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How To Stop Addictive Behavior?

In simple words, addiction may be defined as a habit that a person develops and it becomes difficult to get rid of. Addiction is something that a person develops for his lifetime. It is not a very easy task to leave the addiction. Addiction is not just a word but it has also made its image in the eyes of society. In today’s modern world, when a person hears of addiction he immediately thinks of wrong things. Because it has a very negative image in a common man’s view. Nowadays, addiction has been changed into a disease that is not having a good impact on the health of people. If a person does not stop doing a thing continuously or at a regular interval then it changes into addiction. Addiction is something that a person can remove by his efforts. Let’s see how to stop addictive behavior.

There are certain communities or groups which are opened in a different places to help people to get rid of the addictions they are addicted to. It is not that all addictions are bad and there are certain good addictions that a person develops by himself. In today’s fast-growing world, some of the other i.e., every next person has got an addiction to some of the other things. There are certain cases in which a person has an addiction to something but is not aware of it. Many people from different corners of the world are addicted to some of the other things.

And not all addictions need to be bad, some addictions have a positive impact on the physical health of a person. Addiction can be anything. There is not any particular thing to which a person gets addicted. For example, playing games on mobile is a time pass for a few people whereas for other people it turns into an addiction which is not a good thing.

Nowadays, addiction has changed to basic needs for some people. Some people cannot survive without doing that particular thing to which they are addicted. And there are some addictions that can even take life. But the ones who are addicted to it don’t think about their life. The priority of an addicted person is to fulfill his addiction to a particular thing to which he is addicted. A person doesn’t need to have only one addiction. Some people have multiple addictions and are happily living with them.

On the other hand, some people are fed up or are worried about themselves for their addiction because they know that these addictions are not good for either their physical health or mental health. Therefore a person should be clear and know the harm that bad addictions will have on him. A simple thing is that a person should try everything but should not get addicted to a particular thing because it is not an easy job to get rid of such addictions which are not good for him.


  1. Alcohol and drug addiction:  It is the most common addiction to which most people are addicted. Most of the young people or college students are mostly addicted to it which is not a good thing. There are people of all age groups who are addicted to alcohol and drugs but this is the most common age group. The reason for this addiction in young people is that most of the students go out of town to complete their higher education and due to which they have to live in college hostels or pg. So, in a new place, they meet new people and they develop these bad habits or addictions. They try these things once or twice and after a few times, they get addicted to it. This is the reason that people are getting more and more addicted to these addictions. Because an addicted person convinces other persons also and makes them addicted too.

Addiction to mobile phones and games: 

  1. Nowadays, the mobile phone has become the basic need of everyone and it is good to be known to the technologies around us. A mobile phone is a gadget which is useful in many ways because the new phones have the latest features which help students as well as office men and come in different budgets. It is a useful thing if used properly and for work or important things but youngsters use it for playing games which is not a good thing. Nowadays, people prefer playing games on mobile phones rather than on computers and laptops which after a few times becomes an addiction. Doing everything in limit does not harm anyone but when you get addicted to them, then comes the main problem i.e., harmful effects of it on your mental as well as physical health. Using a mobile phone for a very long time causes damage to our eyes as well as the games which we play to have a harmful impact on our minds. There are games that give the wrong impression on misguides our brain. Playing such types of games puts our minds at a negative point.
  1. Addiction to hanging out: Certain people don’t want to be idle and want vacations after a certain period. They don’t want to sit at home and want to roam outside. Such people are those who cannot sit at any place for a long time. Such addiction is also not good for your pocket because if a person does not earn well, then he will not be able to complete his addiction which makes him do wrong things to complete his addiction. Therefore, a person should not be addicted to any certain thing because it may lead him to do the wrong things. Thus one should keep all his desires aside and work according to his income and time.
  1. Addiction to earning money through the wrong source: Many people from all around the world want to earn money but don’t want to work hard for it. They just want to earn money from the wrong sources and which can be earned easily but they don’t know that money earned from the wrong sources goes in wrong things only. Therefore, one should work hard and earn money with all his efforts so that will be his hard earn money. So, a person should not be addicted to earning money from the wrong sources which will put him in trouble. Thus, money earned by putting effort stays for long.

There are certain organizations that help people in getting rid of addictions from people which is a very good move towards the improvement of society. People who really want to get rid of such addictions and are worried for themselves go to these organizations and follow the steps and are successful in getting rid of such addictions. Addiction is such a disease that is not easy to cure but once a person thinks of it from a strong mind then he will be able to get rid of such addictions. Many people in this world are addicted to one of the other things but remain unaware of it. There are many signs and symptoms of addiction that other people notice about the addicted person. Addiction has now become a worldwide disease because every one of the four people is affected by some of the other addictions.

Addictions are something that remains with the person for his lifetime. If the person does not become aware of his addictions at the right time, then it will be too late for him to get rid of them. Therefore, a person should avoid getting addicted to anything because it cannot be treated after the time is gone.

Like in foreign countries there are various organizations to help people get rid of such addictions. Now in our country also certain organizations are working for the betterment of people. But the problem is many people don’t want them to be cured or get rid of addictions. Addictions are now getting in kids also which is not a good thing.

A person should know the harmful effects of anything before trying it because getting addicted to a new thing does not take time. As nowadays, most of the youngsters are getting addicted to smoking hookah, cigarettes, and weed which is not good for their health at all but just to follow the trend they are doing all these wrong things which should be taken care of by their oneself. Mostly the people who are addicted to some of the other things have money issues which leads them in doing the wrong thing just fulfilling their needs and addictions.

A person who is addicted to such wrong things as alcohol, drugs, smoking, and many more face money issue because they give their first preference to addiction rather than food which is important for their living. It is not only the person who is addicted to something that suffers but his near and dear ones also suffer because of him which does not give a good impact on society and his relatives.

Addiction is very dangerous for society nowadays. Rather than just thinking to get rid of an addiction, one should work to keep himself safe from them. Many people lose or break their relationships just because of these addictions. Suppose if a person is addicted to alcohol and can’t survive without taking it then in that case if someone tells him not to do it no matter the person maybe his family member will fight for his addiction and will result in breaking the relation with his love ones.


  1. Excess addiction of anything will lose your control over your brain and when you will not have control over your mind, you may put harm to anybody in society and even harm yourself. Therefore, excess addiction to anything results in bad ways for you and the people around you. When you will not have control over your mind then you may not be able to take important decisions in your life which will further result in losing your business, losing your property, or even becoming bankrupt. Therefore, one should not get addicted to something which is not good for himself either financially or physically.
  2. Excess addition to anything directly damages your health either by physical means or mentally. For example, if a person is an alcoholic and drug addict then it may result in damaging his body parts which are not a good thing by any means whereas if a person is addicted to playing games on a computer or mobile phone then it will damage the body physically by gaining excess fat in the body because if a person sits on a particular place and keeps playing continuously without doing any movement than the body will start paining and eye-side will also get affected. Therefore playing games on mobile or computer is good for only sometimes and not doing it continuously.
  1. Excess addiction results in family problems and has a wrong impact on the kids because if a person gives more priority to his addiction rather than his family then automatically he will lose his respect in the house and will result in daily fights with the members of his family. A person who is addicted to some bad habits loses his value from his family and also from the society in which he lives because everyone will start looking at him with a negative image and may also not keep any relations with him. Therefore, a person should be aware of what addictions will result in reducing his value from his family as well as society. Thus, doing any type of addiction is not good neither for him nor for his family and society because it gives a bad impact on everybody around an addicted person.
  1. Excess addiction results in a breakage of relations with society. Nobody wants to be in touch with a person whose image is bad in the eyes of society because being in touch with a person with a bad image will destroy the image of other people. Therefore, doing excess addiction breaks your relationship with society. Having good relations with society or neighbors is important because at the time of trouble they are the first who will stand next to you than your close ones will come. Thus, one should maintain and keep a good relationship with society and neighbors which can be done by not being addicted to any wrong thing.
  1. Excess addiction can result in job loss, accidents, and mental illness. A person who is addicted to anything cannot do work with full concentration because his addiction keeps going on in mind. When you are a job type person and you are not doing your work with full concentration and hard work then your boss may tell you to leave the job which will result in making you unemployed. Secondly, addiction is something that gains full control over your mind and you are not concentrated on anything. Suppose you are riding a vehicle on road and are thinking about something else then it may result in an accident in which you will damage yourself as well as the other person on the road which is not a good thing. So, you should not do such things without concentration and should try to quit the addiction you are addicted to.

Addiction is something that can be easily done but it takes time to quit the things you are addicted to. Therefore, one should be careful and aware of his life and family always. Addiction is something that is not developed by a person in just one day it takes time and then the person gets addicted to it. Therefore one should have control over his mind and choice so that he can keep himself safe from any type of addiction which will be a good step personally and for society also. It is not possible for a person to be aware and save himself from addictions but once a person makes a firm decision then it will be possible. Not only alcohol or drug addiction is bad but there are some more addictions which that society neglects but they are also equally harmful to a person.

A person using a mobile phone for a very long time will result in the weakness of his own eyes. He may be unaware of the fact but will understand it later when there will be no time to improve. Children nowadays like to play online games on mobile phones or computers but they don’t know the harmful effect which they will have after using such products for a long time. Parents tell their kids not to use these things for a long time but they don’t listen and face health issues later on which puts their parents also in trouble. Therefore, one should understand these things by one’s own self than only these things will stop and not by parents scolding.

Addiction is something that can be controlled by a person himself not by others. In order to have control over the addiction, one should have strong mind power and determination so that whenever a person wants to get addicted, he can control or stop himself by having the firm determination of not getting addicted to anything. Addiction is a choice, not an option. A person gets addicted to anything by himself no one forces him to do any type of addiction. It is easy to get addicted to bad things faster. Everyone knows his good and bad but then also some people get addicted to bad things. Bad things which have a negative impact on society are easy to get addicted to. There are certain examples of addiction that will help society to understand it better.

What Makes A Behavior Addictive?

  1. Social Media Addiction: Nowadays, in this fast and technical world everyone uses social media which is a good thing as it provides a news feed, entertains people through different videos or posts, and memes that have made it more entertaining. It is a good thing for those who use it as time pass but some people get addicted to social media and spend their whole day without doing anything just by surfing the social media platforms all day long. They are not even interested in what is happening in their surrounding, they just want to be active all day. This is not a good thing because they will not be aware of their localities and also will face health issues. When watching something for a long time puts a strain on your eyes than looking at the phone the whole day will weak their eyesight and their mind will also work according to the content they have been watching the whole day.
  1. Gambling Addiction: As we all know the price of every product is growing up so fast that everyone is worried about their livelihood but some people do not want to earn money by putting in efforts and their hard work. So they go on the wrong path to earn money by gambling, stealing or earning it illegally. People think that gambling will give them a lot of money at once but they don’t know that it takes property, and all life earning by just playing. Gambling is such a bad addiction that people destroy their whole life money by just thinking that let’s try it once. People know their good and bad but then also do these types of things. Addiction to everything is bad but gambling addiction is the worst. Therefore, one should have control over themselves to avoid doing these types of things.
  1. Alcohol Addiction: This is the most common type of addiction due to which many people are getting addicted to this. Alcoholic people harm themselves as well as others. It is strictly told by the government that drinking and driving is an illegal act but then also a number of people are doing it knowingly just because they are addicted to alcohol. Alcoholic addiction is harmful to a person’s physical health as well as mental health. After consuming alcohol, a person loses control of his mind and becomes totally a different person. Therefore, one should have such type of addiction that is harmful to his own self as well as others.

How To Stop Addictive Behavior?

These addictions can be prevented but for this one should have a strong mind and firm determination to give up these addictions. People from different parts of the world are opening various organizations and providing medical facilities in order to help others to move on from such addictions because it will benefit the one who is addicted and also for society. Nowadays, the people who are addicted to certain addictions, themselves want to quit these addictions. It is not a very difficult task to quit addictions you just have to keep a strong mind and firm determination. It can be done by keeping the addicted person in a clean and clear environment so that it becomes easy to quit the addiction.

Many people meet doctors and get worried about their life and take medicines which are also not a good thing. Some doctors take benefit of the addicted person and in the name of treatment, they take high fees and charge them at higher rates. An addicted person will be better only when he accepts to take medicines and wants to get well but if denies doing so then nobody else can help him. Family and friends’ support also plays a major role in getting better of such people. It is not that difficult to get better and come back to normal life but the only thing is that the addicted person should want from his side to get better. Unless he doesn’t put the effort into curing himself, nobody else can help him. Just taking medicine and not wanting to get well will not help anybody.

There are certain institutes that run campaigns in order to make people aware of the term addiction and its side effects because many people in our country are not aware of this word. There are certain people who don’t know that having an addiction to any such thing has aside effect not only on the addicted person but also on the whole society or the people around him. Many movies also play a big role in making people addicted to alcohol and drugs. People watch movie and TV shows and think doing all these things looks cool but doesn’t know that it has a harmful effect not only on the person who is doing it but also on the people around him. People follow the trend shown in movies but they don’t pay attention to the side effects or after-effects of such things which are more important in real life. The government is helping the people to quit these harmful addictions by doing campaigns but people are not interested in the things which are for their benefit. 

Nowadays, most youngsters think they will look cool or become cool if they smoke, drink or do any such type of addiction but they don’t know that just showing it off or trying it one or two times will turn into an addiction. Bad things don’t take time to attract people towards themselves for which they will have to pay later in their life.

Therefore, before trying out any such things either for fun or to impress anyone people should many times because once they get attracted to these things than going back is not a very easy task to be done. One should be very clear about his goals in life because once a person gets addicted to these things then there will be no future and completion of goals. When he gets addicted to any such type of thing then he will not care or remember about his life or goals. The first thing a person will think about will be the thing he is most addicted to. Therefore, a person should not get into any such addictions which will harm his life or career. 

There are many such examples in this world who were addicted to various things but with time they realized that they are doing something which is neither good for their health nor has a bright future. So, it is not impossible (actually nothing is impossible in this world) to leave these addictions and a person should always make efforts and should keep on trying unless he succeeds in his mission to quit such addictions. In this modern world, everyone knows what is good and bad for themselves. It is just a matter of priorities in which a person gives more to his addiction rather than his mental and physical health. So, there is no point in explaining to a person to leave such addictions.

The day he will think about his life or quits such addictions, he will definitely get success. When the person thinks that his behavior is odd and different from others and understands the fact that this is because of the addictions he is doing, then he will easily be able to quit these addictions. It’s just a matter of time before you realize what will be good for you in the mere future.

The people who recover from the disease called “ADDICTION” see the world with a new view and feel better after leaving such addictions. They help in motivating other people that if I can quit my addictions then why not you? This works positively and many more people get motivated and get rid of their addictions. Therefore, it’s just a matter of time and proper guidance that one can easily defeat this disease. Many people who take medicines take a long time as compared to those who themselves work for them by having a strong determination to quit and leave such addictions.

For example: As we all know the whole world is fighting with the coronavirus and for the safety of our countrymen, our country was put in the state of lockdown for around four months. In these four months, people were getting only those things that are compulsory for living i.e., milk, vegetable, fruits, and a few more things. This lockdown proved to be beneficial for some people who were addicted to alcohol and drugs because in these 4 months all the wine shops and other shops were closed, so the people who were addicted to it were irritated in starting but with time they were able to quit their addiction which proved to be a plus point. Now those people don’t want to get addicted to it again because it was very hard for them to leave.

Thus, this tells us that if we make our mindset in such a manner that we will not be doing these addictions again then we will definitely get success and will be able to quit these addictions.

The only thing which can help an addicted person to quit his addictions is that person himself, no other person will be able to help him in any way. A person will quit these things only when he will think about himself and his family. It is not an easy job for anyone to quit an addiction to which he is addicted for a long time. Everything takes time and if a person wants from inside to leave all types of addictions then he will definitely do it.

It is not necessary that every person becomes addicted to something by choice. It may be possible that a person gets addicted to a certain thing unknowingly or unwillingly when forced by someone. But the main point is that a person has to quit such addictions by himself. If any person wants to help his addicted friend or a family member to quit such addictions then also he will not be successful unless the addicted person wants to get cured and quit his addiction. The main thing is that a person should try to avoid getting into an addiction but if somehow he gets addicted, he is the only one who can help himself to get out of that situation.

Is It Possible To Stop Being Addicted?

There are some people who are addicted to money. All they want in their life is to earn or make a lot of money which is actually a good habit or point but some people use illegal ways to earn money that as gambling. They think gambling will help them to make a lot of money but they don’t know that gambling is a very bad addiction when money comes, it comes in huge amounts but when it goes it takes everything from that person his property, business, and whatever more he has. Because people think that they can cover the loss and they go on losing and becomes bankrupt which puts them on road and their true face comes in front of the whole world.

Therefore, a person should be brave enough to not get into any such addiction or if he gets in by any chance, he should come out without getting too late. Addictions are bad not only for the person who is addicted but for those also his family and near dear ones. People without any addiction live their life peacefully, happily and tension-free.

Everything is good if done occasionally or on special events but if the same thing is done regularly or continuously then it is something to be worried about. When something is done occasionally and at intervals, then people do not addict to them but when the same thing is done for a long time on a regular basis then it turns into an addiction. It is not necessary that addiction can only be alcohol or drugs. Alcohol is something which can be of small things which we can’t even think of. So people should do everything in limits. If they want to consume alcohol also, they can do it but should not make it a habit on a regular basis. Addiction is a very vast topic that has its own types, effects, limitations, and many more. 

A person should be capable enough to fight against his addictions so that his future life becomes easy and his mental s well as physical health remains good. Everything should be done by people but at some interval so that they do not get addicted to it.

Because once a person gets addicted to something that doesn’t matter big or small it becomes very difficult for him to get out of any addiction. A person should always be careful enough to not get into an addiction. It is like a disease that does not have any perfect solution because it depends upon the person who is addicted to such things.

How Do I Stop Being So Addicted?

Addiction is something from which the whole world needs to fight together so that it can be resolved and the world becomes a happy place to live. A person who is addicted to any type of thing, he doesn’t care about the things happening next to him and he is unaware of the facts that are happening from around the world. Addiction is a very serious disease from which the whole world needs to fight together but many people are there who don’t know about the term ADDICTION.

Firstly, a campaign should be made every month so that people get aware of this disease which needs to be cured together because addiction is a disease that leads to many serious diseases and leaves a very bad impact on society. Secondly, a person should avoid as much as he can getting into any type of addiction because it is better personally for everyone so that a person will live his life happily and without any tension. Therefore, a person should live happily without getting into addictions which leads to a good life. 

Addictive behavior is a major problem in our society. What’s worse, it’s not just the addicts who suffer from this problem; everyone around them does too. Friends and family members must endure unrelenting emotional and sometimes even physical abuse. They try to help their loved ones stop the addiction, but oftentimes they feel helpless and exhausted because no matter what they do, nothing changes.

The best way to deal with an addict is to provide unconditional love and support. However, it isn’t easy to do this because addicts have very low self-esteem and they don’t always want to see themselves as someone who needs help. This makes it even harder to accept and help them. To help them see their worth and to help them overcome their addiction, you have to look at the addict as a whole person. You cannot look at his or her problem as being separate from their character. If you do this, you will see that the addict is worth saving. The best thing to do is to help the addict develop a plan for their recovery.


In conclusion, the only way to stop addictive behavior is to be willing to deal with the underlying issues. For many, this may be difficult, but it is well worth the effort.

To put an end to addictive behavior, it’s important to recognize that there may be an emotional component. Rather than avoiding the emotional aspects of their addiction, addicts would do well to face them head-on and work at solving them. Let’s hope now you know how to stop addictive behavior.

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