over and over a wreck, you, assess the purpose of yours and make you challenge your picked track. Such misfortunes make you question yourself and your dedication and may even convince you to stop the interest.

Now, you may feel powerless or lost, as though you’ve surrendered to severe visual deficiency. In any case, what you ordinarily don’t perceive is how these specific difficulties or visual impairment are the duplicity of the sense of self of yours – your little person that feelings of trepidation it’s one of a kind annihilation in the ever-extending zone of soul.

Found in this style, the spiritual difficulties of yours, or perhaps dim nighttimes of the spirit, be as strict educator Ram Dass will proclaim, “Grist with the factory of illumination.” Every mishap at that point transforms into a statement of your inner feelings of dread and questions – obstacles and preliminaries on your customized and independent deterrent course.

Without a doubt, this specific guide needs both mental fortitude and grit toward keeping out and about as you review artist Robert Frost’s words: “The only way out there is through.” Fortunately, this is a result of this haziness that you can rise altogether into the light, keep on the spiritual advancement of yours, and be stirred.

The street of spiritual awakening will be the most terrific experience you can attempt. You’re profoundly advantaged to comprehend the reality that such an outing remains before you. Also, grasping it’s nothing not exactly after a brave call of the existence motivation behind yours and predetermination.


In conclusion, now you will be able to tell what does a spiritual awakening feels like.

A spiritual awakening is a life-changing event that affects every area of your life. It will leave you with a sense of peace and balance as well as better understanding yourself and those around you. Once you have had the experience, it will be difficult to go back to living unawakened.

After reading this article, it’s likely that you are considering ways to start exploring this path in your own life.

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