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How Accurate is Numerology Reading?

The universe, our planet and the human being himself, everything that is part of creation including divine laws can be decoded and reported in the form of a numerical sequence to mathematics and numerology chart (which many also indicate as angelic numerology) allows to know the meaning behind each number and by abstraction, to understand the function of the intuitions that come to us in the form of numbers, pairs of numbers, dates, formulas and so on. let’s see how accurate is numerology reading is.

Numerology, the art of predicting through the observation of numbers is a difficult practice to study, but if you have mastered it, its application becomes a precise tool to identify at what point of the path of ascent you are in a given space-time instant, as well as to predict what tests life will put before us, so as to find ourselves at least psychologically prepared for their occurrence.

Since bringing a future event to the attention in the present triggers celebrated synapses that lead to the facilitation of acceptance at the time of the event itself.

The whole Universe moves according to the Law of Resonance, so what is around us if it resonates with us if it vibrates at the same frequency as us, it helps us on our path and this was well known since ancient times when Symbology, in union with Numerology was applied much more widely than today, just think of the pyramids or cathedrals built by applying the Golden Section and the rules of Sacred Geometry, this resonated in the depths of those who came into contact with these constructions by connecting the inner matrix with the divine Matrix and causing inner passages.

Learning this fascinating and at the same time occult art does not end in a single existence, its field of application is so vast.

However, it is interesting and accessible to try to investigate the depth of the soul through numerology report in order to understand its root by determining the Alchemical Sign or Destiny Number that everyone has.

In fact, in Numerology, starting from the year of birth through the theosophical reduction, adding all the figures and then resuming the figures of the result together until a single number is obtained, that particular number will be a general expression of the profound nature of that person and his/her daily life (given numerology of birth).

The meaning of numbers: numbers and extended meanings of prime numbers.

We report below numbers and basic principles of the numerology of angels, a summary and general description to give you an idea of what their interpretation could provide in the practice of angelic numerology.

Numerology meaning of numbers:

Numerology 1: Mystical Center, Unique Thing. Masculine energy, power, creativity, originality.

Concrete people, steadfast, endowed with interior light, but tending to command, do not share with anyone, like the number one.

Numerology 2: Division, dualism, materiality. Feminine energy. The two that breaks uniqueness and is linked to the Devil, as the one who divides.

Diplomatic person, sweet and persuasive, but also endowed with bewitching malice with which he gets what he wants.

Numerology 3: Creation, development, divine Triad. A lucky and successful person, but also a dispersion of energy symbolized by the triangle which with its three sides places three ways in front.

Numerology 4: Solidity, matter, rules. The four refers to the square, to the earth and to the four elements (Earth-Air-Fire-Water), it is a space-time regulation number (4 cardinal points, 4 seasons). Support people like columns, granite, but sometimes heavy.

Numerology 5: Nature, Man, Quintessence. A number of sensuality, vitality and versatility gave by the pentagon symbol, but also of uncertainty since the number halfway poses the same possibility both going forward and turning back.

Numerology 6: Seal of Solomon, the union between two correctly completed worlds. Quiet, integrated, satisfied people.

Numerology 7: Prime number. Wisdom, knowledge. The number that regulates the life cycles of nature, such as the lunar and menstrual ones, makes those who have this number a solitary type, but a master of themselves.

in there and groped to draw conclusions on the meaning of the numbers of some couples, for example, numerology 17, the number relating to the Temple of the Knights Templar, formed by 1 + 7, a union between the mystical centre (1) and wisdom and knowledge (7); or 11, number of Twin Flames, the union of 1 and 1, where two twin souls, therefore equal, come together as two microcosms that are part of a single cosmos.

But the study is fine beyond the mental process since Numerology follows a spiritual and mystical approach, mostly occult to most men, who often apply to limit protocols: in the meaning of numbers, just think of the number 2 which here it is not understood as a doubling of unity (1 + 1) but as a division, as the 1 represents the ONE, a single-centre, God, who breaks in two in duality and then reunites in the Triad in 3, of which the representation is the triangle also symbol of Unity.

Starting from these examples, one can only imagine the immense possibilities of application, in art, in music, in writing as well as for Arithmomancy which associates a number with each letter of the Latin alphabet or in Kabbalah where each letter of the Hebrew alphabet a numerical value is given and therefore each word is a sequence of numbers which can then always be reported through the theosophical reduction to a single number.

Already in 490 BC, a genius like Pitaroga, considered the father of Numerology for his homonymous theorem, had made it a reason for life; today the meaning numbers and more generally numerology is considered a pseudo-science as much as Astrology since it cannot be scientifically proven as it follows laws of harmonic vibrations (for which by pronouncing a word one enters into vibration with the object, person or named place).

But this does not affect the mystical value given by numerologists to this science which can reveal a lot to the human being about his specific path since there is no limit to knowledge if the path taken is the one that starts with numbers.

Numbers as an abstraction of reality

Numbers as an abstraction of reality

In practice, the use of numerology to probe the inner depth is based on the principle that nothing happens by chance, but everything has a meaning and where it is not possible to report an event, or rather an effect, to a cause it is not because there is no common thread, but because it is not possible to perceive it and what we call coincidence is not always the result of the causal principle and nor of the passivity of the human being at the mercy of chaos and subjugated by adverse fate, but it is defined ” significant coincidence “.

It is a connection between two events that occur at the same time and between which the cause-effect principle does not apply, linked by laws that are alien to us and perhaps too high to understand, the effect of which often leaves us amazed, effect currently indicated by the Jungian term of “Synchronicity” but already known in antiquity, where two events happen, they come together at the same time as two different mental states come together.

The numerological theme and the symbology of numbers

It has happened to everyone to have doubts and ask questions and as if by magic to recognize a signal as coming from above that makes the answer leap in our eyes, or think of a person and meet him. The laws governing this phenomenon for us remain theories that lead to the quantum physics of parallel worlds that are difficult to understand.

One thing is certain when you try it and we have all experienced that strange sensation when unexpected events happen but linked together, that subtle bond with something great, universal, which is the same bond that leads to perceiving particular sensations before the ” happening for example of nefarious events for the planet Earth, since everything is linked and everything is cyclical, like a snake biting its own tail (the Ouroboros) and therefore every being is linked to the others, differently unique but son of the same stars and of the Gods themselves, mythical divinities that Jung himself studied well for whom he coined the term Archetypes, (from Archè, principle, origin, but also form, image).

Principles common to all of us, such as immense Eggregore, arcane entities, figures mythological that have always been part of us, of our “collective unconscious” as Jung defined it, with which we come into contact in specific moments of our existence in accordance with our wealth of experiences , are activated by our unconscious in correspondence with great events or changes in our life and become either fundamental allies or bitter enemies depending on whether they are in us in light or in shadow.

Each of them expresses one of the great universal concepts such as love, inner search, struggle or wisdom, and their weapons, their specific characteristics, must be used to proceed on the path to knowledge and not for selfish purposes.otherwise they will possess us.

Getting in touch with the Archetypes, recognizing their presence in us and as well as working for collaboration with them in the light is fundamental to know sides of us that we deliberately hide, and in this Numerology comes to meet us, since for the principle of synchronicity the numerical codes linked to each individual person (date of birth, name, etc) have not been placed at random and follow the archetypal language, Jung himself defined the numbers as “Archetypes of order”.

Each Archetype is associated with a number that represents it and through a certain procedure it is possible to discover which Archetypes belong to us and of these which are present in light or in shadow, as well as which is the one that best represents us, this within a very broad diagnostic framework called NUMEROLOGICAL THEME, a real prediction oracle through which it is possible to know ourselves, then choose to fill our gaps and heal ancient wounds, predict future events related to the cycle of our life and lessons Karmic still to be learned, as well as intercepting at what point in time we have arrived on our spiritual journey towards the “return to the Father’s house” and why not, maybe create a personal numerical Mandala, a magic Square that helps us overcome the rocks and then perform inner steps towards our happiness.

In practice, the construction of the Numerological Chart is achieved by starting from the Numerological Table which associates a number to each of the 26 letters of the alphabet using the principle of Gematria.

numerological table

numerological table

By converting the letters that make up our name and surname into numbers we proceed to the creation of the personal Numerological Card and using our personal numbers, such as the date of birth, through theosophical additions and reductions, we obtain a series of peculiar codes which identify precise way ourselves.

Recalling that in general, the vowels indicate the will of the heart, of the soul, while the consonants that of the personality, and that the master numbers 11 and 22 should not be reduced, the codes of interest in the construction of the Numerological Chart and therefore the meaning of numbers I’m:

Destiny Number (Dharma Number or Alchemical Sign). Theosophical reduction of the sum of the numbers of the date of birth. This number generally indicates our own destiny, the events and encounters that are part of our life path.

Soul number Indicates the general profound will of the soul, it is found by reducing the theosophically the sum of the corresponding numbers on the personal numerological chart to the vowels of the name and surname

Person number (from the Greek ‘mask’). It indicates the profile of the personality and of our social masks is found starting from the consonants of the name and surname applying the same reduction procedure to arrive at a single digit.

Ego number Closely connected and complementary to the Soul number, it describes our identity, character and talents, but also defects. It is obtained by always reducing the sum of the consonants of the vowels of both the name and the surname to one digit.

A number of the Quintessence The Quintessence, the ether, the fifth energy that permeates the four elements, here understood as the condensation of the four essences and their vibrations, personality, I, Self and destiny, in a harmonious balance. It shows us precisely how to find peace and balance and is given by the sum of the number of the ego and that of Destiny.

Golden Number Sum of the number of the Ego, Destiny and Quintessence. Enigmatic code of perfection that leads everything back to an overall vision.

The Archetypes, divided into Archetypes of the Ego, the spirit, and the Self, are calculated based on the numbers corresponding to the cycles of life since they are activated in a certain period relating to the degree of connection with one’s soul and the experiences gained; each period will correspond to a specific main Archetype that governs it and other secondary ones.

The primary Life Cycles are three (possibly divisible into further sub-cycles), Formative, Productive, and Concluding and last approximately 28 years each.

Training Cycle Linked to birth and childhood, it is calculated by taking the number of the month of birth as a reference, or by reducing the number corresponding to the month with two digits to one digit. The number that is obtained will have a specific vibration that will give precise indications on the experiences that that person wants to have in his first 28 years (approximately).

Production Cycle Linked to the realisation of personal intent for the specific service that the soul wants to carry out and therefore pertaining to the work sphere, it begins around the thirtieth year. It is calculated by theosophical reduction of the day of birth, with the exception of Master Numbers 11 and 22,

Final Cycle It is calculated starting from

Numerology 8: that is double number 4 + 4, the real plan doubles, this indicates great ease in achieving real goals such as money and success, as much as the same ease of ruinous failures. Symbol of infinity and balance, it leads to access to two different opposing worlds that can only be crossed by practising the middle way.

Numerology 9 3 × 3, three times large, denotes superior qualities, great achievements both interior, in the spiritual sphere, and exterior due to the great ability to give love which can also turn into boundless selfishness. In these people, the three worlds unite, body, spirit and soul, represented by the tetrahedron star, Merkaba.

Including this, you can go further from the year of birth and it is the ‘harvest period’ that will accompany us until the end of our days.

There are various schools of thought based on the cataloguing and numbering assigned to the individual Archetypes, here we will limit ourselves only to a scant list of the 12 universal Archetypes of the personality that refer to Jungian concepts, also because the instrumental value of the archetypes is expressed in the archetypal and not only in the single Archetype.

Archetypes of the Ego (Travel Preparation)

Innocent. The first, the most important, linked to one’s birth, carries with it the fear of not being “watched”, cared for, but denies it, believes that the whole world is angry with him, overcomes the problem (the dragon), understanding and admitting that he is wrong and that he is not perfect.

Orphan. He feels orphaned, abandoned, far from God, he lets himself be exploited without reacting, he suffers in silence, he overcomes this phase by accepting the pain and realizing his own independence.

Warrior. Its characteristics are discipline and courage, it fights for victory, but if it is dragged by the ego it goes into shadow.

Guardian angel. Helping others is his reason for living, if he does it unconditionally it is in the light, self-destructing or demanding a counterpart is in the shade

Archetypes of the Spirit (Hero’s Journey)

Seeker. It is in search of its true nature, it does not conform, it is in the shade when it escapes this urgent need for research.

Lover. A pure passion that will follow without uncertainty, his only goal is to do what makes him happy, for the fear of losing the object of his desire he is able to turn the coin and show the other side of love, the hate.

Destroyer. The archetype of metamorphosis, letting go of what is obsolete in our life, like a mandala that is built and then destroyed to make another, if in shadow it also destroys what is good in life.

Creator. He who has the ability to create himself, to self-affirm his identity and authenticity as a mother who creates life apparently from nothing, if it is present in the shadow, defines the shadow itself as part of itself.

Archetypes of the Self (Return Journey)

Sovereign. The archetype of the order, of the regency, who owns it is sovereign of himself and can expect that order is raised over chaos unless he decides to use the state of chaos itself by authorizing it since he is the sovereign and may decide to do so.

Magician. Power to tune into the cosmic energy of transformation, magic, mysticism, sensitive abilities if in the shade it uses the energies it knows in a negative way.

Wise. Archetype of wisdom, detachment from the earthly world and its flattery, its only need is the search for Truth, in the shade, it denies everything that knows including God and life itself but rarely remains in the shade since usually those who possess it and he activated it has such a maturity to retrace his steps.

Crazy. The beginning and the end at the same time, like the fool of the Tarot. He has arrived at freedom, at Nirvana, he no longer cares about anything or anyone, but he is himself and that’s all, he makes fun of and makes fun of God, the joy of existing is his essence.

Archetypes in shadow are calculated by subtraction, here too there is the main one and at least two secondary ones, the number (always reduced to a single digit) corresponding to the first shadow is obtained by subtracting the number of the month from the number for the to the second shade by subtracting that of the year from that of the day.

Proceeding to the subtraction between the number of the first shadow and the second we arrive at the number of the Main Archetype which is in the shadow on which we must necessarily concentrate our efforts to bring it to light.

The Master’s numbers (or Masters), 11 and 22 correspond to Archetypes that are difficult for humans to sustain and rarely activated and therefore, depending on the general picture, the hypothesis of their reduction can be evaluated.

Another fundamental section of the Numerological Theme is that relating to the search for Karmic events and the lessons that still have to be learned to correct the imbalances resulting from actions implemented in previous lives and which according to the cause-effect law will necessarily be balanced, since everything in the universe is in equilibrium the law of Karma is granite and there is no way to escape it, at least not by the will of the human being, if not by paying the debts incurred.

The Karmic Lessons are calculated by taking care of the letters, and consequently through the numerological table to the numbers, missing in one’s name and surname. These numbers will indicate the missing experiences that we will still have to face.

But Karma is not composed only of the ‘bad’ actions of previous lives, but also of those worthy of merit and it will be the latter that will indicate, in a numerological as a whole, the mission that the soul has come to fulfil in this life since from the spiritual point of view there are no good or bad actions, but all actions are considered only experiences that, if reconstructed, map our existence in total, indicating the way and the goal to which we are destined to arrive.

Numerology how it works and how to use it

Numerology has very great importance in the holistic and esoteric framework. Knowing numerology is like knowing yourself very accurately. Not only knowing yourself but also knowing others and the energies that surround us. So first understand how Numerology works and how to use it.

It is very important to know how numerology works and how to use it. Important to know who we are dealing with. In what environment do we relate and what are the talents and defects we work alongside. Through Numbers, you can truly discover a world and take unexpected benefits.

Another thing is knowing how to use numerology. Numerology can be used as I mentioned to live your life better. To understand how to relate to other people. How to deal with your inner demons and how to defeat them. How to understand and neutralize the demons of the environments.

Knowing how to use Numerology correctly opens the door to true esoteric knowledge. That knowledge is hidden from most people. As obvious to our soul as it is so well hidden from human eyes. Now try to understand more about how numerology works and how to use it.

How to use Numerology

Numerology can be used in the following fields:

Behavioural psychology

Improvement of Social Relations

Discovery of Personal Talents

Improvement of the financial situation

  •  Behavioral Finance
  •  Field of Health and Medical
  •  The real estate sales environment
  •  Search for their ideal living environment to enhance their talents and psychophysical balance
  •  Workplace for fruitful and long-term collaborations

Improvement of couple relationships

To create harmony between the different family members

School path to better understand the right choices to make

Corporate and personal problem solving (quick resolution of the problems that life presents us with)

Business management to enter the right departmental staff or job duties

To create harmony in team working groups (Team Building)

Separations or deaths

Emotional management

Organization of one’s life

Personal and spiritual growth of the individual

Management of the active and passive energies of your life

For understanding the energy of Genealogy

Personal of the discovery of one’s life Mission

Resolution of conflicts with the Unconscious

Semantic field to understand which are the words that give you strength and energy and which on the contrary to avoid

The secret of how to understand the numerological meaning of the following environments lies in reducing the words of their numerological range to number.

Practical examples of Numerology

Let’s take a typical example: Giovanni was born on August 5th and goes to live in via dei glycine n.212. We would break down the street into numbers and working on the house number we will find out what kind of influence this house will have in your life.

Suppose John wants to travel a lot in his life and discover new worlds that he did not know before. We are going to look for a house numerologically 5 for him. Suppose Sonia who has had many boyfriends and struggles to have stable relationships. To her a house 5 could increase the discomfort of the situation. Clearly, for her, a house number 4 will give more relational stability.

But let’s say that Andrea wants to get along with Elisabetta, her daughter who is about to be born, to whom she can still change her name. If he is a number 7 and the daughter energetically with this name is not congenial to her, she can change her name and ensure a more peaceful future. Numerology and date of birth

Everything starts from our date of birth. In this is collected all our esoteric genetic heritage. By this, I mean that we can really understand a person from it. The date of birth contains the most hidden secrets. It can show us what things we like or like least. We can also find out if we are a Man / Man, a Man / Woman, a Woman / Woman or a Woman / Man. This is very useful in the case of romantic relationships.

Read where you can receive personal advice on your numerological date of birth by clicking the link below:

Numerology and date of birth

Numerology how to find your number

How can you find your booster number? That number that best represents you. The number that teaches you how you have always lived and how to live well. That number that can make you understand your psychology, your way of thinking.

How can you decode such secrets from your date of birth? That numerical decoding that represents your genetic-spiritual code. The decoding that can help you in your relationship with your partner. In relationships with your parents. That coding that will finally make family coexistence more serene. Those numbers will teach you how to get along with your children.

Numerology how it works and how to use it is essential to know this essential coding.

Can it be easy to find who can tell you all this? Is there anything really easy in life? Another question arises spontaneously from all this: How much would be the immense value I would have in finding someone who can reveal who I really am? This value would be high. In no time, you could improve your life and go from being passively lived by It to taking your life in hand. The value of what you would receive cannot be calculated in money or experience, it can only be calculated in benefits.

Benefits of Numerology

Greater self-esteem

Growth of personal trust

Improvement of one’s psychophysical balance

Understanding the secrets now hidden

Learning how to manage excellent, satisfying and fulfilling personal relationships

Less waste of time with the people around us

Increase of our self-efficacy

Awareness of our strengths and weaknesses

These are just some of the huge benefits you can have in your life from your increased knowledge of numerology.

Where can you learn more about Numerology?

You can do this by a person qualified in this field. A person who, putting you at ease, makes you live a journey inside you to discover your true identity. What would your life be like after meeting this person? Much better. Think if instead of you going to her, she was coming to you. Think if there was the possibility of knowing who can with great experience introduce you to the world of Numerology. Imagine if all this could even happen near the city where you live?

Do you think this is not possible? Well, this is not only possible but also already repeated over time. How much could a meeting with such a professional cost? Do you think it is possible for free? Think carefully because it is so. Come and meet Davide Celestino Bertaina – Sat Cit Ananda Vigraha in person at the presentation evening on Numerology.

David can help you understand how numerology works and how to use it.

Who is the trainer of the free Numerology event?

Davide Celestino Bertaina – Sat Cit Ananda Vigraha, the founder of PerGiove.it, the site where you can find the best of the holistic world and beyond. A trainer with extensive experience in the field. Over 300 people met and satisfied in less than a year. An experience made up of repeated successes. Practical successes. Advice that changed the lives of the people met for the better.

According to Pythagoras (6th century BC), the apparent variety and confusion of nature is actually endowed with an order and a harmony related to each other, as the universe – which this word already contains in its root the one, unity – is endowed with rationality, according to a very precise design based on numbers.

Just think of the perfection of the golden section, a number of beauty or letter phi (from the initial of the great Greek sculptor Phidias of the 5th century BC who used the golden ratios in the construction of the Parthenon) that we find in nature: it is the ratio constant between two unequal lengths, whose numerical [removed]1.6180339887) is the basis of arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy, botany, architecture, painting. The discovery of the golden number was made by the Pythagorean school in southern Italy: it was Ippaso di Metaponto who, comparing the measurement of the diagonals within the regular pentagon which form the pentagram or 5-pointed star, arrived at the golden section, the whole value of 1.6180339887 is an irrational number. Hippasus linked the concept of incommensurability (not measurable) to the golden value. The 5 is considered the number of nature, of man (Leonardo’s Vitruvian man in whom the golden section is found), of the microcosm, as well as the union between the first even female number, 2, and the first odd number masculine, 3, for this reason, the Pythagoreans connected the 5 to love and marriage. Although 5 was the iconoclastic number that messed up the perfect references that Pythagoras made between numbers, points (he represented each number by adding a point) and geometric figures, he associated 5 with a magical value, so much so that the starry pentagon was one of the symbols of the school Pythagorean. Numbers for Pythagoras were symbols with precise meanings, and each number expressed qualities capable of distinguishing human character.

At the Pythagorean school

Numerology is the study of numbers related to the interiority and individual personality and allows a key to access the deep knowledge of oneself and others. This doctrine was once considered sacred and kept secret, in fact, before accessing the teachings, the aspiring students of Pythagoras had to demonstrate their character, overcoming some tests such as those of patience and humility: for the first three years of school they did not they were taken into consideration and could not enter the tent where Pythagoras taught, and therefore see him, but only hear him from outside.

For the next five years the students had to show temperance, that is, self-control, respecting silence, controlling speech is, in fact, very difficult. Only later could they finally gain close access to the teachings of Pythagoras inside the tent. The wise genius, as he has been defined, adopted these rules because he wished to transmit a beneficial education to mankind.

The fundamental values for Pythagoras were seven and were based on piety; wisdom; temperance (in speaking, in eating, in sex: fidelity and respect towards the partner; in dressing, he taught women to be simple and not too jewelled); the fortress, therefore to be brave; the justice that he was the first to practice because it brought harmony; friendship (the friend is another himself); the music that was used to relieve human troubles, sadness, anger.

Pythagoras of Samos, before establishing his school in Crotone in 530 BC, had travelled to Syria, Egypt, Babylon and had learned arithmetic, scientific, musical and philosophical knowledge from the Magi, the local sages, which he then passed on to his students. The purpose of this profound knowledge tended to amend, that is, to correct, the weak sides of the character.

For Pythagoras the number is the basis of the universe (towards the one), because everything arises from the Divine unity, which is the root and source of all numbers and which gives way to the concept of creation, with the duality between light and darkness, limited and unlimited, odd and even, unity and plurality, right and left, male and female, quiet and moved, straight and curved, good and bad, square and oblong.

Pythagoras came to the realization that the universe is ordered by numbers by experimenting on the monochord, a musical instrument in the shape of a lyre with a single string. Dividing the string into two equal parts produced a note one octave higher than the note produced if the string was not divided, and this resulted from the mathematical ratio of 2 to 1, dividing the string into three equal parts is the ratio mathematical of 3 to 2 or fifth interval, and dividing the chord into four equal parts that of 4 to 3 or fourth interval.

Pythagoras observed that the first 4 numbers constituted the mathematical principles underlying the musical intervals that gave rise to pleasant sounds, while whenThe meaning of the birth date numbers and personal numbers

Numerology catalogued by Pythagoras, and which constitutes Western numerology, studies the symbolic meaning of each number and links its interpretation to the person to whom the number refers. The numbers are within us, everywhere, starting from the repeated and overlying spiral in the shape of 8 of our DNA, to physical measurements, to age. But the numbers that Pythagorean Numerology mainly studies are those of the name and surname – each letter is encoded in numbers according to the Latin alphabet – and the numbers those of the individual date of birth.

See below the example made on the name: SCIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE.

Through this study, we can discover sides of our character, both positive and negative, of which we were not fully aware. This new awareness leads us, if needed, both towards the correction of our weak points and towards the strengthening of the positive sides of our character, with the consequent improvement of our family, sentimental and professional relationships.

Personal numbers make us understand how others see us, they represent our external behaviour, but is this personality really in tune with what we feel inside? The numerological analysis of the name and surname in full and its decomposition into vowels that correspond to the interior, and into consonants that express the personality, gives us a vast and in-depth picture with respect to qualities, possible internal conflicts or external behaviours to improve.

Numerology offers the answer to our and others’ behaviours because it makes us understand that everyone follows their own nature and that it is precisely by knowing it that we can turn towards our personal evolved side. The name and surname are our identities, this distinguishes us from everyone even at a distance and over time, which is why I titled my book. Personal data and first names (they count even if they are not used, because this is how we were announced, identified at birth) are made up of numbers, energetic vibrations that belong to us.

How Accurate is Numerology Reading?

The order in which the numbers appear in a person’s birth date can tell a lot about their personality. Some numbers are associated with certain traits, while other numbers may mean something more ominous. There are 12 different parts of the personality and each part is associated with one of 12 different numbers. The numbers may tell what your personality traits are, how you will act on a certain day or what emotions you will feel.

Can you trust online numerology reading?

If you are doing online numbers reading for the first time, it is very important to take the time to read the warnings that come along with the system. This will tell you if the results you get are accurate reading or fake. It will also tell you if the numbers are telling you something about your personality based on the year you were born or what events have happened to you in your life. You may have a good reason to be skeptical and think it as accurate numerology. It is very important to understand what you are getting before you take the time to make a decision. If you are looking for information on the meaning of numbers, you should be very careful. Numerology does not tell you what the numbers mean. It is a tool to help people understand themselves and their lives better.

Many people who want to learn more about numerology are searching for a way to create luck in their lives or to get a raise at their job. While it is possible to learn how to use it to achieve personal goals, it is best to keep the information to yourself. If you are looking for information on the meaning of numerology, you are wise to not buy a book about it. If you are looking for information on the meaning of numerology, you should be very careful. Numerology does not tell you what the numbers mean. It is a tool to help people understand themselves and their lives better.


In conclusion, numerology reading is not very accurate. It cannot predict the future of an individual or of a company. But it can give some advice that could be acted on for certain scenarios.

The numerology reading is not very accurate. It cannot predict the future of an individual or of a company. But it can give some advice that could be acted on for certain scenarios. So, I hope this answers how accurate is numerology reading is.

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