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Bipolar Disorders Genetic

What Are Some Myths About Bipolar Disorder?

Many people think that bipolar disorder is only a mood disorder, but there are many other aspects to the illness. People with bipolar disorder can also suffer from depression and anxiety, and sometimes both of these disorders at the same time. It’s important to recognize that bipolar disorder can be difficult for an individual. It will take a long time to get well and many people will not get full recovery. So, here we will discuss on what are some myths about bipolar disorder and the truth.

The unusual behavior of a person in which mood is shifted without any cause and there is a downfall in the activity levels of the person, lack of concentration, loss of appetite or suicidal thoughts is known as manic-depressive illness or it can be called bipolar disorders genetic.

Clear changes are seen if any type of disorder is found in the person.  The disorder affects the mood, activity levels along with the energy levels of the person.  These disorders are seen as a kind of episodes such as elated mood, irritated mood, energized mood and these can be called manic episodes. Sometimes a feeling of down also hits the person and these are the depressive episode.

The mood shifting of a person for more than two weeks according to the psychiatrist is known to be moving towards a mental illness called bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder doesn’t need to occur due to the stress taken it is biological sometimes. The extreme shifts in the mood either uplifting or down more than two weeks can be a symbol of the person’s involvement in the depression.

Sometimes a person suffering from bipolar disorder has a high elevated mood known as mania and depression is included in it. Maniac depression or bipolar disorder is something that can happen to anyone. Sometimes extreme mood swings or euphoria is caused and a person gets irritated

Those who suffer from this disease sometimes feel restless and sometimes are happy and on the other day sad as if they have no motives to live life. They face difficulties in doing their daily chores. The treatments are available for these disorders and making up your mind by saying I have nothing and I think positive won’t cure this suffering. Medicines affect the sensitive part of the brain so that these disorders can be treated.

Bipolar Disorders Genetic

There are types of bipolar disorders and some of them are below

Bipolar I disorder :

In this disorder, manic disorders happen for more than seven days and these are very severe to consult a doctor, one should experience the following symptoms like impaired judgment, boredom, low confidence, underperformance in work or household chores, feeling of euphoria, rapid and a lot of talking. Bizzare ideas etc. the patient who experiences these symptoms should definitely go to take help. In this type of disorder, having a. bit of depressive episodes can also occur and these symptoms can occur together too.

Bipolar II disorder:

All the symptoms of mania or hypomania are present and the depression is a bit dominant there so the symptoms of bipolar I along with depressive symptoms is the bipolar II disorder

Cyclothymia or Cyclothymic disorder:

Hypomanic symptoms along with some other depressive symptoms are the root cause of cyclothymia. These have a  duration of 2 years in children but at the time of diagnosing the requirements does not meet with the one needed for the manic or depression symptoms

Sometimes the symptoms are a little bit or totally different from the bipolar types explained above but it does not mean that the person has been free from it. There may be other specific and unspecific bipolar disorders and these can be cured too

When a patient or person is in its late teen or adolescence age, these disorders show the real effects. These can happen to any person or it can happen to a child during the mother’s pregnancy time. Lifelong treatment is necessary for people suffering from the disorder. With the proper medication of the doctors and healthy habits, a person can improve his life and mental behavior.

Bipolar Disorders Genetic

Signs and Symptoms Bipolar Disorders Genetic

People who suffer from bipolar disorders have unusual experiences in life and they may see changes in their sleep patterns and some other undesirable effects. the low activity and concentration and a will to end life are some symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.

Mood episodes are the symptoms that cannot be tackled because mood swings can last for a period of one or two weeks. Mood swings mean sometimes a person is very high and sometimes is very low. Sometimes same episode for a week or two weeks gets mixed with depressive and manic symptoms. Mood swings when there two symptoms are mixed gets happy, energized, sad, mad, etc.

If the symptoms are not so high and are less like bipolar type-ii, in the second type, the hypomania is considered to be less than mania and the symptoms of hypomania are less extreme and do things better can feel the positivity little but a person may never feel something is going to be wrong and he is going to be a victim of mental disorder.

Only the ones who are with the person can recognize these changes and help them with this disorder. If these are not treated properly it can cause severe problems.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder in women

This bipolar has no gender of men and human when it comes to explanation of symptoms women have some symptoms of this bipolar illness and those symptoms are like:

After the age of 20 and 30, mostly women diagnose themselves at that time.

Face mania in their life

Sometimes act as a depressant and actually is.

Is a victim of rapid cycling which means manic and depression more often in a year?

Obesity, anxiety, migraines, headaches, and other things are experienced in this disorder.

Relapsing of the women who are suffering from bipolar disorder is common. Hormonal changes are related to everything like menstrual changes. Being women If these are the changes that have been reflected then women should consult health care providers as soon as possible.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder in women

Bipolar disorder in Men

Both men and women experience some symptoms but still, there are a few that are different. Due to the physical changes, men may feel something different and that is mentioned below:

  1. It gets diagnosed later but should be done earlier in life.
  2. Severe episodes are experienced and manic episodes are common in both men and women
  3. Substance abuse is also there

Men who have this kind of depressive and mental illness are less likely to think about suicidal thoughts.

Bipolar disorder in children

In children diagnosing the disorder is a bit conflicting and controversial because children do not show the same symptoms and sometimes children  have mood swings due to the fights between friends or low grades or something so determining it becomes a bit difficult

ADHD is an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that occurs in children mostly having bipolar disorder.

Children can be treated well with the medications but it may take many weeks in their treatment and special care is always needed to recover a kid from such depressive illness.

Bipolar disorder in Men

Sometimes the behavior shows elevated mood and accelerated mood. But after some time this behavior becomes a cause of depression and depression in small children is a wrong sign

Bipolar disorder in adolescent age

Bipolar disorder in the case of teens has symptoms like other hyper manic and depressive symptoms but this gets extremely up and high. Before consulting a doctor the teen must have experienced it before for about more than one and a half weeks.

The up and down feeling can be related to the energized and exciting feeling and the down feelings can be related to the bad mood and the depressive mood in which a patient will experience high symptoms of depression.

 A feeling of less motivation, lack of aim in life, and lethargy is all that is felt by a person.  These feelings make a person so depressed and without any goal in life.

Bipolar is responsible for causing the high and low in yourself and mood swings and being sad is caused by the depression itself. There is a difference between the two.

Bipolar disorder and diagnosis

In bipolar disorder, as discussed before too, bipolar type one has a mixture of manic and depressive symptoms. It may or may not have any depression and episodes.

In type second, a major depressive episode may occur. A mode of hypomania is also included. If a patient is having these symptoms for more than two weeks it is a case when you strictly need the help of doctors and family. Mood swings can change in both situations so determining is a little bit tough.

Bipolar disorder and diagnosis

Children usually have mood swings due to bad performance and other issues but receiving treatment is necessary and getting diagnosed too.

Difficulties arise when doctors have to distinguish between depression and bipolar disorder and people have high and low moods in both cases and it is then hard to understand. Sometimes the wrong diagnosis can worsen the situation.

Schizophrenia is something different from psychosis doctors may misdiagnose the patient who has any suffering.

Some complications are always there in the case of bipolar disorders.

  1. The usage of alcohol to cope with the symptoms.
  2. Post-traumatic stress disorder
  3. Disorders and anxiety
  4. Panic attacks
  5. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)

For doing correct diagnosis and prevention from the misdiagnosis, the urge to healthcare has been sent by NIHM.

Other disorder conditions

The symptoms of bipolar disorder and other illnesses match sometimes and sometimes for the doctors and the other health care providers it becomes difficult to help the patients with the proper diagnosis. It stands up as a challenge in front of some healthcare professionals.

Some people suffer from mental disorders and bipolar disorders together and these people may suffer from anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, or any other kind of disorder like eating. People having bipolar disorder can suffer from diseases like thyroid and migraine. They can suffer some heart diseases too.

Psychosis is also a kind of disorder that causes manic disorders or has some symptoms of depression or some psychotic symptoms. The symptoms may cause hallucinations, delusions. The mood of a person changes according in the psychotic disorder.

Other disorder conditions

People who suffer from the psychotic disease have some manic symptoms that cause them certain beliefs like having enough money, getting famous, and having special powers.

Depressive symptoms may also be found in the psychotic disorder, and this also creates a problem because in this case the person also has certain false beliefs that he has no money and is lacking financial stability and is ruined and there is nothing left in this life. The belief may cause the person to think that he has any kind of mental illness.

As are already said above psychotic and schizophrenia are sometimes diagnosed incorrectly because the health care or the doctors may get confused between the symptoms because most of the symptoms are matched.

Bipolar disorder along with the symptoms of psychosis and these things seem to be a bit different from the mood swings, it needs an appropriate diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder

Issues related to anxiety

In case of anxiety, the patient panics and gets the worst thoughts in the mind and panics on even a small disease or illness.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) :

Those who suffer from bipolar disorders may suffer from ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) too.

Usage of Alcohol and drugs:

People who have this kind of disorder take alcohol and some drugs as a solution to it but the misuse and engagement with these things are risks to life until and unless a patient is not provided medicine by the doctor. He should not get engaged with these harmful drugs. During the manic disorder symptoms, the intake of such drugs may cause risk and problems.

The family and the other persons may get affected by this usage because the mind will not work and judge properly what to do.

Usage of Alcohol and the drugs:

Eating disorders: binge eating or less eating like loss of appetite is very common in mental disorders. Sometimes a patient eats a lot and the other time he has lost the appetite.

Risk factors

According to the study and the researchers, they are finding something that can help them with the causes of bipolar disorder. There is no single cause found till now but some studies have shown that

The structure and functioning of the brain of a normal person differ from those who suffer from this disorder. The brain of people with mental illness is very vulnerable as compared to those who are normal.

After studying learning more about it, it is found that many scientists have worked out some treatments that the medical industry is using now.

The history of an ill person is first seen and then the bipolar disorders are treated on basis of the last treatments and the brain imaging tests.


Certain genes are prone to brain disorders and they develop bipolar diseases, if anyone has a parent or sibling with high bipolar disorder then the other sibling is also prone to having the same disorder. Genes do not cause disorder but to some specific genes, they get prone to the disease, and this illness is caused to them. Researchers are doing well to find out the cure of the disease and Bipolar disorder is hereditary or not

It is not necessary to consider yourself prone to the disorder or mental illness but in case of not taking risks with mental health, some screening tests should be done to satisfy yourself, and having a family with such symptoms need to do screening at least once. If a parent has some illness, then the children should check it out.

Routine check-ups and the brain’s imaging test should be done timely to be protected from the disease. It is not necessary that if the family has a history of mental disorder then it may pass on but in some cases, it happens too.


Some tests for bipolar disorder symptoms

There are some tests that are needed to get the result of the bipolar disorder in you. Some of the tests to detect the symptoms are:

Physical examination of full body:

A full physical examination of the patient is done. Some samples of your waste may be checked too like the urine test and the blood test to find any hidden causes of this bipolar disorder.

Mental health and evaluation:

The doctor will examine the mental health of the patient and according to that will refer the patient to the specialist of mental health and professional. The psychologist and the psychiatrist are the best specialists for mental health and evaluation. They consider the mental illness as bipolar disorder and then look for its sign in you.

Mood Swings:

Keeping a journal of your mood swings is a good method of helping your doctor to diagnose you because the journal will help the doctor to know the swinging periods and how many times the mood of the patient is changing.

Mood changes are also responsible for this mental illness. The sleeping and eating habits and patterns will be asked too. So it is better to make a chart of all the mood changes, eating and sleeping habits and this will help in proper diagnosis.

Diagnosis criteria:

The outline for various mental health and disorders is provided in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Health and mostly the doctors and the healthcare providers match the symptoms from this manual to ease the bipolar disorder. Other tests are also done by the doctors to diagnose the disorder.

What Are Some Myths About Bipolar Disorder?

Diagnosis criteria

There are many facts and many myths regarding bipolar disorder and here I am jotting down some below:


Once a person has any mental disorder, he cannot lead a better life without illness.


Many people who have this kind of illness or who have bipolar disorders can lead happy and better life. Just a medication for a few times is needed to be healthy, strong again. It is a challenge to live a life with bipolar illness but overcoming this is a big success.


Mania and depression are the huge causes of disorder and people suffering from this swing back and forth in between this mania and depression.


Some people suffer from mania and depression alternatively and depression is the main cause and depression is more dominant than mania. Mostly depression is the main thing from which people are suffering. Mania is mild and sometimes remains unrecognized.


The mood is affected by the bipolar disorder


The energy level and the judgment and the mood and appetite along with concentration level goes down and not only mood is affected.  The sex drive, the sleeping, and the eating pattern all get disturbed.

Anxiety, panic attacks, health problems occur when someone suffers from a mental disorder.


Only medication is the way to get out of the disorder and it cannot be controlled by a person itself.


Medication is a better way to get out of this disorder and it is the foundation of the normal health of the people who have such kinds of disorders. There are different strategies that can be followed to recover from the disorder and those are self-help, right eating, and sleeping manner and timings. Exercising daily to control the manic and depression to take over the mind is also very helpful in treating yourself from this illness. The supportive people and environment around you help you to motivate to recover from this illness.

Treatments and Therapies

Treatment is necessary, without there is a chance of a person to get well having a bipolar disorder. Those who suffer from high bipolar disorders can be treated well. Psycho therapy and some other talk therapies are a great cures for people suffering from severe depression and mental illness.

It is no doubt an illness for life because a patient one depressed is prone to the disorder gain. Some people need lifetime help with this disorder and it is quite challenging to live with this disorder the whole life.

Long-term treatment is necessary to treat bipolar disorder and it is obviously a chronic disease that needs long-term treatment without medication and proper treatment bipolar disorder cannot be treated. To prevent the symptoms and the episodes to occur medication is a must needed.

Medication not always affects, positive thoughts and some positive aura is also responsible for the treatment of the disorder. Medication, therapy, change in lifestyle, support from friends and family is what is needed for the treatment.

Treatments and Therapies

Self-help is a big help

Dealing with mental illness and delusions is not an easy task and putting efforts from one’s side requires a lot of courage and this courage needs smart choices to stand firm in front of this situation. The daily habits and the choices we make along with the daily lifestyle habits are an important part along with the medications

Key factors to help yourself to come out from this problem

Get proper knowledge and education:

One should be aware of the fact that this is a curable disease and can be treated well. Better knowledge and understanding will help the person to recover from this illness soon.

Moving on 

Moving on with the disease means doing the household chores and exercises in such a manner that your mood will get a good impact and the bipolar disorders may reduce. Having a positive environment around you reading positive books and meditating can help you with bipolar episodes recovery faster.

The episodes of bipolar disorder may reduce if a patient exercises regularly and keeps himself busy in doing multiple things that make a patient happy lifts up the mood and makes the nervous system of your brain strong.

Proper Stress check 

A person who is already suffering from bipolar disorders should keep themselves away from stress and meditate daily to keep the mind and heart at peace, deep breathing is very important for releasing stress. High stress and hypertension should be avoided completely.

Need help and support:

A person who has bipolar disorder order should need support from the people around him. The positive help and support from the doctors and healthcare professionals can help in faster recovery. 

The encouragement of getting well and recovering faster is very helpful for a patient with a disorder. Joining any club where positive talks help to motivate or help in speedy recovery should be joined. Taking help or assistance or help to get out of the trouble is not a weakness.

Stay connected and busy with family and friends

Spending time with your family and friends creates a positive impact on your mind. The nervous system gets to calm down with the support of family members. The love and care help in the recovery of the patient.

Good choices:

Sleeping on time and eating on time helps in leveling and lifting up your moods. A regular sleep schedule is very important.

Journal of your moods

The chart of the symptoms and the time when these happen should be noted so that the doctor can study the symptoms and the mood swings and can diagnose you well before the illness gets worse.


Certain medications are necessary to treat bipolar disorders. People go to find the best medication and doctor to treat them with their disorder. The mental disorder can be treated only and only with the help of medications that will result in the best of the ill person.

The medication stabilizes the mood of the patient and the mood stabilizers are given to the patients and anti-psychotics are also given as a medical treatment. Medications are generally given to enhance the mood and target the sleep of the patient. The sleeping habits of a patient due to medication helps in the relaxation of the body.

Pills are given to calm down the anxiety disorders in a person suffering from them. Antidepressant pills are given to the patient to make him stress-free and relax his nervous system the target of the medicines is the manic symptoms.

The people who take medication for recovering must consider the following things and take care of them:

  • Before taking the medication talking with your health care provider is necessary to make sure the medication has no side effects.
  • Prescription of the drugs and the other medications should be taken.
  • If the patient is facing any side effects of the medicine it should be reported to the doctor quickly and more doses should be avoided before the consultation.
  • The medication of bipolar disorder is necessary to be taken consistently and
  • Take medicine only when it has been prescribed by the health care provider and if taking medicine then don’t stop before the required time as the symptoms may rebound.


To change the patient’s emotions and the thought process by talking to them is called psychotherapy or talk therapy. People with this kind of disorder have many things that are obstacles in their treatment. These therapies try to motivate them and change the process of thinking. Educating the patients regarding the disorder makes them understand that this disorder can be treated 

There are special therapies that are designed only and only for those who are suffering from disorders and the therapies are some interpersonal and social rhythm therapy also called IPSRT therapy. Family-focused therapy is also there.


Psycho therapeutic interference in the disorder at the very initial stage can prevent it from increasing

Many other options for treating the disorder

There are other treatments that according to the people are more helpful in treating their disorder and these are:

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT):

To stimulate the brain, this procedure is used for handling the disorder. According to people, this therapy has relieved them of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Modern therapy (ECT), provides a person some sittings and a series of treatments that are necessary for recovery. The treatment series go on for weeks and patients feel relieved and relaxed. 

Anesthesia is given during the therapy and this is safe. When after having all the medications, no effect is seen, then the doctors go for electro-convulsive therapy and this therapy is very helpful at the time and is particularly very safe for the patients. The patients who have panic disorders and severe depressive symptoms are cured by this therapy.

The other treatments and their effects are as under:

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS):

Magnetic waves are sent to the brain and the stimulation part of the brain is done. For one month, it is delivered to the patient when he is awake Many people got benefits from this stimulation technique and it has various kinds of depression and sub depression 

The role of the TMS in the improvement of bipolar disorder is under study and soon will be found out.


Not enough analysis has been done on the subject to make it clear whether the herbs and the plants have been successfully in treating the bipolar disorder

So if any patient wants to take some natural supplements can consult the doctor for taking the medication and if anyone takes medications and supplements together, it may cause harmful effects.

Some Natural ways of treating Bipolar disorder

Natural remedies are helpful always for any kind of disease. Whenever we feel any severe stomach pain or anything, we take quick home remedies to feel better. Same is with bipolar disorder some home remedies will help in curing the disorder. And it can interfere with the medications prescribed to the patients. It can stabilize the mood of the patient and for relieving the manic. 


Those who have moderate level of depression, this plant can help in curing the symptoms, and depression and bipolar disorder. 


Fish oil:

Fish is always good for the brain. Those who consume fish tend to have nice brains. So, people who eat fish are not prone to any mental disorders. Eating fish means getting oil naturally and this acts as an over the counter supplement

S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe):

According to some trusted research sources, amino acids are good at treating the brain’s disorder. S-Adenosylmethionine is an amino acid in nature.

Something extra than treatment

Regular exercise:

Exercising regularly keeps us fit and healthy. Also some brisk walks along with exercise, jogging, and bicycling help to increase our heart rate and blood circulation. The heart and brain get activated. Some exercises like weightlifting and some other anaerobic exercises such as yoga and pilates do a lot of help. One should consult the doctor before opting for any exercise in the daily routine.

Keeping a chart or a journal

When there is an open talk between the doctor and the patient regarding the disorder, treatment will show positive points. Due to medications, the recovery rate increases no doubt, but still, in some cases, mood swings and other changes occur.

If a patient has a proper chart of the person regarding his sleep and eating patterns. Doctors can easily diagnose the patient accordingly. The daily changes in the patterns of mood, concentration, and appetite can help the doctor to treat the patient. 

The data stored is shared with the health care provider and the secrecy of the patient is maintained always.

The environment around the patient and the other things are very important. The psyche of a patient is built when the environment around him is positive. The positive words of recovery motivate and act as a medicine in treating bipolar disorder. The external factors are the triggers.


In conclusion, we now know what are some myths about bipolar disorder and the real facts. There are many myths about bipolar disorder. Like some people think you can’t do anything to help your situation, which is not true. There are a variety of treatments; you just need to find the one that works best for you. It’s okay if you don’t want to tell everyone that you have bipolar disorder. It is not like telling them that you have cancer or AIDS. It doesn’t make you any less of a person.

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