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life after death

Unveiling the facts of life after death and the existence of afterlife

We can not say what is going to happen to us life after death as we do not have access there. We have been completely fascinated with the idea that the soul is an ever surviving demise of the body and this is the fact that has been noted through the entire history of the mankind. Between those who have hoped to validate that claim and for those who have wished in invalidating it, the belief has sprung a never-ending debate among many.

The shamans have spoke of traveling to the other worlds as if they had been there in the first half since this topic of afterlife has piqued minds from Ancient Egypt. There is also an undying fascination with the psychics and the mediums that has tempted us with the glimpse of that unknown for the modern West.

Today on this subject matter, people usually have found themselves defending some major divergent viewpoints. We should not doubt the authenticity of the holy books and therefore it should not be testing or the questions that are in the existence, manner and the main objective of the afterlife either is what the organized religions mentioned about it.

The very existence of the afterlife should not be sought at all because of the obvious absurdness of such claims as any of them are in search for something fictional that would be admitting it with some type of probability with the mainstream science and what the atheists.

So, where does the debate about the afterlife comes in? Whether or not the afterlife exists or not is why most people need to know. Fear is the simple answer for it. To explain distinctly it is mainly the fear of the unknown.

If it easily ends with the darkness of non-existence, is what we are all afraid of that life that we are living in this small planet. Our lives will somehow continue as we wish to have an assurance of. We naturally are in need for a glimpse what exactly afterlife is. This is the fear that we think of removing it from our life.

Through some conversations with any spirit, things have been unveiled that life continues even after death and death is something which is a transition to a place where several paths of the existence opens up complete not required the better ones and this offers us the opportunity to evolve greatly through it.

There is no hard physical evidence that would be confirming the existence of the afterlife here like the others who have claimed to speak with the spirits at its most. Whatever the studies have received people usually relates to the experiences, imagery and the conversations that are held. And whether you want to believe it or not is completely on one self.

Life after death

The path to unknown

Unknown is the path which the humans have already been a lot fascinated with. There is hardly any people who are alive today who would want to be in a world where everything is known. There are the gift of God has been on us like that of the inquisitiveness and curiosity where people usually have denied this. How that would be affecting the organized religion and individual faith if God would have revealed himself to us?

Does science has all answers to it? Or, is it an incontestable fact when it comes to the existence of afterlife. You simply do not want to know this for a fact here that it does exist is what the answer here. What is the reason behind it?

It usually blocks the spiritual evolution since it will be removing the purpose of our existence here in this physical world by blocking our necessary experiences. Is there a life without any fear here? Is there no fear of both life and death that exists? What would life be like here?

Reasons behind afterlife

To get the right answers, the spirit is what has the answers to it. But, on the destination, they would also be warning us not to get fixated on the destination yet. It usually has in so much in offering with the paths for themselves both here and in the world next.

It is perfect to focus on what is important, which is our life here since it would be taking the add on for the technology that would help in filling the gap between the dimensions. Through this afterlife, family, friends, spirituality, as well as business all contributes immensely.

What it would be like? How would be getting back? Are there any families there? To derive fun, what do we do? How does it appear like? Beyond this afterlife, are there any destinations where we can hang out? These are the questions that would be answered at the later part. You are not that accustomed to the afterlife and this is something that you should know here?

The sky blue with the birds that chirp away in happiness, harp music that fills the air, and all that lives in perfect harmony is not a place the afterlife to be like. The afterlife is still a great place that would be sharing several similarities with our dimension and it is simply a diverse thing is what we have learned through the studies that people have been through.

Life after death

Whether the afterlife is a path or is it a destination is what we need to decide!

Life vs Afterlife

One cannot help but begin to ponder whether there is nothing more than what we have to look forward to in the recent times when this world is in complete turmoil or in chaos. This is the life we are living it in one moment and the other is it all over? We should be taking a look at our current life before we consider a possible afterlife.

It is all the product of our own making irrespective of whether the life we are leading is a good or a bad one. We might be able to change our personal circumstances and make something more of our current life if it is such that.

You can often step out and look life from completely different perspectives. People often had imposed into some great strain in order to survive all with a small amount of gain and this usually fluctuated with the currently struggling economy that is here.

Does it make the situation the fault of us being a person, when you are living in a land of opportunity? Whatever the outcome is, we all are able and are gifted that will be changing and shaping our lives here. This would usually be a current life that is not that bad when you are living in a world with that kind of personal freedom. It is through the ringer how we have to live our lives through.

Looking at the negatives

First I’ll point out the obvious. Many would argue that there is much evil in this world. From liars and thieves to the heartless mortal ‘powers that be’ inflicting mass genocides, it’s hard to see any good in this reality when life becomes a constant struggle to obtain and keep every one’s right just to live and just be.

life after death

There is something that is quite obvious to be pointed out. The world that we are living in has all types of evils in it. It is very tough to look at any good in this realm when life itself becomes a constant struggle here for obtaining and keeping every one’s right to live and be just it as this is the world that ranges from the liars and thieves to that of the heartless immortals.

With loads of possibilities and the adventures out there for the taking, although there are several others who would be arguing that this is a world which is a very beautiful place. Despite the highlighted infestation of this cruelty and suffering that is plaguing this world, you should always be feeling that there would be silver lining at all times and people here in this life are sometimes quite hard to find since they are usually a lot more optimistic. You should always have the make better of the life that is there.

Life after death

We have already explored the bright and the dark sides of the life that we have, but, what do you know about the afterlife? It is mainly a form of existence that is believed to be the continuity of death when you decide about this. Does it not mean that we are ever living since if afterlife is an existence then we already exist? Do we simply carry on to the next life? So, is death a mere illusion them.

In regards to the afterlife, there are several beliefs about the afterlife and there is a lot of thereof. Nothing happens when you simply die and you are ceasing to it is what some would be saying. There is an afterlife, and let us continue in this notion, so, do we cease to be right there?

Since we are holding to our lives now, what is been said by the afterlife then? When it comes to the afterlives, there are usually four types that are there:

Life after death
  • An afterlife that is filled with unending love and acceptance while one is filled with joy which is mainly the positive afterlife. There is not grief, regret, pain as well as suffering in it.
  • This is the afterlife that is complete engrossed with suffering, pain, regret, and grief is what the negative afterlife is.
  • There is also this afterlife where the souls are made to wander aimlessly lying at the middle or having a transitory existence.
  • There is also the repetitive afterlife, which is reliving of the mortal coil of different shapes and sizes for a limited life span which tries to get it right every time around as this is one kind of existence that comes back again and again.

The many beliefs

When it comes to afterlife, there are various beliefs in it. There are people who have reported that has already been at the threshold of death since this is the most mystical and transcendent experience here. With every individual, the near-death experience usually varies and characteristically it hears oneself that is declared with the dead, the sense of leaving one’s body, the feeling of peacefulness, as well as the sense of moving through a dark tunnel towards the bright light that crosses the border with the others.

There are several instances that there are similar semblances between the people who has the near death experiences and other and they all addresses to the four types of the afterlife experiences of the others.

There is a lot of information about the afterlife as observed as its own or the rest of the world, it is all the same. The afterlife is something that is more than the one we are living in now. It is something that is more interesting than the one we are in at the moment though it might seem to match-up of the life vs the afterlife.

It is winning by a land slide, with a lot more infinite amount of possibilities and a promising eternity here. This current life is a lot more appearing though it might appear fleeting, unless of course you are considering the negative pain filled or limbo kind afterlife.

In the next life the only place that is left for us to go is to die people argues that life is already is a form of hell that is filled with pain, suffering, as well as evil. This is the reason why the afterlife wins this game here.

In the life next, ending with more over it would seem that our actions and lack are not completely forgotten. How we are living out lives that are dictating where we might be going after it has been spent, is the manner in which we handle what has been dealt within us.

The many beliefs

Afterlife – Could You Believe Deep Down?

How would you be responding if we asked you to sign in an agreement where you would be selling your soul to us for £2 if you believe in an afterlife or human soul?

In regards to the notion that the consciousness will be surviving the death of the brain, there are many people these days that are skeptical of the notion here. To the certain crucial structures that are there in the brain such as the thalamus that will be causing a lot of consciousness, modern science would be pointing out to that damages that are made.

In the recent years, this would be one of the reasons why research in Britain usually reveals a sizeable minority of people who usually disbelieves the supernatural phase or the other dimensions of life. According to the survey it has been seen that about 39% and 18% people usually do not believe in soul and 50% to 39% also do not believe in afterlife.

The researchers found that almost no one signed when the question about selling the soul was asked. People though did not believed in the soul and afterlife usually were believing in one.

IAT applied to afterlife

Our conscious attitudes and opinions might not be the entire story of how we are feeling concerned about an issue and this is something that the psychologists have usually maintained. It might be existing side by side within you other sentiments and the other feelings that are kept hidden from the conscious awareness though you might be disbelieving about it.

IAT applied to afterlife

It is something that is out of earth experience with the attitudes that are implicit as well as the ones that are stereotypes that concerns the entire package of issues including the sexuality, gender, as well as race and this is what is revealed through the research into the reaction times during the word association tests. A massively used test that is commonly noted as the Implicit Association Test or IAT is what this work includes.

Applications of the I.A.T. includes the comparison of the attitudes that are both implicit with explicit in terms of the religious ideas. One such example of this type of study is reported in the British Journal of Social Psychology. Stephenie Anglin found that in adults implicit beliefs about the soul and an afterlife were similar to beliefs during their childhoods. However, these were often different from what her subjects said they believed now.

What does IAT include?

The comparison of the implicit and the explicit attitudes in regards to the religious ideas, are all included under the applications of the IAT. It is within the British Journal of Social Psychology, where one of this kinds of example is included.

The implicit belief of afterlife as follows:

Sometimes it is confined to the main current of the social opinions when it comes to our habits. In regards to anything that is supernatural, the social trends appear towards that of the skepticism. With the drastic decline in Christendom, religion is something that is more likely to be seen as superstition and this is what one of the suggestions is.

Being out in a limb is something that is quite embarrassing. About any reservations that we might be capable enough of deceiving ourselves about it in regards to what other people might be thinking.

Experiencing thirst for knowledge about afterlife

Children’s intuition of afterlife

About some fundamental things, kids usually tend to ask the simple yet the most penetrating questions. What is the soul here mean? What happens after death? Where the heaven is?

According to the researches it has been seen that the kids have a natural, intuitive way of reasoning that mainly leads them to every kind of supernatural beliefs and how this world usually work here. Psychologists have their own biological theory about this.

Implanted higher feelings

The spiritual philosophy is also provided by Emanuel Swedenborg that offers an alternative perspective here. From the onset of the infancy it has been claimed that the heavenly feelings have been planted by God itself into everyone. We have all associated with our natural self-orientation as these are said to be different from the well-understood emotions.

These are the feelings that stay hidden within every growing individual according to Swedenborg. At some in depth level within the materialistic that scoffs at every spiritual dimension to life, they are said to exist in adulthood even. This is not something that we are completely aware of it how it sounds to be even with the use of introspection here.

Experiencing thirst for knowledge about afterlife

No one can scientifically prove or disprove that God exists and this is something that both the scientists and the people of faith usually agrees to. It is probably not testable by science when it comes to the similarity of the idea that is about the divine inflow.

We adults often feel sympathetically drawn to the states of innocence as this is something that people would be arguing as infants themselves. From time to time, we usually experience the thirst for knowledge about what is the truth about both life and death having once experienced the inquiring mind of the childhood. We would at times be looking for the spiritual answers to that of the personal problems upon the reflection on the issues that lie deep enough.

It is merely said to be making the origin of the sensitiveness that we have towards what is noble and descent with such hidden affection of what is true and good here. In some mystic manner these are the spiritual intuitions that have remained within us and are usually covered by the concerns that we show outwardly.

Why would anyone be looking for justice and the welfare of others when people lack these inner feelings? Is there any hop for eternity here? Will we be interested to try and improve our own faults?

Experiencing thirst for knowledge about afterlife

The difference that lies between the implicit and explicit conscious attitudes that we have towards the afterlife, can the unconscious remnants of the heavenly feelings explain these?

Does Science Support the Afterlife?

How can we pretend to know what we are let along know what is going to happen to us after death with our seeming inability that can directly perceives the reality? As reality itself is elusive to itself, it seems quite illogical to jump into conclusion that nothing survives the death here.

Is myth associated with death? While the remaining people believe in a shift to another place that includes the heaven, the other half usually believes in reincarnation for the ones who believes in afterlife. In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, both of them are included and this mainly teaches that a given soul or spirit can achieve different states after death and only one involves in terms of coming alive from death. Hinduism mainly teaches us of two possible paths to be taken after death, one path leads to god and the other leads to earth in the most similar manner.

Till the fourth century after that of Christ, both Christianity and Judaism mainly subscribed to a form of reincarnation. The way the Christians do not believe in reincarnation or the Buddhists who does not believe in heaven, one cannot make black and white generalizations. It is on the particular teachings that it depends on. So, what evidence is there about an afterlife?

The dead coming back

The term NDE or the near death experiences were mainly coined to describe the phenomenon including people who were declared clinically dead yet to be recovered in the second half of the 20th century here.

There are researchers who have planned or have begun the study after the NDE events with some of the scientific publications on NDEs have been “retrospective”. It might also be argued that the interview subjects were mainly selected in the most biased fashion since the NDEs had already occurred although these are the studies that provide the scientific credence.

There is a prospective study of the NDEs which was mainly published by the cardiologist which is a prestigious medical journal here according to 2001. Before the events happen, there is also a prospective study plans the clinical trial here.

For systematically investigate the consecutive patients who have survived cardiac arrest and who were verified as clinically dead with this prospective study which was designed specifically. The heart mainly stopped beating, and due to inadequate blood circulation with a period of unconsciousness and where there were no breathing that was detected is what was meant by clinically dead.

The dead coming back

NDEs of hundreds of patients in several hospitals were mainly documented by this study here. NDE is mainly the brain action just before the death or just after being revived is how the critics explained this. During a prolonged NDE usually seems to be inconsistent with the skeptic explanation is what a case of a woman who would be remembering things upon their revival. The skeptical assertions were also there that challenged the same.

The dead spreading the news

There are hundreds of cases of the dead who communicates with a living person in addition to the NDE accounts. For the existence of an afterlife, there are the cases of NDEs that were reported and the communication from the dead, were they have sufficient evidence?

It is not so. It is usually the extraordinary claims that included the extraordinary data here. Science only has its own suppositions so proof of the afterlife is very high for a burden that should be demanded and this is something that is completely emphasized here.

While the brain is inactive, the prospective NDE clinical trials that offers more evidence of NDEs that occurs. When the person comes back to life and not in the cases of the actual death, a critic might be contended that this is the only for the cases here. So, being out there, how could anyone can every produce the right evidence of the dead. Or is it something that still lurks within us.

How to prove an afterlife?

There are another set of experiments that are provided by the evidence that the dead can communicate easily with the living in the 21st century. The results are published by a Ph.D scientist and this makes his experiments available to be scrutinized here. These experiments offer some intriguing hints of the afterlife when they are combined with the NDE phenomenon.

With the reports that are mentioned above with an afterlife, the explanations of the reality by the scientists are completely consistent here. We will be having more scientific evidence of the spiritual in terms with the additional experiments that are performed in the 21st century.

Which is the best way to communicate with the dead? Revealing the shocking truth!

In the afterlife communication, who else would be interested in? To a loved one who has already crossed over to the other side, do you genuinely wish to speak to them? Are you quite eager to test the idea that life continues on after the body drops away, so are you skeptical or open minded likewise?

You have to think again if you think that you die when your body dies!

Anyone who tells you that for sure they know what actually happens after death is not telling the truth is what the matter of fact is. You are most likely to have your biased opinion on what exactly happens after death on the words of the others unless you have come across a near death experience where you have been clinically dead for a period of time and have been back to their life.

life after death

Religious leaders. New age thinkers. People with an agenda, or a book to sell always have an opinion….and in my 20 years of experience, that opinion is RARELY the only answer.

The religious leaders or the new age thinkers

It is our own belief that the afterlife has been shaped, crafted, and has been molded by the personal experience is what the truth here is. They are quite difficult to be explained when it comes to the experiences that are quite exceptional here along with the cynical science.

  1. Visiting the spirits of the loves ones who have departed.
  2. Before someone has unexpectedly passed away, having the most powerful precognitive experience.
  3. Out of body experience that is spontaneous where you can check out your body from the above with the events that are happening in the most crystal clear detailed at the distances that are quite away.

The most positive and powerful evidence of all about afterlife and the messages that people had got from the loved ones who have crossed over have been received through the psychic mediums here.

Mediums through which you can get some lucid details about the relatives who are there in spirit who can tell you things that you might want to know. It can be quite uplifting, remarkable and reassuring would be the best evidence from any view that life as a matter of fact will be continuing on even after the physical body perishes.

The best communication one can get would be through a talented, skilled and a genuine medium while there are several ways in which you can facilitate the spirit communication.

You can look out for your own proof and not take the words of others. It would be your own evidence here. It will complete change the way you look at the world with your own amazing experiences. And even what awaits you.

6 experiences that proves life after death exists

There are people who are seeking for the truth behind afterlife and yet they are not significantly convinced about it since of what you can see things that are around you, and as you go with the flow that is around. Once you are old enough, at times you might be feeling quite silly about the afterlife here and thing that is quite hard to be believed.

You are not alone here is you ever said yes about it. The more suffering we would be seeing along with a lot of sadness, ultimately the unfairness of the world that is around us along with the injustice that turns several true blue believers less convinced and even lying completely indifferent towards the idea of the afterlife and the spiritual truths of all kinds.

We would be sharing with you a complete host of some amazing experiences which are quite available to all of us around which can give you the complete proof that there is even more to a life here.

So, the following are some of the extraordinary experiences of afterlife that we are going to share with you today that can help you belief in the life that comes next to your bodily ones.

Medically Verified Near Death Experiences

With this mechanism you can actually see the light, be greeted by the deceased loved ones, get a review of your life, these all with perfect critical functioning of the body and the bran documentation is also done here. Can you say what is going to happen with you life after death?

Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences can happen in the most spontaneous matter even though it is a practice in itself and is quite similar to that of the NDE without some of its similar features and mostly the ones of its own.

Documented Past Life Memories

There are several as well as many of these that have been matched up in the most significant manner and has also been verified with previous people that the individual is remembering and often very small kids who are under 6 years of age could never have known about it while people are also skeptical about many of their past life memories. This seems to be quite cool and this is something that has been explored by many and is proved to be a successful one too.


This is mainly the other digital forms of communication from the place next or the electronic voice phenomenon. Is it possible for the spirits to be able to communicate on the digital recording devices? It is something that is quite a credible way here that can be caught on many of the digital devices.

There also have been the phone calls from the other side and there are also quite a few books about the same. To inform people that they are real, people had reported and written it down about it.

Death Bed Visions

It is quite a common phenomenon where individuals are prepared to see their loved ones who are waiting for them at the other side. It might seem to you as hallucination and it can be so. But, what does the nurses and the hospice workers believe about it?

They would surely mention you about too many credible communications that would be coming through or the dying talking to people who even did not know that they were dead and this can even happen year or more before actually dying.

Crisis Apparitions

This is the phenomenon that happens where a person who is dying mainly affairs in front of the one who is living mainly to say their final goodbye. No-one can say what is going to happen life after death as we can see the things there.

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