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science of cosmology

The science of cosmology and the impact that it has on you

The study in regards to the origin and the eventual fate of the universe is what defines cosmology in this current day and age would be and science of cosmology reveals that to people. Each of the branches has their own definition of cosmology since there are branches that arise from the main body here.

You would surely come across two main branches and each of them is different from the other. These are the religious or mythological cosmology and that of the physical cosmology. We can now check out why their definition of cosmology is that different from each of the rest.

The vast science of cosmology

Cosmology is mainly the study of the universe and its eventual fate on the complete standpoint here. It is mainly the most concise when you can check it from both the ends is where its definition lies here. You are mainly deriving the existence of the universe from both the logical and the standpoint of mathematics when you say from the point of physical cosmology.

They are both the theoretical physicists and the astronomers who are studying the varied physical aspects of the universe that draws its conclusions from their observations here with the people who are subscribing to this branch of cosmology here.

The branch of cosmology that is based on the mythological, religious, historical, and esoteric sources us what mythological cosmology is considered to be. It is the some form of superior of being existed and created the universe the way we had knew them is one of the most popular sources for this religious or mythological cosmology is.

science of cosmology

Religious cosmology

There are mainly the literature and traditions that have passed on from generation and generation providing the evidence that is required in order to support the claims here with religious cosmology. Each and every single deity that has created everything that is there on earth is the most common form of the religious cosmology.

It is into this singular deity where everything composing this branch of cosmology directly points to this. Since there are the ancestors, the traditions are also directed to this deity as these traditions tell than that all are interlinked with this deity here.

Physical cosmology

Both the mathematical and the scientific approach can be dealt easily with the physical cosmology. It is through the observations and for formulating equations that will be telling them about the purpose and the history of the universe here is what physical cosmology on the other hand deals with.

The celestial objects that are observed by the astronomers while mathematical equations are used by the theoretical physicists for the explanation of raw data that is gathered all about this universe here.

How the definition of cosmology works and how each of the branch here work can be explained through this. You will be completely inclined to believe more on a single aspect that is compared to the other once you are subscribing to cosmology.

You will be completely affected through it whatever happens here in this universe here. This is the main reason behind the importance of cosmology here. Religious cosmology is the main guiding factor that is there in the lives of many and it hugely impacts them the most if there is something that will be affecting it for some.

When a thing is proven through the mathematical and the scientific means, others will relatively be having the revelations and the fears within them. Your life is mainly connected to cosmology whether you like it or dislike it whatever branch it might be.

Physical cosmology

The Parallel Analogy between Supernovae & Cosmology

The study of the evolution of the Universe as a whole that ranges from the birth till death or maybe birth to death to that of the rebirth is what cosmology is. The cosmic scheme of the things that is almost insignificant in comparison involves that of the stellar objects and event like that of nova and supernovae.

The comparison of life and the times of an individual insect to that of the life and the times of Planet Earth involving the stellar objects as well as the events here. Through the comparison of the life and the death of the stars that are there within that Universe since there might be a lot to be gleamed with this.

Cyclic Universe

One is that with the birth, death, death, rebirth and so on and this is far more philosophically satisfactory to that of the universe than a one-off born, live, fade-away universe which is what the actual Universe appears to be when it comes to the cyclic universe.

Since this is a concept that is closely mirrored nearly to that of the local reality with that of the cyclic four seasons that are repeating itself endlessly each day-night-night- & day, New Moon, full moon and so one is what this cyclic universe most likely to be.

It is something that are like that of our universe where we are born in and we are yet living to be doomed for fading away. This is in the broader way in which the human cycles are continuously recycling. In real, the things that you have will be recycled too.

So, how will you be able to generate the cyclic universe? The explanation goes eventually from the initial Big Bang expansion to the one that contracts into that of the Big Crunch. To keep on expanding, ever expanding, forever and ever would be that it should keep on getting doomed.

It is our Universe that had a one-off moment of creation and will over trillions of years would wish to surrender to entropy which is the evolution of the state of order for the ultimate disorder and would be eventually be dying at the heat of death is what the standard model of cosmology is supposed to be.

So, we are traveling from the beginning till the end of this cosmic evolution. So, could they be interacting if there were several universe here? So, here the parallel analogy with that of the supernovae would be explained here.

Cyclic Universe


You have already come across the one that is completely visible to the naked eye that has currently occurred within the Large Cloud of the Magellanic which is the nearest relative of the mini galaxy to that of the one that is visible by us even through the Southern Hemisphere is something that we have all heard of supernovae though it is something that is quite rare.

After the light flash that has traveled thousands upon thousands of years, traversing the intergalactic and interstellar space for arriving locally on the 23rd February 1987 is how it was witnessed earlier on. Since the 1604, it was the first visible by our naked eye supernovae event here.

It is something that is fairly straight forward when it comes to their cosmic significance and their cosmic story. It is perhaps through the larger debris that the stars mainly form out of the interstellar gas, dust, and more. All under the mutual attraction of the individual gravity that eventually are bringing it all together in massive amounts for an embryo start to form as this mix of stuff slowly and surely contracts.

If the star of the embryo is indeed some great enough, the heat as well as the pressure will be enough in causing the gas and all to start and to fuse mainly starting with the fusion of hydrogen to that of helium with the release of the solar energy that is included within that conversion which all within this nuclear fusion which mainly is the power of the stars here with the great amount of pressures mainly heats up all together within its interior.

They are not all uniform in their size when it comes to the interstellar gas and the clouds of dust. There are other stars that fires up with a lot of stuff in their core bellies which is not that too much as there are some stars that fires up at its bare minimum of things. There are also few stars that are born obese formed with the thick region of gas and dust.


Both the lifespan and their fate will be determined by how massive the newborn stars would be determining the same. The longer you are living, the relationship normally tends to be that the thinner you are at birth. It is mainly measured in a rough manner for a trillion or so years, these misers have the stellar lifespans here.

They are simply just slowing down and fading away as that of the white dwarf and finally into a dark and cold black dwarf cinder when their fuel are running out. You can roughly be able to manage a lifespan of that of merely ten billion years which are like that of the average stars like that of the sun.

These would ultimately will be settling down to a longer retirement, cooling, ever cooling when the fuel has exhausted, since there are the average stars that will be going through a lot of complexity of the evolution.

There are few starts that are born obese. Also be stealing the mass from a nearby companion star through their stronger gravity and at a close proximity is how some of the starts are gaining on weight here.

The stars would normally gain a lot of mass and become fat, the greater would be the pressures and the temperatures in the core of the star with the size of the star and this will also be pacing up the nuclear fusion reactions here. The stars that are massive live life in a rapid manner and they live fast and yet they die pretty young.

There would be a massive rebound and a super ultra-violet explosion that is called as supernovae since these stars do not go out with a whimper but with a bang and sometimes with some endless burping and hiccups or vomit of the novas or at times imploding mainly due to the gigantic gravity when their core fuel gets close to empty.

The stellar guts are spewed back into the interstellar winds is how it really does work here. It is of no concern in this context here while there are several different types of supernovae that have some great different origins. These are eventually recycled since the important bit here would be getting spewed back into the space here.

science of cosmology

Explosion of stars

Since there are some great temperatures and pressures that cooks up the heavy elements which are a lot more complex than that of the helium, and these element are very essential for life for the ultimate grace that can happen with the cosmos and its presence with the explosion of the stars which is the novae and mainly the supernovae returns dust and debris back to the interstellar medium.

There might be the intermingle as it spews out of vomit from the supernovae all that ideally contracts again under the mutual gravity in order to form a second and even third generation of star and stellar planetary system since gas and dust from one star’s burp intersects with that of the gas and the dust of the other star’s hiccups.

Our sun is mainly made up of the former spewed stuff some of which is now heavy than just that of the hydrogen and helium and this also includes the sun’s family and the planet Earth since our sun is at least a third generation star here. We would never have existed if it was not for supernovae.

There are few stars that spews their guts of gas and dust back out into the interstellar space that provides the raw materials for the next generation of the stars here is what the basic cosmic cycle of the stars mainly formed with. Both creation and destruction are repeated over and over again at different times also in different places is what you get here.

The analogy of parallel cosmology

So, what exactly does it have to do with cosmology? There is only a single Universe and lots of stars in it.

The analogy of parallel cosmology

It is through the get go, a single set of assumptions has to be made. In both the space and in time, the cosmos is infinite. Compared to that of the scientific one, this is the assumption that is more philosophical here.

A cosmos with a boundary, a fixed volume, you must, of necessity, deal with the maverick who would be asking about what exists all beyond the boundary if you are ever postulating with the finite cosmos. A cosmos that had no beginning and will have no end in it since it is very easy to wrap your head all around the cosmos which is quite infinite.

It mainly postulates the beginning and fades away and one that ends with the things that are finite in nature and space where you can stuff everything in into is what the standard model of cosmology postulates which is a beginning.

To this creation of our Universe, which is not the Biblical Book of the Genesis but the Big Bang Event here is what we all know about this standard scientific event. Supernovae are the small big bang event as we have a parallel analogy here.

This inflation have resulted in the Universe that is expanding and expanding again and again now the Big Band and other associated real time events involving the additional gearing up of an inflation.

For this Big Band and the expansion, there has been loads of observational evidence that has been brought forward here. So, from an ideal point of time which is almost 13.7 billion years earlier, there has been a lot of evidence that is merely observational here.

There also have been infinite amounts of space that can be stuffing that vomit into if there was a finite Big Band here. The philosophical ideas of not only no boundary of time and space for our Universe to strut its stuff in is what would be violating.

It is through the space that we have an expansion of stuff that is spreading out. With this spewing out of the gas and dust through the stars that are going nova and supernova is what this parallel analogy would be.

Since the one-way attraction of the gravity would be slowing down the expansion and further down and eventually causing the expansion to come to a great halt and then the reverse since gravity would be causing everything to contract once again and back into its configuration from which the Big Band would be arising from though the normal sense would be suggesting that the original strove came out through the Big Bang.

eclipse of the moon

When it comes to the life, it is not that simple here since Nature after all is like a baseball pitcher with a wicked curve ball or a knuckle ball. It has been discovered that the expansion of the Universe is not reducing and it is on a constant acceleration.

On the horizon in the far future, there is no Big Crunch and as the entropy end up in ruling the roost is through the Heat Death. The standard of the spiel then runs accordingly here. So, out of this mess here how would you be going to eventually be generating a second or third or one hundredth generation of the universe here?

This is mainly the view that is complete limited. For some grander picture as you are climbing the cosmic mountain.

There is further more than one Big Band which is mainly known as the maxi nova or the supernovae universe which consists of more than one expansion event is what comes now to its rescue and with more than just our Universe within that infinite in space and time cosmos that is referred here above is what is more here.

We would thereby be assuming the one and only Universe that is as a matter of fact a lot more while we are at the limited point of view here. The spew of one will be intersecting with the spew of the other if you have a lot of universes in this infinite cosmos and all of which have started off with the Big Bang as that of the supernovae.

science of cosmology

Therefore it will eventually be intersection with a lot of expanding of the regions here. These would be starting to slow down the things when it comes to the intersection regions under the combined gravity. But, the region in here will start to contract.

And this contraction will eventually be leading to the Big Crunch which is the collapse here. It mainly seems as if something cyclic had happened. While you are looking at the complete 3D pictures, you would understand that lots of Big Bands have generated a Big Crunch.

With the Big Band expansions of that of the B,C, and D will be made in one directions say suppose left if there is an expansion over Big Band A. This expansion might have also intersected with that of the E, F, and G in the direction that is opposite here.

This expansion might also have intersected with that of H, I, J and K in the upward direction and the expansion of Big Bang A would have intersected downward direction for L and M and this is where it becomes an ongoing matter. The bigger crunches would also become symmetrical which is the inside out vomiting out the new Big Bands or the White holes respectively.

Some of the stellar nova or that of the expansion of the supernova which cycles endlessly with the intersecting clouds of the interstellar of both contractions of gas and dust through several levels of magnitude on up towards the line.

High gravity regions that mainly contracts into the Big Crunches for the formation of new regions where the conditions here are ripe for a new Big Band event that cycles endlessly with the expansion of the Big Band here. So, we are mainly having an entire cyclic cosmos of the multiverse since there is something more than that of the one universe.

For the ideal reformation that one expands the universe again but a complete potpourri of the universe that are all simply expanding, contracting and intersecting here with the come in and goings at the different levels and places even during the night and day, evaporation to rainfall and even the full moon to that of the New moon.

the New moon


The main idea that lies here is that there are several expanding and contracting universes is but the next logical step would be already proven here to be the natural progression as a matter of fact. Earlier on, the center of the Universe lies on the Terra Firma or the Earth as we know it now.

It was then elevated to that of the center when there was the sun and the solar system. Since there are lots of planets and suns that have been eliminated in the uniqueness here is how we know it better way now. Our galaxies normally occupies no special place in both space and time and nor does it have any special appearance since there are billion and billions of other galaxies that are out there.

In order to avoid the confusion here, we would be suggesting the Universe is now not at the core of the universe or even the cosmos. Today, what we have is a multiverse. The idealistic need of philosophy that requires has to be referred to at the start that would be that we have a cyclic Multiverse here.

Since the part of the Universe has recently been intersected into the part of the other expanding universe since it can already be the case of the ever expanding universe here. Since it is going to take billions of years for the visuals and the gravitational effects to reach us through the vast distances here since we would not be aware of that here.

There is a minimum of one interesting consequence inherent during this cyclic Multiverse. albeit there’s only a finite amount of mass and energy during this infinite volume (and that does not need to be the case since you’ll fit an infinite amount of mass and energy to an volume that is infinite), that finite mass and energy has naturally been recycled at some infinite number of times within the unending past and can be recycled an infinite number of times within the unending future.

The upshot of that’s that anything and everything which will happen, everything that’s not forbidden by the laws, principles and relationships inherent in nature, went on through not a finite number of times and can reoccur again almost innumerable times.

Translated, you’ve got and can exist again, and again, and again altogether possible permutations. Although the ‘you’ that’s reading this within the ‘now’ will dissolve as you need to take comfort therein another ‘you’, somewhere and somewhere else, will keep it up carrying on the ‘you’ tradition.

process of Progression

Summarizing the supernovae analogy

1) Universe that contracts – 1) Contraction including that the gas and the dust of the interstellar

2) Black Hole of Big Crunch 2) Massive formations of stars

3) Transitions to – 3) Stellar life span

4) Big Bang (White Hole) – 4) Supernovae

5) Expanding Universe – 5) Expulsion of gas/dust

6) Intersection with the other expanding universe – 6) Interaction with other dust and gas

7) Gravity rules

8) Contraction of new universe

Some points and counter points

The thing that vomited out by the Big Band event into the space that is the pre-existing one and the vomit that keeps thinning out as it is expanding throughout an ever wider volume of the space that pre-exists. There is no obvious observational test or the experiment that can be done for distinguishing those between the two possibilities and for settling the matter, especially for the professors of the cosmology.

The evidence would be given to that of the textbooks if there had been such observations and evidence that would eventually be proving that space is an ever expanding matter. But this is the evidence that is not there any longer. Space is completely expanding and therefore the space can still be created today all that you would be getting is some standard scenarios.

Something is always expanding is what the evidence here is. It can be similar to that of the exploding firecracker that would be spewing its every content outwardly and would be an ever expanding matter since something would equally be spewing out.

exploding firecracker

In these standard textbooks which are the exact copy of our ever expanding Universe, it is the question that is unanswered is what that it remains. As it is expanding what is the expanding space that shoves out of the way here.

According to the standard model since the Big Band event naturally creates all of space the completeness of the space in the beginning of the 13.7 billions of years ago it can be pre-existing in its space.

Every equations that would usually be substituting for the lack of ways and means for performing the actual observations that would try in describing the Big Bang event to its ground zero when the space had allegedly equaled to zero and time allegedly also equals to actual zero which is the complete breakdown especially for us and unfortunately for the professors of cosmology that rams down the standard for the creation of both time and space.

There is a lot of observational evidence that something huge happened 13.7 billions of years earlier that kicked out to the Universe off on its evolving path when it arrives to some of the things that are nitty and gritty like that of time and space and with the thought that everything is quite simple and yet wrong.

What would the scenario be when this will be the accepted scenario since this big band created both time and space here. The sociology and the office politics of science that is related to the pressure here in. It would become a human endeavor when it comes to the science of cosmology including the self-correcting ways and the means and methods and ideals that are of a human endeavor.

The big bang event is still has got some kinks that needs to be ironed out and that there has been before the event of big bang as note by few bold cosmologists. They would be endorsing into such scenarios not to say that they would not.

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