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The topic of spirituality is a little murky. It is important to be spiritual but we people have no idea about its origin and magic. Spirituality is something related to higher inner self. It is something related to God, nature or the feeling that humans are interconnected to each other. We will talk to understanding the magic of spiritual awakening in this article. Read till the last so that you can learn the basic things about spirituality.

What is the magic of spirituality?

It is in the nature of human intelligence that we crave for knowing something that we don’t know. This is a very common practice by humans that our intelligence always seeks to know the unknown things. And at that point of time that craving does not need any third person to introduce it to us. Humans have a nature to know about it.

If we take an example of animal, any animal when taken to a new place from its original space research and everything about the new place. May be the research is to understand the survival in new environment. Same is the mentality of human, but the research of humans is for something beyond the survival. 

No doubt, we care for survival but then we always want to know more and more. We long to know more and more when we realize we don’t know something. When the urge of seeking knowledge and the longing to know meet, we can call this a spiritual process or spirituality.The only aim of this article here is to provide a guide to people on how to start spiritual practices and see the magic of spiritual awakening then.

Spirituality can be defined as an experience which can be explained by using words but it can’t be felt until and unless we are into it.

Understand the Magic Spiritual Awakening

Magic of Spiritual Awakening

Getting deep understanding about the consciousness is spirituality. To understand it we must understand how to do it instead of what to do. It is up to us to reside in a particular state of consciousness and we just remain unaware of it. One can consider the higher self by considering himself.

Spirituality magic in everyday life

As already mentioned above spirituality is something related to our daily life because as I already mentioned above that the craving to know more and more about anything that we don’t know. It can’t get separated from us because everyday in our life we crave for some extra knowledge.

If we ever try to separate the two things it becomes a misunderstanding. Touching the ground of one’s being. Spirituality and everything is deeply connected and spirituality.

Why is spirituality Important?

We distance ourselves from the creativity and the reality and spirituality helps us in making connection with the real world. Keeping yourself tuned with the vibrations of the environment or keeping yourself connected with the white light helps in gaining internal happiness and unbreakable trust on ourselves.

One can meditate daily to find the answers of the questions to which he is unknown. Meditation is the best way to connect with the supreme power and its daily practice makes a person perfect in the practicing spirituality.

A break in the regular practice can break one’s self of finding the answers beyond this human survival. The longing for knowledge can be attained by practicing spirituality daily. Wholeness of ourselves can be gained by practicing it, meditating it.

Once the level of meditation is crossed where we can practice spirituality, it like the layer of ultimate satisfaction. The feeling can be related to the true love of life. If the spiritual practice is authentic and experienced, peace can be gained at a huge level.


Necessary things

If meditation and spiritual practice is performed regularly, it will be easy for us to live in this world where peace has never been a part. Being in the world where there is disturbance, we can find our inner peace and that inner peace helps us in our well-being.

Returning your life, admiring the nature and its process, keeping aside or burying your ego and improving yourself is the real meaning or aim of spirituality.Spirituality has nothing to take with the materialistic things in your life.

The desire to make your personal life advanced is done with the help of spiritual materialism. Spiritual materialism promotes the growth of ego. The belief is very common and accepted by everyone that far away there is one judge sitting who makes the ledger of all our doings.

I won’t say this is a wrong perception but the spiritual practice gets twisted with this perception and goes into some other way which increases the suffering instead of ending them. The spiritual practice is related to creating an egoless self.

Spirituality is all about cultivating a garden of selflessness, happiness, peace and love.

Spirituality can be developed

The world is already in its own order, we cannot change it but yes we can surely do one thing and that is we can put ourselves in unison with this order. From above discussions it has been clear how much is the importance of spirituality but the question is from where can we start this practice. Is there any time, place or anything for it.

Does this spiritual practice has any face? Spirituality can be developed by doing spiritual exercise daily. No!! It does not mean that you have to jump or do some kind of hard exercises. It means to feel the ultimate perception or vision of your existence in this world.

Spiritual practice does not have any face but the activities that let your touch and feel your perception and your vision of being in this world is called spiritual practice. This practice may be of any form like if someone by meditation achieves the meaning of his whole existence, then meditation can be defined as a spiritual practice.

It is always said that whenever we try to do something better to find our inner self, we are surrounded with problems and those problems have only one center and that is ego. The fear, anxiety and other things are always there which hold you back whenever we try to find our existence.

Everything in this world is artificial and we are all surrounded by this artificial world. The ego is the main destroyer of everything. It makes us realize that we are separate from the world of living and non-living beings. Dissolving ego is the biggest achievement.


Process of developing spirituality

The process can be achieved by shedding the ego and finding your existence and becoming self-aware. It keeps you down to earth. No matter how big success you have achieved it tends you to remain calm and at peace.

It makes you realize every moment that you have to detach yourself from ego and you are just you and there is no ego around and no selfishness.

  1. Acknowledgement

In the process of developing spiritual practice, one has to become his/ her own friend and care for one’s own self is the most important part. Recognition, Acknowledgement is the only things needed for developing this practice.

Let’s discover the reality and truth by walking on the path of spirituality. Yes!! It leads to the path of truth and acknowledgement leads us to the path of clarity where we recognize everything and make it clear.

A great saint has said to be spiritual it is required to be friends with yourself. And that is possible with mindfulness. Let you discover yourself. Everything is connected to each other and virtually everything is connected to awareness and recognition and that is the reason acknowledgement is necessary for a sound practice.

We can realize the connection and importance of spirituality in our daily life.  It can be seen clearly that spirituality is an inseparable part of our life.

The following things should be practiced to do yoga.

Sitting in resting position:

This is the best position to sit while doing yoga or sitting in position of rest. There should be no disturbance at all. The position should be stable according to your comfort or it can be lotus or half-lotus.


Breathing in and out is the best therapy. Breathe in to take fresh air and breathe out to exhale ego. Your whole attention should be on your breathing. Slowly, breathing in and out relaxes your mind and calms it down.

No matter if the breath is shorter, it will be okay just make your attention towards it only. This loop should not break. If any though or sudden feeling distracts you from the practice, you have to again follow the same process from beginning.



While breathing in and out, we can perform an exercise and that exercise will just boost your presence of mind and your acknowledgement and you will be able enough to solve some everyday random and difficult problems.

Exercise is very simple, that in each breath and out breath, counting from1 -10 should be done. At first it will be hard but the result of this exercise is the building of concentration along with the satisfaction in daily house hold activities

Let Go and let it flow

The hardest of all is letting go and going with its flow.  Letting go does not always mean cutting off anything from your life. It only means to let go the wrong perceptions that have taken over your mind from a very long period.

Letting go the orthodox beliefs and believing in the happiness of life is what helps in cutting down the negativity. Emotions never get finished with time and it is a big misunderstanding. We can control our emotions in such ways.

Everything in this world is temporary. Feelings change with time and with this feeling we can easily go with the flow and we can easily detach from materialistic things or temporary attachments. Meditation can help in letting go the things that are temporary.

This is a kinda difficult meditation but we can achieve it by simply starting to meditate by thinking that all the things attached to us are disappearing and we are letting those things go in a very easy manner.

This letting go helps us to understand impermanence of life and still cherish each and every day and moment of life happily and peace fully.

Burying Ego


All the pain and suffering that we face in our life is due to anger, depression and these things revolve around ego. So the major cause of destruction in our lives is ego. It is the biggest fault that needs to be eradicated. Dissolving ego is the first achievement in the practice of spirituality.

The day when we get successful in finding out that ego is an illusion in our life and this should be buried. Ego is our own creation that destroys the presence of our mind and the meditation practice too. Ego makes us think that we are a separate self and makes us believe that we are separated bodies from rest of the living-non-living world.

The meditation practice to dissolve ego is to concentrate on yourself and think about it who were you when you were not born. Meditation has no time, one can perform it any time anywhere. What is important is the realization of your inner self along with your insights.

Meditation is about focusing no doubt but focusing can develop within a month, year or within a few minutes or hours depending upon the person’s concentration and mindfulness.


Loving one’s own self is the best way of getting in the line of spirituality. Understanding one’s own self is a door way to love. Love comes when one has generosity. When there is lack of love, warmth, tenderness, love can never ever take place.

Love is not considered here as romantically. It is the love between living beings that cultivates every time. We all say true love but don’t understand its meaning. True love is a mixture of equal ratios of freedom, understanding and compassion.

This true Love has been preached by each and every sage whether it was Rumi, Mohammad, Rumi or Dalai Lama.


So to develop this kind of love for meditating properly the first step is Love and compassion meditation.

We humans have the feelings of love for our father, mother or any friend. To do this meditation, we need to think about the loved ones and the compassionate love that we have for them. Following steps need to be followed for doing such meditation.

  • Think and feel about the person you love and feel their presence all around you. Feel the feelings of love and their smell. Love this person compassionately and give him freedom in your thoughts.
  • A coworker or any bench partner may be the neutral person you can think about and obviously if the person is a coworker, you cannot see him/her often. The power of your imagination has to wash over those love feelings to that coworker and imagination should be of accepting them without any restriction openly and compassionately.
  • Now there are some persons or there may be some persons whom we dislike a lot and cannot feel anything for them irrespective of hatred. So the point is to imagine the love feelings get washed over from above two persons to this person whom you dislike the most.
  • Love has a very strong foundation and it has nothing to do with hatred and imagine the feelings you brought for the people from point one to above. Now just spread those feelings of love to every human being, actually every being like from animal to human.
  • Expand these feelings so that the vibration reach to every being and this kind of meditation should be done daily or at least 20 to 25 minutes.But  one can start from 5-6 minutes per stage.
  • This practice of meditation brings us towards the path that leads to the development of love in mind or can say the mind of love

Don’t in your spirituality

  • One can never attain spirituality, if he thinks that the peace and the spirituality is outside. Because peace and spirituality is always inside yourself. Selflessness, no ego etc. are the keys to attain self-satisfaction and inner peace.
  • We as a human being cultivate happiness and true joy by living in between human beings and not cutting ourselves from the society. Closing yourself off will never provide you spirituality.
  • Never fall into spiritual materialism because it only promotes the growth of ego instead of cutting it down. It only creates chaos and misunderstanding.
  • Not practicing daily is also a big mistake that everyone performs. Meditation takes time to develop focus and if meditation is not done daily, there will be distractions and it will be difficult to concentrate.

Everything around us is spiritual

We need to see all these things from our heart. Meditation is something that requires full concentration and with this full concentration, spirituality can be achieved. The one who has crossed the ultimate level of satisfaction and develops the process of spirituality is called a spiritual person. Even pieces of jewelries are nothing in front of a spiritually awakened person. Hope you have understand the magic of spiritual awakening from this article.

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