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Understanding how to be happy for growth and success

Genuine happiness and a peaceful life is what everyone wants from life. The philosophers have said that the only goal of life is to be happy and let others be happy. The great ancient figures have echoed this thing their whole life that happiness is the secret to a healthy life.

Happiness is the only goal of every person that does not see any religion, caste, creed or anything. It exceeds the stigma of these differences. Everyone in the world pays importance and attention to people.

Happiness is the most common guide to self-help and self-love. Happiness improves the quality of life so such an extent that person loves his life even more. There are a lot of self-help books available and one can easily find books on self-help like wisdom, humor, how to be happy etc.

In this fast pace world, it is difficult to find persons who are happy because due to the work pressure and all the life has become so busy that people now rarely find time to sit with their family and friends to smile for a moment or to spend quality time.

Some say staying positive will help you in remaining happy and by staying positive there will be sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction is also very important factor and a satisfied person can be happy and feel contentment. Engagement in social behaviors, pro-social behavior’s, high salary and good health are required for being happy.

how to be happy

The positive thoughts in our life are what will teach us how to be happy in life. The positive environment along with the required skills helps us in remaining positive and happy.

Personal happiness is something that is up to you. You are self-centered and the inter-personal and inter-personal things make you happy if there is not any consequence at all. The contentment is very rare to find and not only in the personal life even contentment with everything you have is the key to be happy.

Mostly stressed out people always google it how to be happy but the way to happiness never comes in stressful situation and all we have to do is to be productive enough to be happy in that situation. Let me share some ways by which we can be productive and happy in stressful situation too.

How to be happy in stressful situation

With positive thoughts we can overcome stress so easily. Stress can occur due to many reasons. It may to the person who is earning for his family and doing hand to mouth to gain the bonus or it may be that house maker who has a lot of burden of the chores and cannot get time for the things she loves to do.

On the top every member in family has stress and are managing everything, some have financial issues and some have other issues. We can do a few things to be happy like a few things are there and let me jot down those points.

Go for a walk

Going out for a walk can reduce the mental pressure. Spending sometime with nature and spending quality time doing self-talk and intake fresh air can reduce all the stress and make us internally happy. Going out can boost the endorphins and relax our mind to make peace. Nature is the best remedy for every stress. This is how walk keeps you happy.

Say cheese

Smile a little, no matter if that smile is fake because a fake smile can also help you out to de-stress yourself. The facial feedback theory says squeezing a smile even when you cannot as it adds some percentage of de-stressing and peace. As we also know that our stimuli reacts to the changes in our body, muscles or anything. Even our brain takes the changes in the body posture.

Keeping a pen or pencil in your mouth when you are thinking something or solving any problem because researchers say that it helps in improving your mental health and naturally on bringing happiness. This is because holding the pen or pencil in mouth is a smiling posture of face. This is how to be happy with a smile.

how to be happy

Listen to music

Ahh Gosh!! This cannot be forgotten, music is relieving, the biggest stress buster. As music goes on, our lips and the humming sound goes on and specially with that we forget the stress we have. This is how to be happy with music.

Listening your kind of music calm you and stress flies away. Mostly doctors listen to the soothing sounds to calm themselves before surgeries. The stress hormones are calmed down after listening to the beautiful music. The happiness hormone dopamine gets activated.

Exercises and progressive exercises for relaxing

Blood pulse gets reduced by simple exercises that calm the muscles of the body and it reduces stress. Mild exercises and stretching can do a lot to your body including giving happiness. Do simple exercises and there is no need to do extensive hard exercises. Take a deep breathe start doing exercises from the beginning.  Start from stretching of your body and do some yoga poses that are stress reliever. Continue breathing.

Be a kid again, have a candy

Being happy does not mean that you cannot be a kid. Every one has a kid inside so now bring it out when you are stressed so that happiness comes and stress flies away. Have some sweets and satisfy your heart. One piece of your favorite cookie will make up your day. The production of glucocorticoid gets less with the intake of sugary substance. Don’t think about calories when you want to be happy during stress. This is the easiest way to be happy.

Recreation of your schedules

The unhappiness is when we cannot spend the time with our loved ones and we cannot find out time for ourselves. We earn by stressing out so much and due to the tight schedules could not do anything. So we should bring down the calendar and reset the schedules to make some time for self-care and self-happiness.

We juggle up things in hurry and forget the things. Recreating the calendar for your schedules can make you free for sometime so that you can have enough time for yourself and family too. Try to do the things before time so that you can spend time with proper ease and there will be no hurry for anything.

Be grateful in your life

Be grateful in your life

Being contented with what you have and always feeling positive in the dark and hard situation is important to be happy. Everyone should be grateful in life believing in the thought that someone is bearing more than us or something  bad would have occurred or happened but didn’t. the way and the perspective of us seeing the problem is important and only this can help us and every person out there to be happy.

Add some fun in your life

Adding fun can be in any form. Watching your favorite series, movies, binge watching something with friends or hanging out somewhere with family or friends. This temporary distraction helps in making up with the stress and letting happiness flow out.

Drag out the sadness and stress from you in a way that you don’t have to ever google how to be happy. Treat yourself as you love only yourself. Things that can make you do something good and that can make you feel positive should be done. Taking a break and watching your favorite movie is the reliever. Nothing related to smoking or drinking should be done.

The hedonistic and self-centered things bring happiness and for pursuing happiness in one’s life, people think it as interpersonal and interpersonal bonds of a person’s life that are the most important things required in life and some where it has been proved true that personal ties with your special ones are the sources of happiness.

The scientific investigations reveal that there are some methods to enhance the happiness and these methods are remaining positive, self-satisfaction and other things.

People successfully understand the factors that are responsible for maintaining happiness. The positive psychology has made people think about happiness in a great way. Pursuing and running after happiness results in failure but shaping our own level of happiness is like engaging in certain types of work that you like, preparing the food you like and meeting the people who have different behaviors.

40 % happiness comes from doing what your heart wants; this happiness can grow you internally, externally and personally. If the activities chosen by you are from your heart, you can easily adopt the positivity in your life keeping the negative aura far away from yourself.

Add some fun in your life

Various books have been published on the topic how to be happy and the personal growth.

 Choose the never-ending path of happiness and the individuals run after success to be happy but after it do they remain happy with the achievement. Basically, it is not the success that makes a person happy. It is basically the changes that come into you in order to achieve the success. To the paradox life that we have, there is no specific answer to us. One can strive for happiness with no ego in mind.

If we pursue happiness it is called as an ineffective way and you cannot achieve happiness by pursuing it. One of the writer named John Stuart says that people seek happiness and it is marked as the only end that every individual wants.

Happiness comes unknowingly and only then when we focus on the things we love rather than the things other people love and they do. Rushing after happiness does not make sense but making every day happier makes an individual reach the door of happiness.

If we are at continuity to seek happiness we may fail to achieve it because happiness is not something we can pursue and run after, it comes knocking the door.

According to the researches in psychology, it is said that the individual’s happiness depends wholly on the mood they have and satisfaction is what makes a person happy in life.

We can take it as the romantic weather, the relationship with our loved ones and the kind of happiness when we see rain in the hot summers. Happiness is in little things and it depends on us how we perceive it, how we choose happiness in our lives.

If you are unhappy, no matter what beautiful things may come in your life, you will always choose to remain unhappy. This is the fact and this fact is given naturally. Nature makes you happy but it is up to the individual how to remain happy with the positivity and perception in life.

Human beings never check or investigate their doings, whether they are doing anything, they won’t regret doing it because it gives them happiness and to be happy, humans can go to any extent.

Spend time with family

For example some get happiness by serving people and others get happiness by playing or eating. Why would someone be happy to serve anyone, the reason is unknown but if that gives an individual happiness then they won’t stop themselves from doing that.

The feeling of self-reflection and the level of one’s happiness is determined by the actions he takes. Everything that a person has in its mind is something he grabbed from the outside world and everything that you take from nature or the outside world is within you for a limited time period.

The individuals attempt to happiness is the only level of satisfaction. The people who are happy in their lives have no ego problem at all and they have a better experience of life and obviously they have learnt too much and this is the reason they are happy.

Focus is made on the personal happiness and on the activities that are required to be happy. The people become motivated to be happy and do such things that benefit them. The self-determination theory and the activity of joy is what make a human happy. The joy and satisfaction of completing the joyful activities is happiness.

The goal of being happier becomes stronger when the [people engage themselves in those activities that are encouraging and helps in remaining happier.

The extrinsic and the intrinsic motivation is all what is needed. The activities in which you have to volunteer some tasks say standing in a stand-up comedy and all. What stand-up comedians do they generally love the activity of making everyone laugh. This in return makes them happy.

The person or individual if has a different perspective to see the problems. Those who take it as a positive challenge will always be successful in life and the personal growth of such type of people is for sure.

According to the studies, it is said that listening music is very de-stressing and a goal is given to increase the smile by listen music the data.  The five individuals were also mentioned and the other are follows:

Add some fun in your life

The motivation of the participants of happiness does not measure the type of motivation, they just feel joyfulness of being in that scenario. The extrinsic motivation is the one that helps them in moving towards the natural enjoyment of the nature.

The natural enjoyment keeps a person happy because it is for this happiness we are all occupied in some work to give happiness to our family and could not spend time with them.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is subjective experience of life. Personal growth to reach the success in your life is very important. Happiness is related to the personal growth of the life. Because the happier the person is the more growth he will be having in his life. Now the question arises how to be happy and grow your self personally.

The only door way to be happy is to master in the contentment feeling. The feeling of contentment with in your life takes you to a higher personal growth.

The greater resilience to the obstacles and challenges in life and the experiences from them teaches a lot  how to master the regular environment around us. Various life experiences gives us a lot of experiences and those experiences contribute in to the personal growth and development.

For example, if a student fails in an examination he gets an experience of how to attempt the paper and what to keep in mind for the next time. So this hits him hard and he got the experience that helped him in his personal growth and development.

On the other hand, people may be working separately on their personal growth like a person takes out time from the busy schedule to play tennis every day or any kind of game. This helps the person to stay away from stress and calm down. Playing your favorite game helps in personal growth and makes a person happy from inside.

Mostly it happens that personal growth takes place after bundle of experiences so that you develop so much that any negative situation does not affect your mental health and peace and you become pro in handling everything with a smile on your face. This is actually the answer of how to be happy and develop your personality.

The feeling a person gets from the negativity around or from the negative happenings in his life may turn the person into an idol of negativity with zero personal growth. Low confidence is the biggest enemy of personal growth and happiness. The phenomenon in which we focus on the personal growth by keeping ourselves happy is called the formula of personal growth.

Personal Growth

 Self-growth is a product of dissonance and some experiences make us weak and some grow us personally and socially, some beliefs show that these it leaves a deep impact on us. The reduction in the stress keeps us motivating that we can grow personally and develop our self.

The positive functioning of life and the personal growth reflect the actual change in the development of a person. Low- depression, high attitude, well-being is what are the signs of a happy and developed soul.

Some researchers have theories that the qualities of a person helps him in overcoming the stress and mental illness and psychological well-being of a person is all that is involved in the personal growth. Self-talk, personal thoughts, relation with other, positive aura around us and maintenance of that positivity are the necessary things.

If there is no personal growth there is no happiness and vice versa so technically, both things are quite related to each other. If you grow personally it will lead to a change that is great for the future aspects and if you are feeling or facing any issues, you are no more reluctant to solve it. Psychological thoughts are something that pay a lot in the personal growth and happiness of a person.

Playfully Facing the problems and answering them with a thought of the being strongest instead of playing as a victim helps you to determine that you are enough strong to grow yourself.

The six aspects of life like satisfaction, positivity, negative attitude and all these things are responsible for the personal growth and development. Personal growth is thus related a lot with the happiness and positivity.

The ego is the biggest enemy of the personal growth, development and happiness. Egoistic mind is never satisfied and lacks the feeling of contentment.

The things that are under the control of human can be altered but rest the things that are natural cannot be changed and the ego to change the natural phenomenon destroys the growth and development. No happiness in life can make a person behave like a dumb with no emotions and zero personal development.

 Personality development

 Personality development

Personality development takes place from the very beginning and it all depends on the perspective how we achieve it. Personality development starts with personal growth. The personal growth is something that teaches us the sophistication and different perception of people.

When a person is developed, he has a different view of seeing everything and knows that every person has a different perspective of life and had different views.

The positivity in life increases with age and the empirical evidence suggests and reports all these things. The more your age is the more you have experiences of remaining positive in life. The maturity level in life is what is important for achieving the personal growth. The complex sensibility is what is important for the development of the personality.

Ego can harm the personal growth it blocks the mind and you are not able to see things differently. The complex the thinking is, the more egoistic a person is. The personality development is what takes place when you are over all the ego. Every thing is clear when you are out of ego and able to see the situations and bringing their solutions.

The ego and the stress related growth is not a part of healthy growth. A healthy growth is what takes place when you are free from the stress and ego or you have enough experience to tackle the situation without stressing out yourself.

The personality development and happiness are related to each other. The happy we are, the more developed personality we get. The growth oriented development is the happiest part in life. Growing in the fields of your life and tackling the problem is necessary.

When ego is at its lowest stage, the individual fulfills its need and the impulses. The rules and causalities are learnt along with the responsibilities one have, the more responsible the person is the more happier he becomes.

The respect to the autonomy of others is important and the individual should embrace tolerance and should keep calm. True personality growth can happen with the happiness and happiness is the only foundation of it. When you learn new things and skills and follow them too, your life goes into the direction of personal growth and development.

The implementation and the intentions of work by illustrating and describing the situational cues along with the motivational factors reminds the engagement in the target behavior at a non-conscious level.

Self-regulation, self-control has many theories described by many authors, and the assumption that the extrinsic motivation for a defined goal boosts the development and develops the happiness of an individual and grows them mentally and physically.

Development of the inner-self is the most important thing and should be considered as a necessary aspect. The full-fledged personality of a person is reflected when he is enough happy and working towards the betterment of his /her personality. The mental and the professional growth is possible only when the whole scenario is positive for a person.

 Personality development

The people who understand themselves by spending time to enhance themselves are the one who have their goals very clear and know how to make happiness from the kind of work they do. Growing personally means to work on yourself and to embrace yourself as you are.

The following are the two things with which the personal growth is connected  and those are joy and happiness

There is no magic to be happy. The magic is in ourselves, just rotate your band and smile and work for the betterment of your personal self. Change is good only if it is positive and bringing a positivity in you. Change should be embraced if it leaves appositive aura and takes away all the negative things.

Changing of habits from bad to good and improving the qualities in yourself for the betterment and the development of the human, the goals and the responsibilities are the things that make us happy.

The first development to your own-self depends on the thinking. Thinking plays an important role and the when you have a broad thinking, development has already taken a place, a big improvement in thinking patterns is acceptance of a big challenge.

There are a lot of things for happiness and these things are just not enough. You should choose the path where you want to move and the on the other hand develop the interest.

The journey of making yourself happy and the journey of self-improvement pays off. The self-awareness and self love is the first thing from where these things start (self-improvement).  Knowing the values and principles, one must go on with the personal development and though of being happy.

When you are curious, you meet a child in your self and ask endless questions. The whole possibilities and impossibilities are asked. The state of mind in which you go through a lot of things with desire to explore, you are uncertain. One can become stronger enough.

Curiosity is a state of mind in which a desire to know is developed. The longing to the seeking of this knowledge of happiness is called the positive energy to happiness. If the curiosity is genuine it will help in the growth of happiness. The curiosity to know facts and different things to improve the skills is also helpful in personal development.

The thoughts that we usually consider are materialistic in nature and to achieve the goals of how to be happy we have to think in a right manner. Positivity thinking helps in achieving the right goal. For example, if you want to buy a car, think positive by visualizing you sitting in that car and going on a long drive.

There is a necessity to perform some important functions which are enough for development. Entertainment in life also helps to keep our soul calm. Stopping procrastinating is the way by which we can achieve the goal.

be cool stay happy

A personal development plan is what is needed and this process takes up everything that is important for being happy. Personal and personality development takes up everything that is needed to achieve happiness and achieve your dream. Personality development helps you to define and achieve your goals. Happiness is being a part of personality development.

Happiness can be found certainly in the long conversations with our beloved ones, in the bonus given by our company. The intangible feeling of satisfaction and mental peace is called happiness. There ate a lot of ways to be happy. One can be happy with pets, other can be with party and some love reading books and others cooking food. For everyone, there is a different face of happiness.

Finding a purpose in life and becoming the best out of that purpose is what is needed for being happy and for personal growth. A feeling that everyone loves us and being loved by everyone is what is needed to be happy.

Happiness goals mean having friends, family and feeling accepted and loved by the whole family. The contentedness and the peace of mind is needed for happiness to remain long lasting.

The situations are responsible for the judgement of happiness. The level of happiness can be determined by the factors that made the happiness. The particular set of activities is responsible for changing the whole happy scenarios.

 Keeping yourself happy is one of the main important thing in life. A person can be happy if he loves to see the other person happy and if ego is all that is filled in the mind of the person, personality growth is never going to happen. The chasing of a dream also provides immense happiness.

How to be happy by chasing your dream

Any one can increase the happiness in life by chasing the dreams of his/her. The happiness does not require the need of your ethnic or economic background. Money also does not describe your small happiness. No doubt money is necessary to chase your dream but one should have a feeling of positivity to remain happy in life. Only then happiness can knock the doors.

If you are enough capable of doing what your dream says, it means you know the secret path to happiness. The secret to happiness as I have already told is by following your heart. A happy person never thinks of the society, all he thinks is of following his/her passion. A Person who knows how to be happy in life is no more reluctant or vulnerable.

The person who is chasing the dream of his life deserves a big applause because in search of happiness finding the things in your heart and recognizing them and walking on the path where heart says is the ultimate level of happiness.

Meaning of happiness

Meaning of happiness

The meaning of happiness gets shifted to someone’s life. The meaning of happiness for everyone is different and for me the happiness is something that we can see on a child’s face who is eating ice cream or on the face of that employee who enjoys the Sunday at his/ her home.

We can take any example of happiness. The researchers named Fujita and Diener in their study showed that the changes in the happiness over time. 24 % participants showed a variety of changes in their happiness.

The happiness is related to the emotions too. The concept of happiness is the contentment after the excitement has been over.

Cultural meaning of happiness

The cultural meaning of happiness is that it does not have any culture and people from various cultures are religions evaluate happiness. The happiness means the qualitative harmony and the ultimate goal is personal happiness. The cultures have harmony and the harmony is what makes peace and peace is what makes happiness. The way different cultures gather together is called the happiness.

The time till we see our parents, family and we know that they are all fine makes us happy. The conclusion of how to be happy is to love the way you are your loved ones are. The only treasure in life is the loved ones that we have. Happiness is something we don’t know about in depth, what we know is we feel satisfaction in doing something and we call it happiness.

Contentment is the biggest happiness. It keeps our heart and mind confined to one place and satisfied to one thing. Materialistic things never give us eternal happiness. It only gives us the excitement for a moment and then we start searching for more and more and actually better than the previous. From here the contentment is happiness can be clarified.

Happiness can be measure by measuring the success but success is not happiness in fact the efforts we put to get that success is happiness and the changes that come into us and are reflected into us is the real achievement that makes us happy and satisfied.

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