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Karm And A Lot Of Its Aspects

A Brief Introduction

All of us have heard about karm, maybe through our elders or the priests of the temples. What is karm? What is its functioning? How is it determined? Is it carried through the various human lives of a soul or does the karm of one human experience remain confined to it, even when it is not fulfilled? Does the karm of one life impact another? What are the types of karm? This article will largely focus on past lives and how do these experiences affect the present lives of a soul that they are living with the help of a human body. In this article, we will look at karm and its aspects.

What is Karm?

First of all, I would like to make it clear that the correct spelling, according to the original pronunciation of the word, is karm and not karma. The extra a is not needed in the end. Now, let us look into the concept.

Karm are the deeds, the behaviours and actions that get stored in the memory of the souls based on their deeds and the choices that they make. There are times when an individual suffers even when she did not do any wrong deed in any of her lives. The soul suffers even when it has done nothing but good, not just by deed but intention too. She suffers because she has not stopped others from violating her boundaries and has did not go against people exploiting her in various ways and intensities is not standing in her power or maybe, not even knowing that she possesses it. They say, one  must have the knowledge about when do they have to stop being good so that she can prevent suffering without any fault of hers. What relates to or is connected to these deeds is believed to be karmic. It is the cause and effect relationship established and maintained between the actions and their consequences. This cause and effect circumstance and rule has been established in spirituality since the beginning and is the  basis of or is involved in every action and inaction. It is the connection between action or inaction and an individual’s reaction to them. From the advent of something to its end, all the processes are based on or revolve around its karm. We can change our karm at any point we want to, although our divine pre-planning limits its possibilities but in a few, very minor things, the choices that we make, which are our karm, help us or bring us relief.

Karm includes your actions and thoughts that you have towards others and how it impacts them—in a positive manner or in a negative manner, whether you respect the other individual or mock others based on their disabilities, inabilities or restricted abilities. It is more focused on how you act upon or implement your thoughts or whether you implement them or not to begin with but thoughts are followed by actions. Therefore, they can be regarded as the initiators or inspiration behind any karm.

Karm is often called Karam. If we say that karam is a word that combines the ‘k’, the sound of the first alphabet in Hindi and ‘ram’ which translates to being engrossed in something, karm is the act that engrosses a soul in the project of doing its deeds so that the frequency of the universe reacts according to these deeds. The energies engross the soul with the deeds as soon as it takes the first decision to take up a human body. The word can also be assumed to have derived from ‘k’ and ‘arm’ which translates to remains of a structure. This can mean that the deeds done in human experience remain on the soul as a memory and are often recalled as well. The DNA is already formed and it contains all the memories In it from the first time that the human body and the soul are merged in the human experience or human life. What the humans term as fate is the result of the karm of their soul.

Karm may be good or bad. Bad karm does not need to include inflicting wrong on others. Sometimes, inaction in the situation where it was demanded by the soul is also counted in its karm. The consequences of action and inaction are equally encompassed within karm and so are the consequences that are to be bared with.

What is Karmic Debt?

As the name suggests, it is related to the debt of the karm. Let us understand it a little more. The karm or a task that was needed to be completed or accomplished by a soul in one or more of its previous experiences as a human and is now carried to their birth in a new human body is known as karmic debt. The individual is trapped in a cycle in this new birth as well until they pay their karmic debt. This means that if the individual will do the deed that is needed to be done to pay off the debt that the soul has carried from a previous human experience, this cycle will be completed and the unwanted repeating patterns will stop reoccurring. If not, the individual will not be able to move ahead and will be stuck on a place in her soul journey. They will be stuck with certain people until they pay their karmic debts that they have due towards them.

Karmic debts make the karmic connections and patterns hard to leave behind. They make the individual feel suffocated in a cycle and the individual strives to free herself from it but is unable to despite various attempts. They can also be get rid of by paying off the karmic debts.

It is possible to free oneself from the karmic debts through persistent inner work and trying to be good to others while not letting them cross the individual’s boundaries. These lessons include cutting off and letting go or even pushing away the people not adding good energy in the soul journey.

How will an individual know if her karmic debt has been paid off?

The various patterns that we discussed about in the section above will end when the karmic debt has paid off and the lessons these heartbreaks or betrayals brought to the individual are learnt by her, which also become a part of their soul’s growth.

If an individual is on a soul journey and following it consciously, they will be indicated when their karmic debts are paid off. They may see symbols or numbers, spirit animals or see random messages, all of which translate to their answer—that their karmic debt has been paid off. The individuals need to be aware and believe their thoughts and intuition. Anything unusual seen by the individual, which can include a rare, sometimes once in a lifetime experience may be a symbolism which translates to the answer they are seeking. The individuals need to be vigilant here but do not need to worry if they keep working on themselves.

These indicators may be unusual and different from what they appear to be or are interpreted as in common knowledge but they will be seen by the individual where the probability of them being able to see it is the most according to the habits that they have around the time when this message needs to be  delivered to them.

For instance, I used to go on frequent walks, especially during the evenings. While I walked, I saw a dead pigeon on the path which I revolved around. I surfed about what it means later. I had assumed that it will be something bad, although I do not believe in omens—good or bad. Contrary to my belief, this was an indication of a new beginning.

Another time, I was surfing on Instagram and I was wondering when my karmic debt will pay off and how will I know if and when it has been paid off. Just then, I saw a message stating ‘your karmic debt has been paid of’. I had done a tremendous inner work for two years before the time when I saw this message. This was a direct message from the spirit.

Everyone’s journey is different and so the experience differs too. What I experienced, the reader may or may not experience it. They may experience something completely different but if one is constantly working on themselves, especially on a soul level, chances are high that they are on a spiritual journey.

Karm And Moksh—How are they related?

Moksh is when the soul is free from all the data and pending karms of the previous lives or the current life that the individual is living. Once a soul attains moksha, it never has to taken another human form and is completely free from the human experience. It, then, merges back to the source or Kushmanda. It is because the soul is not involved or engrossed in the cycle anymore.

Whether a soul will receive moksha or not depends on whether the soul has clear all the debts and unnecessary data off it so that it can merge with Kushmanda or the cosmic egg or the infinite presence or Adishakti. The divine egg created all of the existence and Adishakti’s smile spread light. Whether a person will receive moksha or rebirth depends on the nature of the karm that they did and that has been recorded by the soul. This includes:

             Intention:

It is the purpose behind the karm done. However here, the perception of selfishness and selflessness may differ according to the individual. For instance, I get involved in any karm for my personal satisfaction. Even if I get to help someone who really needs it, I try to help them if I am not intruding in the process of the lessons that they need to learn. This makes me feel happy but not in a dependent manner.

Any good person cannot save another individual from facing the consequences of their own actions. If the karm is good, the individual will receive the best they can in their lives.

             Procedure:

It talks about how the karm is done or how the deed is carried out. If there has been deceit or any wrongdoing or misuse of any sort to do the karm, the soul will register it and the karm will not create beautiful or expected good results.

Moksh v Nirvan

The ultimate nirvan or liberation occurs when the souls complete their cycles of karm as humans and merge into the cosmic egg or the source or Kushmanda. ‘Van’, to be pronounced as ‘vaan’, is a suffix in Hindi to describe the one who possesses something or controls the movement of something. ‘Nir’ means without. One who is free of these movements or is not under the influence of these possessions and is free from all kinds of attachments achieves the state of nirvan. The person does not run after or has greed to gain material possessions. The person refuses the material possessions from guiding her life path journey and this makes her free as her karm is already caught up with.

Mo is the reverse of Om—the sound of the universe. This means that the journey of the soul as a human has ended and it is going back to merge with its original source. Aksh means axis. The soul goes back to the reality coming out of the illusion of time. Therefore, moksh explains when the soul goes back to the original source after living the reality made and believed by the ego that resides within the human body.

Read this poem to understand karm and karmic debt more clearly.

These are the deeds to be done

To undone the burden

Of the weight that the soul carries.

This is to be achieved with the help of the human body.

The DNA is spread through the cells.

It may be small but it remembers

And has the encoded all of the deeds,

If they are yet to be done or were accomplished in the previous human lives.

The individual is rewarded is rewarded for the work which was done

And warned to not repeat the same repeat the same pattern.

To avoid doing this, they need to learn their lessons.

They need to aware about what behaviours do they not have to repeat which actually led to this burden.

If it is the desire of an individual

To get rid of this cycle,

They must learn to not make themselves too available for the parasites to feed on them

If they were a soul that suffered despite doing good deeds and having a healthy vibration.

Karm And Life Purpose

Life purpose, also known as soul purpose, is the decided karm that the soul needs to do with the help of the body and its abilities or senses in their life. It is what one is destined or meant to do. This is what you were made for. Even divine beings living human experience have to undergo all the processes of karm and karmic clearing as and when needed. Some karmic lessons cannot be learnt but with a lot of pain. Until the life purpose is not fulfilled, the soul cannot leave the bodily experience.

The karm and its codes imprinted on the soul through one or many of the lives lived by the soul as a human decide what path the human will choose to travel and what will that journey be like. Sometimes, the karm of a soul is to be a living example for the rest of humanity. These souls have the toughest life journeys as humans because they have to teach others the lesson to follow the principles of perseverance and faith in oneself.

Read this poem to understand it more deeply.

Karm are the deeds

That a soul needs

To do or is doing

Through its human lives.

Action is karm

But sometimes, inaction counts as it as well.

The wrong deeds or inaction

Also keeps a soul circle around the karmic cycle.

Even if it is for the first time

That a soul is being involved in the human cycle of death and birth

By choosing to live its experience with a human body,

This cycle has its own purpose.

Now, this purpose does not need to be

What humans perceive to be heroic necessarily

But can be to reach fulfilment by living all the experiences

That were not lived by the soul in its previous human lives—fully or partially.

So, it can include living your life fully.

It may include living a peaceful and happy life.

Meanwhile, you will be spreading happiness and healing energy in your surroundings

Through your positive vibes.

To live all of the aspects that

Can be lived through the human experience

And all the lessons that they bring with them

Are all that encompasses a soul’s karm sometimes.

How will an individual identify her life purpose?

An individual’s life purpose will not be easy to persevere but can be said to be her ‘soul-calling’. The more humanly experiences the soul lives, the more in alignment with her life purpose does she come. Therefore, the people who are living their ninth or eight life, which is the utmost of life paths generally lived by souls, the earlier do they start gaining wisdom on the journey that they have to travel or that they have a purpose or maybe, they wonder why are they even alive because they will feel a lack of purpose. However, there are a few people whose life path number is thirteen. These souls live more lives maybe because they have a lesson left to learn or because the fruits of their work towards themselves and the society at large are to be savoured by them. If not, they have to teach a lesson to the humanity or society at large. Therefore, these souls may take up the qualities or roles of a teacher, guide, mentor, guru or some other role of the similar kind. Once they have done the karm and cleared all the karmic debts and still reincarnate as a human, they have to impart the lessons that they have learnt to others so that the whole of humanity can benefit from the wisdom that these souls have gained throughout their multiple journeys and after undergoing as many lessons and tough and trying spiritual awakenings.

Maybe, this poem may help the readers identify what is their soul purpose or if they have come across it or are following it.

The path that seems difficult

Yet when an individual

Wants to put in their hard work,

It is said to be their soul purpose.

Sometimes, there is a confusion.

A diversion—

It appears similar

But is not the individual’s soul purpose.

However, this confusion is cleared

When the individual is unable to attain

The satisfaction despite a lot of achievement

Or if despite a lot of efforts, the things do not work.

It is not essential

That the individual

Will identify it at the primal

Or the initial phase of the journey that they are meant to travel.

Some souls do, however,

Know since the beginning

About what path do they have to travel

And keep putting in their work towards it.

Karmic Balance

We will discuss what does one mean by karmic balance but first read this poem:

To bring oneself to a state of balance

And to stay there

Has always been a challenge

And a target achieved after many human endeavours.

There are so many aspects

To pay heed to.

One needs to

Maintain personal, private and work life.

There are more of these,

Some  sub-categories

Which encompass self and spirituality

Which shall be treated by an individual as her priority.

However, these realisations

Come a bit later to the human,

Slowly as they keep moving forward

In their journey and maybe, even towards their soul purpose.

When the individual recognises her ability

To identify

What and who are good for her soul—

Their soul family and soul tribe.

Karmic balance, as the term suggests, is to bring about a balance in one’s karm. This includes healing and learning to forgive to cut off ties so that the negative aura or energy does not remain attached with the soul anymore and the cycle is brought to an end. The ties with these souls need to be cut off so that there is no transfer of karmic wounds from their DNA to the soul of another individual because it will increase the self-work and healing on the other soul unnecessarily and will either delay their attainment of moksh or will trap them in another cycle of human life. It is when a soul equates her karm with the other souls which it had met before through another body and the nature and times of the various types of deeds are tallied and balanced. Here, one may has to give a lesson or take the revenge of a possible hurt or betrayal or any such suffering that their soul had to undergo at the hands of the other when both or one of these souls were living through different bodies than the bodies that they are using In another life to avenge the ill deed or mishap.

Sometimes, the karmic balance is brought about by the factors apart from the two souls involved in the imbalance. Spirits, guides or ancestors are among the external factors who get involved in karmic clearing of the souls who need it the most. They may do this by creating appropriate circumstances or by guiding the individual to do what is needed to be done by them so that their karmcan be balanced.

Karmic Wound

These are the injuries that are left on a soul from one of their lifetimes as a human and carried to another of them. If these injured souls carry their aura without being healed, in the same manner, they may injure other souls who are not at fault or do not have any lessons to learn through these wounds. Usually, the ones who are at risk of catching such vibes or karmic wounds are the sensitive souls or the empaths. Even children and old people are more susceptible to karmic wounds of we observe according to the age groups and the behaviours and functioning of these two groups.

Soul Contract

These are the agreements that are made between souls before birth. It includes the tasks to be done and all the other details of the journey before the souls take their respective human bodies.

In the connection between the twin flames, one soul divides into two. Sometimes there is a gap between time frame of each part of a twin soul because one of them chooses not to take up a human life. Hence, it is possible for the twin flames to have different life path numbers, based on how many human lives they have experienced before. The experiences of the twin flames differ too but are somehow connected. The connection is about embracing the differences and celebrating the similarities. A lot of work has to be done by each of the twin flame asan individual and together before the union of both the souls can occur in physicality. They have to do a lot of karm clearing before they unite in the third dimension because they are always united in the fifth dimension. Karm becomes a barrier and a third-party between the twin partners in such situations always.

Chakra And Karm

There are seven chakras in the human body. The root chakra or mooladhara chakra is believed to be the one that determines the karm of an individual from within her body because it takes care of her basic needs that are essential for survival. Since it is related to our karm, keeping this chakra cleared is extremely essential. If this chakra is blocked, its purpose would not be fulfilled. All of the karmic knowledge of a soul rests in the mooladhara or the root chakra. Chakra means a wheel and the mooladhara chakra is red in colour. This chakra can be opened through movement of body and a happy and positive mind and when the individual is filled with self-confidence.

The red wheel

Needs to be healed

To be able to clear

The karm and every lear

That is recorded in the soul

As a DNA,

Only after passing through

This chakra during the process,

Which contains the information

Of the soul’s different incarnations—

Its various lives as a human.

It helps in the process of healing and ascension.

It literally grounds the individual

As it helps her in connecting with the energies of the Earth

Andit also helps her

In raising her vibrations at the mental and soular level.

It tightly holds

and stores the seeds

Of a soul’s karmic deeds

And keeps a record of its growth.


Therefore, healing is one of the primary things that come up as a solution to the problems that these karmic ties bring with them. Now, let us end our conversation on karm and its aspects with a few poems.

Karm is not to be feared

But only the bad intentions

Because they lead to problems

When we act upon them.

Dive into retrospection,

Especially before taking any action

But do not doubt your intuition.

Maybe, there is some lesson

That you need to learn.

Or maybe, the one whose

Karm had been done with a bad intention

Has to face her consequences at your hands.

Do not feel guilty

If your acts and intentions were never faulty

But the other person received the consequences

At your hands, that they had to for their ill deeds.

You may have been a part of their journey to mukti

Through this automatic process, for which you know in your heart that you are not guilty.

Try to best to release

And if needed, heal

The negative imprints that are left on the DNA of your soul

So that you can prevent yourself from

Accumulating all the aspects of

Your self so that you can live your human experience feeling whole.

Karm is not necessarily meant to make you feel guilty. It may or may not include this aspect or feeling. Sometimes, your words or works help others free themselves and move ahead in their journey or help them introspect a situation different to how they were perceiving it and this difference of perception was causing problems to them. Karm is just your action and you may or may not feel guilty about it. This depends on the nature of your action, the intent behind it and how you carry it forward. These poems will help you understand more about karm, karmic ties, karmic balance and how they impact not just one but the experience of a soul through living many human lives. These experiences are essential. Even if you want to, you cannot escape them. Some aspects come in our life because we choose them to be included in our journey but some aspects come to clear the residual matters. We do not like them because the y hinder our movement. They prevent our growth and stop us from moving forward.

It is true that these ties create a lot of pain and suffering and no one wants to experience that bit pleasure and happiness, peace and glory but if they cannot be avoided and should not be avoided because the cycle needs to complete. The more number of cycles a human soul lives, the painful the journey becomes. So, thinking that running away from these ties and escaping them will free the soul from them is mere escapism which will trap the soul further and asphyxiate it. It will take it farther away from its merging with the original source.

So, do not fear it. Do not escape it. Do not hate it or curse one or other. Do not be trapped in guilt. Remember, the only original feelings are passion and love. Do not hate these as well because if they are not experienced, your soul would be deprived of an experience and will have to take another human body t o achieve it. Passion and anger are not to be feared. They are the most charged up energies and if used constructively, they can create wonders and even raise the vibration of humanity and the Earth. So, remove all the fears because fear is just an obstacle between you and all of your aspects and you and your life purpose.

Each emotion is trying to communicate something to you. Try to understand or decipher the hidden meanings veiled by these emotions and always act as per the guidelines of your intuitions because trust it, your intuition knows and it knows well.

Let us read this poem on the process of detachment and understand how it aids in clearing our karm, before we end this article.

This poem is specifically talking about the twin flame connection and the karm clearing that they need to do individually before they unite for another time as a human. Twin flames, those who choose to or are in essence so, are married for many-a-lifetimes. Marriage is a part of their karm together because only after they get married can they do things to benefit themselves and the whole of humanity, as per whatever the soul contract that is signed by them before incarnating as human beings mentions. Each time the twin souls finish a human experience and unite as one and choose again to take a human form, a new soul contract is made. For some twin flames, the soul contract remains the same but the karm may differ because through each life journey, new codes of karm will be added and cleared in theirsouls (when they are living in two human bodies) or soul (when they are united). Also, for the union to occur in the physical reality, twin souls need to descend to Earth as two different, individual human beings. This is also how the fifth dimension is shifted to the third dimension, through theses souls taking up human forms.


Leave the strings behind.

Do not attach

Your soul to the karm of any kind.

If you and your partner

Have to process a karm together

Because you connect as one soul

Even after, as individuals, both of you know that you are a whole,

Remember that it is only love

That is binding you together

And will also take you back to your destination—into one another—

Once you are done with dealing with and clearing your karmic matters.

Love is not attachment,

Even though it can be interpreted as being a karm

But love involves the basic emotions and vibrations

And it is always present in all the dimensions.

Only love sets you free

Because you are one since and until the end of eternity

But beware of what pretends to be

But is not love but a karmic lesson, which love can never be.

So, if you assume that love is a karm,

Then this karm does not need to be cleared

Because it has always been present

And will always be there.

This article brings a lot information about karm and its significance and its relation to the different kinds of spiritual connections to light. It also throws light upon many of the aspects of karm. Some of them may be known to the readers and some may be unknown. There may also be information which the readers may have been confused about. However, this article attempts to correct the misconceptions or the negative interpretations of karm as presented by the ego to the self of an individual, even if they are on a spiritual journey.

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