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science of Astrology

The Science of Astrology and The Spiritual Realm

The science of astrology is related to scientific studies. The scientific study is related to the stars and its origin its movement. Same is the study of astrology, it also studies heavenly objects like stars and its position but the difference is that the astrology predicts the movement and position of stars to predict the future of people.

Astrology is used to define the personality traits of a person according to the movement of planets and stars. Some people believe that astrology has worked out for them and the predictions by them have proved right.

There is a question that needs to be considered that is astrology really connected to science, is it really scientific or it is just a myth that science is related to astrology. This is a very confusing topic that needs to be understood. There are some of the points that are written after deep analysis in to this topic.

Natural world

The astrology says that the nature is related to what happens on earth. We agree with that but what next? The next thing is that the stars, sun and the heavenly bodies are responsible for all the happenings on the earth. The influence of the heavenly bodies is related with the earth and the future of the people.

Explanation of the natural world

Astrology tries to explain that the rules of astrology that are made are inter related to the things that happen on earth. These set of rules are defined to co relate the positions of the stars and the future of the earth and its people. It is believed by the astrologers and the science of astrology that the human behavior and what is going to happen in future can be correctly predicted by the astrology.

Ideas that are tested before

science of Astrology

It is said that this has evidence that some people have followed the astrological advice and have been successful in it. Now if we consider the zodiac signs, according to astrological science, it is said that the zodiac sign of a person tells clearly about the traits of the person and his nature. Most of the people in politics consider that only this zodiac sign person can lead and others not.

If this would have been with the scientists and researchers in the scientific study then there are a lot of scientists who would not have here in this scientific field.

The astronomy and the astrological science

The astronomy is all about heavens and its study and astrology is the process of studying about it. The astrological theories have been tried improved since the time it was first established. In the 17th century some new inventions came into light and it gave birth to science that was observed very keenly.

The new science was based on the observation of separation between object and the subject. The different theories of the Ptolemy and the Aristotle made the links between the Earth and the Heavens.

The great scientist Isaac Newton (1642 -1727) said that the cosmos is infinite. The France universities evicted out this fact in the parallel of astrology. The astronomy and astrology were said to be two different things but these are two same things related to each other.

Horoscope is a term in astrology that deals with the mapping of stars in the sky and the researchers assume that materialistic influence and confusion is created in public. The constellations and the 3-D pictures made by joining reference lines is all an illusion. The signs of the zodiac have a width of 30 which is fixed and the constellations of the zodiac have changing and diverse widths.

There are no sufficient elements that can claim that astrology and science are not related. If we consider a broad perspective then we know that there is the existence of the celestial bodies. The basic assumption can be justified by the nature of sun and moon.

Astrology and science

In this new and modern era, astrology has still not gone away and is connected with us. NO matter we get upgraded scientifically, but we cannot leave astrology as it is in the roots of some cultures. And due to this culture you will see astrology things in the newspaper magazines and all. This will not go away so easily.

science of Astrology

Astrology is no doubt the study of stars but the stigma that is connected to it has spoiled many things, the new generation and the millennials have taken it in a wrong sense.

According to the researches, the traffic goes well on the sites that have astrological content in it. People are going a wrong way in the astrological subject and are becoming orthodox.

Is there any relevance found that one’s personal traits and the personality is depicted by the zodiac and the planetary sign he has. There is no such solid proof and relevant research that the human personality is depicted by the motion of the stars around the sun or the position of heavenly bodies with respect to the sun.

The horoscopes can tell what a planet is doing what is its situation how will the stars take place and after how much time, the heavenly bodies do transition and this will affect the zodiac signs and the person who has that planet as its zodiac sign.

The only work that the astrologers have is to transform the astrological things into some knowledgeable piece so that it will be considered. The complex ideas about the life cycle of a person and the future predictions with the help of the zodiac signs and the 3-D representation and view of the stars are expressed.

These zodiac symbols go well when you put them on website for different people because these websites gain a lot of traffic. Astrology is not defined as a proto science accurately. Astrology is related to human and will remain related always because it has involvement in the cultural development

When people are undergoing any kind of stress they start going to the astrologers for relieving the stress by asking them any kind of remedy so that they can easily relieve down. But people don’t understand that the stress is not relieved instead it starts building again.

science of Astrology

According to the survey data of the American association, the stressed out people from the generation goes to seek the consultation of the astrologers. The political leaders and the American People have political stress around them. In 2017, a survey was held and according to that survey, in the political side, the people said that they were worried for the future leaders and the country’s future.

People said that news stress them out and those people were at least 56%. Millennnials were also in this number to say that. The news of political instability, the climatic change and the global crises make people more stressed out and for these reasons most of the people have consulted astrologers. But it has turned out that astrologers increase the stress level by giving fake recommendations.

The Nicholas’s horoscope gets one million people every day and this is an evidence that people still believe in the horoscope and astrology things. The selling of the books in two months in the year 2017 showed that still people have astrology as their main stream.

Anna Paustenbach is the editor of Nicholas at the Harper One. It is said by her editor that Nicholas is reviving at the wheel of astrology and that is making her a part of astrology because here horoscopes are completely in that mode.

Nicholas had sent a letter for the full moon just after the day the Trump had taken over to the administration in America.

Astrology says that whoever is in pain or in nay suffering. He may get the comfort with the positivity of the astrology. Astrology promises a great and happy future according to the zodiac sign and the horoscope.

There is an example of a lady who was 32 years of age and she had communication with the astrologer community by downloading the Astrology app. She was already stressed out and for releasing the stress downloaded that app.

science of Astrology

Humans are such creatures those seek constant changes and they always narrate a whole story about the changes in their life, career, relationship to others. Humans are good at this. A psychologist at the University of Utah, named Monisha says that it is human nature that they weave their present and future and are good explainers of their goals and other things. This narration is not at all related to astrology and it is just a common human behaviour that is same in front of other people whether astrologer or not.

Debunking and the astrology main stream is connected and deeply interrelated to each other. The National Science Foundation survey measures that astrology is linked to science by the people and this is not correct because astrology has no relevant scientific background and a foundation.

Still knowing the fact that astrological things have nothing related to the scientific study and the researches they that young adults are more into it because they believe in astrology more that they could believe in any other. They fuel themselves for the awakening of the zodiac signs and the astrology instead of spending their time in the astronomical study.

It seems like the astrology is a scientific matter because it interprets the stars for advice and the understanding of the astrological movement is also same as suggested by the scientists but still clearly the astronomy cannot judge how a person should do work or what can be hi/her traits.

The millenials have spent a lot of time in the belief that astrology is something strong but we all know if  consider it in depth it is vague without any scientific background. These millinnials spent their time online somewhere else and they see astrology as something meaningful.

Here taking the example from Neil Gaiman’s American God, there he was wondering whether there is any bird who is making these lights to come or there is something in the atmosphere that the thundering and lightning occurs

In the last 40 years, it has found and carried out that by scientific research that there is no solid proof of scientific study related to the astrology and there is no evidence of such things. Some consider astrology as their obsession of navel gazing.

The astrological system is totally unreliable and it is seriously a matter of concern if person rely wholly on the astrological stuff for the decisions in his life. If the government of the country focused on the astrological signs instead of the working according to the logical terms then the country would have not been in development stage.

science of Astrology

For example, in case of marriages too, some people consider horoscopes but this does not make any sense because marriage is all about mutual understanding with love and care and not about the love and position of the planets. India is very famous for astrological things because people in India have made poor financial decisions too and all based on astrological terms.

To be comfortable with the paradox is the utmost appeal of the astrology. 25 % people think that astrology is related to the science and the remaining think it is all vague and nothing.

A study in 2003 by the former astrologer Geoffrey and the Professor of the University of Saskatchewan, Ivan Kelly claimed some of the predictions were true related to comparison of the personality traits tests. But still there are no significant correlations.

We spend and utilize our time in astrology and find it serious but we cannot believe on it too. The astrology just reflects yourself and is not practiced or said by any religion or science. Astrology has just taken up our mind to look at the things from its perspective.

Proper predictive science of astrology

It is said by the astrologers that they can predict what is in the future, which kind of person is going to be in your life. It seems like people don’t have a hold on themselves and it is all astrology that is doing all these things to humans.

science of Astrology

Humans themselves cannot make decisions and are all dependent on the astrology. When someone pays charges to hear about the prediction of the future, they prefer to hear the good news only and when they hear something bad they get worries and in stress and go to another astrologer and hence this cycle goes on.

Some people for the sake of money say a lot positive words and fool people around us. The studies have shown that earthquakes can be determined if we have a close look at the planets and its transition from one place to another but this research is still in its first phase and not moving further.

 It is believed that astrology can help in significant prediction of the climatic changes like the tsunami, the cyclone etc. Some people say that COVID was also mentioned in the astrology. There is not any kind of disrespect to this profession but a lot people have taken it to fulfill their requirements.

It is said in older time, when the Kings had to go for battle, they used to seek the permission from their astrologers in order to stay away from the evil. But the conclusion after going into depth is forcing me to believe that there is no fact in astrology.

All the researches that I have done or all the things that I have studies for writing this article led me to believe it is baseless. No one can decide or predict your future when you don’t know what is going to happen with you in the whole day. It is nice to believe in the almighty and the white super light that to waste the time and energy on astrology.

The trial to find out the basic foundation of society went in vain as this topic is vague and there is no factual answer supporting its origin and relevance. I mean how can the position of stars and their movement decide who is going to be my husband and what are my personality traits.

It is written in many newspapers and astrological sites that the today this zodiac sign has this lucky number and your fortune is with you and all that rubbish. When someone reads that their day is going to be excellent they start wondering about it leaving the work behind.

The one who is nurtured in an environment where astrology has been important, can never think of going beyond this baseless topic of future prediction. The zodiac signs along with the five elements of the nature go well.

If consider farmers, they too follow astrology and before sowing the seeds check the almanac or the astrological diary of date to grow a healthy crop. But healthy crop has no relation with the astrology because the proper care will be done by the farmer only.

Identifying the best facts of Astrology

science of Astrology

Human beings are commonly as unpredictable as what life generally is. Life at times can become the bed of roses though it can give us loads of misery at time. The main fact that lies here is that there is no one who knows exactly what is going to happen with us in the upcoming days or even the upcoming hours that are there in front of us though life is filled with both happiness and sadness as well.

So, why is life so much erratic here? What are the main factors that are responsible for these uncertainties?

Science can actually predict about the upcoming tsunami, along with the features of the galaxy that are billions of light years away from us and many more facts which were usually not known to us few years back and yet it is also now which is unable to foresee our future here although there is a lot of advancement in the art of science.

Pseudoscience or in other terms, Astrology has significantly become advanced where science has already surrendered. But there are individuals who at times consider astrology as their false belief here. How would it be possible that people can foresee the upcoming days by mere calculation of the position of the celestial bodies is what they think here.

So, is astrology is a type of science that usually lies under every calculation that is there within this field of science or it is the real pseudoscience here? Am I here alone who believes astrology to be a science in itself? From a very long time back that had normally motivated us in finding out the origin of astrology along with the other several things a lot more about it is where individuals are drawn to its mysteriousness.Today, we are going to throw some light into it:

Origin of astrology

It mainly dates back to the ancient cradle of civilization or Babylonia in almost the nineteenth century BC where astrology normally originated. Astrology in itself was regarded quite highly as the line of science through the studies of that of Aristotle, Plato, and that of the rest. In the recent times, astrology has entered into our regular lives though initially people used it for the prediction of the weather. It is mostly to have a look at our future is how we use astrology.

Different schools of astrology

These days, there are mainly three schools in astrology and they are as follows:

Indian astrology

“Jyotish” or “Vedic Astrology”is what this field is mainly known for. The concept of the Indian astrology mainly lies with a renowned sage “Parasara”. The most interesting fact that lies here is that nowhere is it mentioned as the Veda but they are mentioned in the Vedanga which is the limb of veda although Indian astrology is mainly known as the Vedic astrology. There are books that are written on it and some great work was done on the Indian school of astrology. The exact period of the origin of Indian astrology is not quite known. But, it is said to have originated in the period between 1200-2500 BC according to some of the philosophers.

There are mainly three categories in the Vedic astrology and they are as follows:

Siddhanta– The complete study of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, astronomy, and arithmetic is what it is. For the calculation of the planetary position of the different celestial bodies is what it helps in.

Samhita– This generally involves the study of the planetary site of the celestial bodies that are there along with the sun and the effects it has on the natural disaster, different geo-political effects, hurricane, and many others.

Hora– This is the stream of astrology that is quite predictive for a person and is divided into many sub branches.

Chinese astrology

One of the pretty ancient schools of astrology is that of the Chinese one besides Indian or Hindu astrology. Chinese astrology had mainly had its origin thousands of years back according to some philosophers. Through the silk route it had made its entry to that of China which is the primarily the central Asian trade route through which from India Buddhism made its way to China. It is on the lunar cycle where Chinese astrology mainly depends on and in order to complete it takes twelve years.

Chinese astrology

Metal, Water, Earth, Wood, and Fire are the five elements that makes up the Chinese astrology. The balancing situation every time and at all level is the Yin and Yang which are the balancing vibrant forces. It is one of the most popular and well-known beliefs of the common people of the entire world and they consult the Chinese astrology in their almost daily routines though they are popular only in the easy Asia.

Western science of astrology

In both US and Europe this is the most popular ones. It was in Mesopotamia in 2nd millennium BC is when Western astrology had taken its roots from. Even after Chinese astrology, it developed in a lot of time here. It was bought to Greece by the Arabs mainly.

Western Astrology is mainly of two types. They are the follows here:

Natal– It is mainly the branch which lies within the native people.

Judicial– The main base for this type of astrology lies with the eclipses, ingress, and certain distinctive moments in time along with the lunation.

The science that lies behind astrology has now been strongly established by the scientists these days. There is no scientific basis that lies with the tabloid astrology which we often come across the internet or the tabloid as Daily Horoscopes. However, the calculations that were made by the most eminent astrologers who had already predicted long time back what is going to happen with you now and later cannot be denied as well. It will definitely have an effect on the human life if the rotation of the moon had an effect on the oceans and the seas that are responsible for the tides that are happening.

Even in the upcoming days, the debate that lies whether astrology is a science or a pseudoscience is an on-going matter. The exact predictions by some of the astrologers before the occurrence of the incidences along with the scientific researches, along with its historical origins should all be kept in mind.

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