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Tag - Meditation And Health


These two are undoubtedly the questions I asked most often by friends, relatives and students. It is not easy to answer this request in a few words and quickly – it took me decades to understand and master meditation and its many techniques. Simplifying this concept into a few essential points has been my main challenge for years. I wanted this practice to be...

Trauma Can Not Be Justified

Trauma, abuse, heartbreak, narcissism and severe crimes are never a part of an individual’s soul journeynor cam be said to be a part of the path to their destiny. They are nothing but unwanted codes on the soul which instill hurt, betrayal and extreme issues in an individual when they need to vest their trust on another person or what we define to be trust issues...

Meditation- ‘Looking Within’ The Term

Meditation- ‘Looking Within’ The Term This term can be said  to have derived from the termsmed and tate. ‘Med’ is a term often used for medical, medicine and medication. From this, we can infer that the purpose of meditation is to cure. ‘I’ can be referringto the recognition of the aspect of self. This tells us that in this process, one turns towards oneself and...

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