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astral travelling

Unlocking the doors to your soul by Astral traveling

Today it is on every second person’s tongue who finds time from the busy schedule that what is Astral traveling, is it possible for a normal human being to do astral traveling and many more questions. These questions have taken away all the space in the mind of the person.

People are just talking about the astral journeys of those who have actually done it and shared their experience. According to the people, they say in their journey they feel themselves flying and a step ahead of their bodies, though they are themselves not properly sure what happens. They have shared what they actually felt that time with their body.

According to the IshaSadhguru, the process is a hallucination and when we bunch of normal human beings run after the process, it becomes ridiculous. Greatly explained by SadhguruakkaJaggiVasudev, the body have five sheaths and in those five sheaths the food body means the upper part is called annamayakosha. The mental body is the second sheath called manomayakosha. The  happenings to the body are all the result of the things running in our mind. Even doctors call it psychosomatic disease.

So it is basically the imagination of people that they are somewhere else and something is happening to them. The body, mind and the emotions are all under human control and humans can easily argue with these tree things under their control. There is always an unseen energy that helps you to alter or interfere the processes of your body under your control.

astral traveling

So with this the third layer of body gets active that contains energy. That third layer is called pranamayakosha. Just like we answer the mobile phone and hear the voice of the other person and can deliver our voice too, we know that there microphone or any things that makes the voices of both sides audible and if someone tries to prove it wrong we can argue by giving some clarifications.

Vignanamayakosha is the fourth layer of the body that is etheric and anandamayakosha is the fifth layer of the body called the bliss body. These things are what consist of body. We consider our body to be in yoga.

 Now here is a deep look to the Astral traveling after getting into brief about the body and its sheaths.

Astral Traveling

Astral traveling or Astral projection is referred as the process of the body in which all the four sheaths are involved and the soul that is present inside the body leaves for a tour beyond this world. This sounds something awkward and may be to the new generation, it will be like something with no senses.

It is believed that in the process of astral traveling the body is allowed to float around or we can say the soul is allowed to come out of the body and float around.

If we consider, then the layers of the body remain intact, so we must be able to do the physical activities that we want. We can consider it a mastery that only experienced people have. The layers are under human’s control like the food body, the mental body and these are the physical layers of the body. The bliss body falls beyond the physical body.

The energy is transitory. Humans can touch and control the physical body but the etheric body or the energy cannot be touched by a person until and unless he has got some special powers or energies by meditating called sadhna.  In simple words, a person needs enormous powers and meditating energy to control the energy.

The body is referred as yogic. Is Astral Traveling possible to this yogic body? There are some facts and considerations in yoga that lets us to control the flow of our energy and focus on the astral travel but all this mystic belief has now spread like in every nook like its entertainment.

Yogic things make astral travel possible but it needs little time to understand all the layers and connection of your soul with the .How can you leave your body for astral travel? Is there any significance to this? When you have some specific purposes like you fully want to explore the world that is beyond our imagination, you can start meditating to strength your internal power or to strengthen the bliss body.

This exploration is not for entertainment and should be done only if you want to seriously know about everything beyond this earth. The mastery over the bliss body and astral travel takes an enormous effort plus it has nothing to do with the spirituality.

astral traveling

The parakayaparvesha is something on which there are schools in India that focus completely on the yogic systems of our body and on the astral travel. Bust as already mentioned this belief has spread like a piece of entertainment among some people and without knowing the depth of it they jump into it.

Bliss body, tantric subtle body, dream body, astral body, Buddhist body or anything.  The experience of traveling to different heavens is called astral traveling in Christianity.

The human experience with this body to move into the heavens means that the travel of your soul beyond this living world. The human body is always active when it dreams and when it is unconscious. The dreaming and the astral travel or projection are something relevant and related to each other because they experience the soul getting out of the body. This can be mentioned as out-of-body experiences or OBE shortly.

This muted body or energy inside our body and the physical body act as a conscious matrix and in the spiritual training, lucid dreaming and the astral projection is a part of it.  Multi-dimensional humans have other aspects like Neophytes that confuse our muted self with soul.

Astral projection and the experience of Body

The astral traveling is intentional if you want to explore things.  Astral travel or OBE is like death of your body for some time and the people around may report you as dead.It is very frightening to see yourself floating around your body and the other people considering you s dead.

If you are on water diet and have taken nothing in past some days, you can easily experience OBE or astral travel. It is your choice, your conscious choice to go for astral travel.

Astral traveling means detaching from your body and experiencing the process of detachment and leaving of your body. With proper practices of yoga or meditation and realization of the bliss body along with lucidity, awareness can be managed and if you think you are flying somewhere it means you are experiencing OBE.

It is said that when we sleep, the soul inside us leaves the body for a certain period of time and that time OBE’s can be felt too. This OBE and astral traveling has puzzled the neuroscientists too. The brain’s dysfunctioning or the neurological dysfunction is associated with the OBE according to medical science.

Dr. Raymond Moody MD after his experience to OBE became interested in it and he did the data analysis in whole of life and studied the common qualities when OBE happens.

According to the Himalayan academy, the physical body cuts off the cords with the physical body automatically after its death. This cord is which connects the physical body to the astral world.

astral traveling

The cord connects our physical body to the astral world through navel. It seems just like an umbilical cord when we are inside the womb of our mother and can get food through that cord only. The out-of – body experience has that silver cord as a guide connecting the bodies from physical, spiritual and astral world.

The rebirth and the reincarnation process takes place on the cut of that cord when physical body is dead. According to Vedas, a person tries to get freedom from the limbs in his/her old age. The soul can see what is happening and can see itself detached from the external body

According to Meher baba who is a well-known Indian spiritual and talks about the astral projection says that the separation of the body from its vehicle makes the body feel its own value and the soul gets free and feels itself distinct from the gross body.

It is all the will of a person to take the external body out of the vehicle body and astral body can be used for experiencing the world and the journey of the astral world. One’s scope should be expanded to undertake such astral journeys and let The OBE take place. It can promote the spiritual enhancement in a person.

The term used in esotericism is called astral projection. It is the experience of body getting out for an astral journey willingly. The astral body is different from the physical body. This idea of astral travel is old and is present in many cultures. The astral body can travel outside the body.

This called a special siddhi that is attained by the yogis by practicing and performing the spiritual practice. In the Indian epic story of Mahabharata it is mentioned that the Drona did astral travel to see if his son is alive by leaving the physical body.

The word “astral” has a quite infinite scope and it clearly seems that this cannot be measured and is immeasurable for all the living beings. The transformation and the inner freedom are the precious gifts to astral projection. Humans get connected to the unknown paths that are mysterious.

In the year 1958, for the first time a person named Robert Monroe floated his body. And there was no apparent cause behind it. The doctors found nothing , and no physical ailment was present. And one day, on the suggestion of one of his friend, he left his body again the same way, he had done before and the conclusion that his friend found out was that due to some yogic practices, this is possible in any human being at whatever time they want.

Robert Monroe did it again and again to find the actual fact behind it and shared the journey in his book “Journeys out of the body” in the year 1971. The phrase OBE came into existence and was used commonly after the publication of his book.

Blanke on studying about the astral traveling and projection showed that on stimulating the bran electrically adds the information which can easily induce artificially out-of-body experience.

Benefits of OBE

To overcome the fear of deaths, the tantrics did masters in lucid out-of-body experience just to make up in the mind that the soul is outside our body. During the astral projection, the physical body can heal itself in a lot of ways and the mind remains tough. The bodies of the yogis rested at night but they practiced meditation even during the sleep.

To visualize the game, some athletes prefer lucid dreaming and it turns out to be good for them. During the lucid dreaming or the astral travel, they can feel the practice of their game and for winning they can require muscle memory too. Some explore past lives through astral travel and can accelerate their personal development.

Just like the brain makes a sense, astral body also makes sense in a specific way. Braithwaite has explains it by comparing our brain building a bird’s-eye view of the space around us.

The bird’s eye model takes over when the mind or brain gets disturbed or perturbed. Now let’s talk about the methods of Astral projection

Astral Traveling Methods

To learn OBE, there are a dozens of methods. Two approaches or methods can be followed for this. The first is to sleep and keep your mind conscious or working and this part is a bit tricky to do. The reason behind it is this that the mind does everything that body wants.

To achieve the OBE level, your body should be relaxed in a state where it is easy not drift in unconsciousness. One method to achieve the relaxing keeping mind awake is Yogic Nidra. In this form after the body is slept, the physical form gets rolled out.

Ancient people used to do this with the help of frogs before they are asleep. They used to ties the frogs with them so that the mind remains awakened always. This helped them to enter the lucidity too. A person or a yogi who attained this level of power (sadhana) could no longer hear the croaking sounds of the frogs but they can awake in the dream.

astral traveling


How to Perform Astral Traveling /Projection

The Monroe Steps for traveling are given below

The famous researcher Bob Monroe penned down a book related to the consciousness of human. The book was named “Journeys Out of the Body” in 1971. He detailed each and everything in detail how to perform the travel outside your body. These steps that he penned are called Monroe’s Institute.

Step 1: first of all the body and mind should be relaxed.

Step 2: Enter into the state of half-sleep

Step 3: Mentally you should be awake rather than physically. Prioritize your mind’s relaxation.

Step 4: the deep practice of meditation should be done to feel the vibrations in the environment and in deep attention it becomes apparent.

Step 5: occurrence of vibration in your body gives you deep relaxation and this is all done to jerk out the mute body out the physical gross vehicle.

Step 6: leave the limbs at one time

Step 7: maintain focus while jiggling your body. Maintain the effortless drift to lift out the body.

The Rope Technique for Astral Traveling

The Rope technique is the most accessible astral technique. And this has been identified the accessible one by the founder of Astral dynamics movement, Robert Bruce.

Step1: By visualizing each muscle, relax the body.

Step 2: Enter into the state where you can easily focus on the vibrations around you and it should feel like the phone’s vibration and actually higher and amplified version of it. Body should feel the pulsations of those vibrations.

 Step3: imagination should be of a rope hanging upside.

Step4: With the mute body or astral body, try to hold the rope and relax your physical body.

Step 5: Now climb upwards to the rope keeping both hands over it and visualize you have reached the top ceiling and are now floating above your body.

Step 6: You can fully explore the astral once you are done with lifting out your body.

Lucid dream or Lucidity Technique

Lucid dreams is also a technique in which training is provided or you train yourself to wake up in your dreams and methods of staying lucid and letting the body relax are offered.

A cognitive or Nootropic Approach

Our brain performs differently to the reaction of Nicotine (a drug) the brain performs some specific functions. Nicotine is gaining fans as an enhancer. The biochemical hackers are becoming its fan. It is said that Nicotine is useful and helpful for those who smoke because it lets them quit smoking.

When nicotine patches are not removed before sleep they can induce you some bizzare dreams that are hyper-realistic. Nicotine users report nightmares after using it.

Lucidity: Habit and Repetition

Whenever we realize that we are in lucid state we have attained the lucidity. Some need training or this and others attain this quickly. When people feel something like that they train themselves by asking a number of times was that dream or not.

The lucidity repeats itself and it becomes habitual.  Mind in the state of dream asks the same thing. When the dreamer gets to know that whatever is happening is dream, he attains lucidity.

astral traveling

Rapid eye movements (REM) helps in achieving lucidity or the dreams too. The lucidity happens in the first two hours of sleep and before waking up. If we wake up from sleep and again go to sleep REM is increased and hence lucidity is increased too. Some people wake up with the help of alarm to reach that level.

They get up from the dream and again sleep to go back to the same dream and this can be possible. If the sleep is broken, person gets back to sleep again to attain lucidity.

“Doctor Strange” was a film that was block buster and was released in the year 2016. The film was based on the ability to detach the body from the physical source or astral travelling.  This movie also focused on the concept of astral travelling, the graphics in this movie and the onscreen features used were to show us a realistic picture how the body leaves for the astral tour.

Astral projection is no doubt real and this idea is very ancient because in the ancient times, the yogis and the yogic practioners used to send their astral bodies to tour the astral world. The yogis used to leave their bodies when they were in sleep state. People think that to commute with the cosmic light and intelligence is possible in an easy way. The reality is that it requires deep practice to attain that level.

According to the surveys done, people have noticed something above their body at some points in their lives. A conscious sensation or “astral body” is felt by 20 % people. Mostly people have experienced this in a relaxation state or in state of lucidity.

Astral projection has not been proved scientifically and it may be because scientists don’t see interests in the evidences if it. The refusal to look at into this topic does not fit into their world. The dominant theories are always rewarded not punished.

If the scientists engage in the existence of the astral projections and prove them with the evidences, it will give them a place in the history if they didn’t get awarded with Nobel Prize. It cannot be measured scientifically whether the spirit  apeson leaves the body for astral tour or not.

Astral Traveling and its validity test scientifically can be quite simple just like to project our consciousness to some object that is hidden at different locations. Either the description they gave for the location will match or not.

Astral travelling can be demonstrated by several tests. We need to do some artificial tests and we have countless opportunities to do that. Astral projection can be useful to the whole world in many senses. Humans are not needed to go to the disasters to check the situation. Humans just need to have the relaxed body with a conscious mind to go and climb over the mountain and jump above the wall. Basically the consciousness should fly and it can then help in saving more lives during the disasters like earth quake or any other thing.

With the help of these psychic powers one can help to rescue people from the terrible situations such as people who are stuck somewhere. The psychics are invaluable in mass shooting and hostage situations. With its help number of suspects can be determined and counted and other important details too.

The experience of astral travelling should be realistic because this is not something related to entertainment and is very clear some might experience similar things. Even the persons having different cultures may also experience the same thing. When a person is taught how and what to expect from the experience they gain, it is called “guided imagery”.

astral traveling

Susan Blackmore is a researcher and author of “Beyond the Body: An investigation of out of the body experience”. The researcher says that the persons having the power of astral travelling can have higher measures of hypnotizability and other absorption measures.

The astral experiences are more imaginative and prone to fantasy.  A person can get immersed into something that is not even real and is like a film. The astral experiences don’t need any drug or alcohol and is not psychopathy or does not have any mental illness related with it.

The practitioners or the yogis who have supreme powers to experience this say about their experiences as realistic things. The experience may be unrealistic or unscientific in front of the world. Some practitioners even say that during the astral state they were with the dead people and explored the heaven and had a talk with God. This is the reason that the evidences are proved unscientific.

Until and unless there is no proper evidence that the astral travel happened and all these things are realistic no one will believe it.

Hallucinations linked with Brain?

Sometimes may be the hallucinations can affect the mind or physical illness. Some neuroscientists suggest the illness is in the mind or brain. According to them there are instabilities in the temporal lobe of a person’s mind and errors can occur to human body anytime.

Cortex is unstable and we can be placed on a sliding scale to check the irregularity of our temporal lobe or cortex and some people have experiences these things. This was said by a researcher of University of Birmingham, Jason Braithwaite.

The other information that comes to the body or brain is explained by the temporal lobe and places it on the body map. A sense that information has being transferred in our body is felt.

Wrong interpretation means a hallucination and that hallucination is called the astral travel because in that hallucination a person sees himself out of the body. The experience of Out-of-body is equivalent to the death. The OBE’s can occur in any situation.

It can occur in the relaxed and awaken states, migraines too. 10 % people definitely experience the OBE out of the people who experience it. The college graduates and the young millennials are the ones who seek much interest in astral world. These are about 20 to 25 percentmillennials who take interest in it.

The 26 individuals among 63 experienced the OBE and to check the mental state they filled the questionnaire. Those who has experienced OBE indicated some illness and instabilities in the temporal lobe of brain and they had some errors in body sensations

The temporal lobe stability of a person can be measured by doing surveys and the survey is about asking questions related to the presence of another sense despite of it that there is no evidence.  Some questions were asked from the body distortions. The questions related to distortion were related to any change in the body shape.

The computer based tests were completed by the participants and they imagined being in the place of a figure on the screen. The person who experienced OBE’s did a lot of mistakes and the answers were prone to errors.

Twisted data

When the information that travels to come inside our body and is twisted in our body or any kind of disruptions are there in the communication in temporal lobe and this information is processed into the body.

When we get senses that we are in space floating or something, it is not automatic. It means that our brain has worked on it and that is the reason it is capable of doing so. The brain samples the information and adds it up and makes the interpretations that go wrong sometimes. The time when the interpretation goes wrong, it may cause OBE (Out-of-body Experience.)

astral traveling

Astral projection is the secret method to grow spiritually as some say like this. Even the belief is that the heavenly meetings take place in astral world. Belief is that God does all the meeting in the astral world/ plane. According to science this is unrealistic obviously.

According to the mythology of the Egyptians, there are signs of belief in astral world.  It was believed back then that a part of our body can leave the body for worldly travel and the part of the body is called ‘kha’ according to them. The kha floated above the physical body while a person relaxed in sleep keeping mind awake.

They stated that kha can be visible to people around. In the whole life of Egyptians, they consider this happening as an ideal part of life and the art work related to astral travel is seen in many temples or in their cultural places.

Dream Yoga is taught by many people in Buddhist schools. Yoga is taught to a person to develop awareness related to the astral world and the relax body and awakened mind.

Humans use the astral body with in their lucid dreams that have a habit of repeating. According to the ancient researchers, there are some names given to each layer of body. According to the culture and the religion these names may differ.

Psycho soma stretching is a technique to Astral projection. The technique involves relaxing at a particular place and no disturbance at all.  After closing the eyes, concentration should be on the body and mind should be awakened. The second thing is to focus on your body part and that can be hand, legs.

The astral body is guided or commanded to move a few inches above the physical body. The focus should be on the stretching exercise. The astral projection should be practiced in a way that the body should ultimately feel floated without any external forceful jerk. This practice is needed to be done as many times possible because the body takes time to feel the environmental vibrations.

Some people say that in their experiences they felt their hands approaching something and getting large. Other parts also felt same but this is actually the entire body getting projected and detached from the physical body.

When a person is slept, the OBE’s are most likely to occur and even during the practice of meditation or lucid dreaming a person can practice the art of projection. The fact behind it is still a mystery that is unresolved and needs to be resolved properly.

There are some facts that need to be understood about the Astral Projection and these are:


There are a lot of negative entities as well as positive ones which are found on Astral plane. The silver cord keeps the body connected to the physical bodies so that the connection is not lost. The people who do astral travel face these entities but they cannot harm or possess the person. The Astral bodies have no physical appearance or form.

Talent and practice:

astral traveling

Practice makes a man perfect and same is in astral projection. The more you practice the more you become pro at projecting your body. Children believe in almost everything and their belief makes them strong and they can be good at practicing this astral projection but they should be kept away from this.

Adults block their projection by the fear and doubtful attitude.

Coming back to physical body

It is not too hard to return back to your physical body. The pull back to your physical body is done by the noises such as snoring of the other person sitting besides you or difficulty in breathing, snoring, the realization of not to breathe.

Is it possible that a person can get lost performing the astral traveling.

The silver cord that connects the astral body to the physical body is the mainstay of the projection lore. It is written in many books related to the projection and the silver cord.

 It cannot be seen until and unless you have been through the projection by yourself.  One can be aware of the facts how it happens and one sees only those things that they expect to see.

Silver cord seems like a threaded ball unfurled. One can follow back to that if gets lost during the projection. The effects of the silver cord are always present but cannot be seen. When you think to return to your physical body you can follow the thread structure and can come back.

Is something of Astral Traveling related to Sleep paralysis ?

No, not exactly, but on the other hand it may be because in sleep paralysis we go in lucid dreams but our physical body cannot react. Sleep paralysis can take a person to the astral traveling.

Pre-Astral traveling is called sleep paralysis by some practitioners. Some similarities always follow up and during the process weird hallucinations are just common.

Possession by demon or nay unknown negative entity is possible?

There are dangers in experiencing the Astral projection and its nature is mundane. The person inherently experiences it.  Before attempting the travel, proper knowledge should be taken.  There has been no case of the possession by any evil spirit or demonic possession.

You can meet many entities, the dead or someone who are also doing the same thing but you cannot get possessed. But experiencing something that may scare you is possible but nothing scary will affect you and bring you in possession.

Stories related to the spooky possessions only increase the fear and doubts before doing the projection. Because when there are these things in mind, it spoils your consciousness and the distracts you from the projection to have failure.

Science seeks truth and without evidence it is bound to trust only the physical form not the astral form that cannot be seen. So the science has limits and bounds. They are bounded by the limits and doubts regarding the imagination.

In the guise of physical form science does not want to feel the astral body or projection without any relevant proof or evidence.

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