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diversity of mind with illusions

The diversity of mind with illusions unrevealed fact

You might be asking for what is the diversity of mind with illusions? The non cognitive or visceral systems have been studied a lot by many psychologists and this study has taken more than a century. After that study and research on these perceptual systems, the analyzation made are that most of the time importance is given to the visceral activities felt by vision and hearing. The other activities felt by the senses are not given too much focus or can say they don’t receive much focus.  The extensive study has been made on the perceptual system like smell, balance, touch, and taste. The reason to study them is to understand their role in the visceral activities of the human body.

Basically what is Perceptual System and what is illusion?

The perceptual system is something that is felt by the human brain as a new concept and illusion is something that the brain uses for fun or to which the brain tries to find a solution. A variety of processes are there even steps by which we can easily study the perception and illusion.

A few steps of experiments are done to study perception and illusion. Experiments and the study of the scientists show that perception is a disorder in the brain and a problem in the nervous system causes illusion or damaged working of our senses. The perceptions play with the mind in such a way that the mind’s perception of things becomes the same.

Most of the time in our childhood we must have come across many illusion which we took as a fun piece of game. Creating illusion and then working out on it and testing it is a better way to study it and particularly the illusion that happens with the visual systems need to be studied out by perceptual system. We think that these illusions are tricks that play with our mind but according to the scientist’s point of view, they relate it with the perceptual system.

With the help of the perceptual system, once the illusion is made, scientists can study the experience of people and can realize it in a better way by studying in deep about the experiences of humans. There is one part in our brain that is so much responsible for the perception of illusions and scientists need to study such part in the brain that what makes the increase and decrease in the strength of the illusion.

The visual artists have been with scientists in this study and the study will be about the illusions only. The movement of light and shadow and the other things will be experienced by the scientist and the other teammates.We cannot visualize the accurate colors, sometimes the exact size too. It does not mean that we are not good at seeing the qualities. But it means that we are not perfect in seeing things properly but we are totally good at judging the difference.

If two lines are totally identical but sill we cannot find the equal lines and this effect is due to Ponzo illusion.

diversity of mind with illusions

With the help of mental geometry once the brain accepts the length that it has seen and with that experience tries to draw a consistent size. Two objects with the same line on the retina and the distances from a person is different and distant and reality is checked.

Illusions and diagnosis

It is said that everything can be diagnosed and illusions can be diagnosed too. The optical illusions like Muller-Lyer and the Poggendroff can be diagnosed and treated well.

There are various theories that diagnose the illusions and they are treated theoretically. The theories studied and researched by the scientists say that the main reason of their status is that the theories explain the visual system that can see the illusion and achieves the perceptual system.

The responses to our stimuli are unrealistic and the illusions are accidental discoveries and these minimal unrealistic responses are tests to the visual theory. These are the errors that can be explained by the visual systems itself.

The theories of illusion should be focused as an evidence to the visual processes. The responses have been seized by the theorists.  The illusions that are diagnostic in nature are focused by the scientists for their research. Sometimes illusions created by scientists are used to hypnotize people. The adhoc manner theories that are explained to explain the illusions are paid attention these days for researching deeply.

This discussion on the visual illusions has some theories and content related and there are some assumptions too .the negative neuroscience is responded well by the psychologists and the clinical psychologists. All this is because the reductionism is a science of studying human brain and it will suck the humans if not checked and taken care of.

There are a lot of other psychologists that have been involved in the research of the illusions and perceptual system and they are now researching on the reductionism. The aim of reductionism is to study the human brain in such a way that psychology will be discarded  and if the reductionism got reduced to the biology and this will suck every psychological concept and it is very clear that reductionism and psychology are enemies.

diversity of mind with illusions

Students become mentally confused to take up biology of psychology. Reductionism is thus hated by the lovers of psychology and biology. Neuroscience is needed for the psychology to resolve various anomalies and various that are still in the immature state. What is needed here is the study of neuroscience necessary.

the psychologists and their subject psychology is generating as a result of the haters of the reductionism and that is why its crucial limitations are increasing psychology and reducing reductionism.

No explanation has been provided by the reductionism on the neuro-science and the psychology and how they can provide anything related to illusion and perception. The neuroscience will be completed fully when the other part of the psychology and human perception will be completed.

The neural circuits of brain are responsible for complete identification of the visual illusions. Now consider a visual illusion and the visual illusions are responsible for generation of neural networks. Reductionism is not psychology and it will eat up the psychology. This reductionism is not going to give a complete explanation and there is a need to explain the synthetic explanation. This will provide an explanation of how the biological factors are related to the psychology of the brain and this phenomenon.

To obtain the whole explanation, explanatory compliment is very much important. Some network explanation like synthetic explanatory compliment is required. Bio-psychology theory is a network theory used to provide another explanatory half, depends on psychology. With relevant explanation psychology will be empowered equivalent to biology sciences depends on each other. explanatory compliment is necessary for each science and biology and psychology are equal partners and depend on each other like science do . Markram is a neuroscientist who did a research on theses explanation

Reductionist biology is the science of examining the brain parts and the neural circuits of the brain and the molecules. The reductionist biology has brought us far more forward but the working of a human brain cannot be explained by only studying the molecules of the brain and the neutral circuits.

The synthesis and analysis are combined paradigm and we should reduce and dissect too. The French Philosopher Rene Descartes is the father of reductionism and has studied on the recreation and reassembling the brain as a whole.  The efforts are being made by the neuro-society to re-assemble the reductionist theory as emergence.

It seems quite fun to perceive the illusions but the task is how they work. The limit and the capability of our mind where the perception set is found can be examined by the illusion. There are cognitive sub-processes under our perception and the aim of the study is not to find the dys-functionality in our brain or not the apparatus but the real deal is to find and analyze how strong human brain is to visualize the perceptual system and illusion. The human perception is very powerful ad can see whatever he wants. The human perception to see the things means to orientate and amplify the nerves.

Veridicality of perception

Veridicality of perception

About the veridicality of the perception, sensory option is the strongest of all the things because the senses and the emotions are the proof of the fact that human has power of perceiving something. When a human perceives something, he takes it as an object and the reality. We have many times perceived illusions from naked eye and there is a relation between the object and the reality. If the report of these eyewitnesses is taken as a report then it will be strongest evidence and will be a fact proving memory and perception.

The factual knowledge is a strong proof of anything and in case of illusions the factual knowledge should be trusted. The reality and the illusion or the link between them is the visual sense and when the sight is not fortunate we scrutinize there and it all happens when the person is suffering from blur image or has bad vision and cognitive facilities are lacking.

When the factual knowledge is not enough the naked eye is the only option and that is to be applied. If someone touches, that feeling is explained by the person itself by speaking and can be understood easily.

There are some methodological criteria through which we can easily experience the perceptual senses and the system. On performing these methodologies daily we can very easily find out the reliability and the objectiveof our perception. The definition of the objective if employed as according to the standard behaviour is

The physical reality has no evidence by researching these methods and criteria. The usage of these criteria cannot describe the physical reality fully.

Perception cannot tell about the reality and the physical appearance and property of the objective and with this the conclusion to perception can neither be called valid nor veridical. All in one it means that the properties of the objective remain unsatisfied and indeterminate.

It is all our perception that we perceive reliably the sun as objective and watch it going upwards in the sky in the morning and down in the evening. There are different physical relations defined. Since the great scientists Copernicus had developed heliocentrism but most of the people have their perception different. For example in case of earth, many people who consider earth as sphere and now mostly the perception is that it is round but still there are some people who perceive that earth is not round.

Veridicality of perception

Limitations of the possible perception of the objects

When we cannot see or access the things with our naked eyes, we perceive things and perception is more far reaching and has no doubt limitations. The processing quality of our brain and its specifications are all dependent on the perceptual system.

The perception depends on our quality of the perceptual system and the perceptual system changes with age. For example, listening to a frequency of noise is audible for a young adult but when the same noise will undergo narrow frequency, and with the perceptual system, the frequency with the growing age of boy will go narrower.

Some frequencies of the infrasonic and ultrasonic cannot be perceived because these are perceivable by species and not by humans. These are sensory illusions.

The perception of the environment and its representation cannot be sensed by person due to high frequency or narrow frequency. It is always a dream to sense those things and listen to those narrow frequencies and infra and ultrasonics. It is obviously a craze for everyone to listen to what animals perceive and humans cannot.

There are transformation techniques though through which we can easily perceive what the animals can but this needs some experimentation by Geiger-Muller tube and this tube is used for making a radiation. The radiation made is ionized and perceivable radiation.

This is not something that can detect the feelings and the sensations as these are the high frequency electromagnetic radiations. To think about the objective perception in order to access the information from the outer environment it creates an illusion. The perceptual senses of a person change with time.

The colour blindness of the lack to differentiate the colour happens with elder people who are old. The elders reduce the ability to detect between the colours. Their perception changes with the age too. After studying a lot about it, the perceptual objective is nothing and all is illusion.

 Optical Illusion

The vision illusion is often a deception or can be called as optical illusion. The colours affect and the images are also different placed in different places. The visual images and a variety of effects mislead the people and the other cause can be seen by lighting effects etc.

It is not necessary that everyone sees the visual illusions. For example, we may have seen an image stereogram in which we must have tried to focus on one image and failed to do so that all happens because of the visual defects or illusions.

 Optical Illusion

Optical illusions are fun and are very interesting. It increases the brain’s involvement in solving the vision illusions.

There are types of Optical illusions such as

Hermann Grid Illusion

In this optical illusion, the dots seem to displace from one square to other. And this illusion was first invented by Hermann in 1870. When the viewers see this it seems to them that the dots and the square boxes are shifting. When focussed on a single dot, the dots seemed to be white but when viewers looks somewhere else, the white dots become grey.

Working of the Hermann Grid Illusion

Why colour grey is seen when the dots are white. There is a different perception than the reality but why?

All this depends on perception, what our mind wants to see and what it has seen. The lateral inhibition is used to explain the perception. It is not necessary to see the reality or same to same as what is there. If the visual system has seen something due to defects it will show us the deception part or the illusion part. It is all perception of our mind and the brain and their response to the stimuli.

According to some researchers, it is said that this is the most inaccurate way and it is proved already that illusion is independent of size, colour etc.

The spinning Illusion

In this spinning Illusion, we see the dancer dancing and changing its direction.

What has been seen in this dancing Illusion?

In this image, we see a women dancing and changing its position, the changes are both clockwise and anticlockwise and it is difficult to switch the direction of the dancing women simultaneously. With a blink and focus on one part on the image, the perception will change and the girl will dance in the opposite direction.

How does the spinning illusion work?

This illusion was created by Nobuyuki Kayahara. This was mistakenly treated as a scientific test for the right brain and left brain. The bistable perception is the perceptual system of brain and who has bistable perception and can see 2-dimensional figure.  The person who has bistable perception can easily see the two dimensional figure in two different perspectives. The third dimension is not available and the brain tries to construct the third illusion effect.

What has been seen in this dancing Illusion?

Zollner illusion

Being static lines, in this illusion the static lines appear moving.

How do we see?

This is other optical illusion and is called Zollner illusion. It was first found in Germany by an astrophysicist called Johann Karl Zollner in 1860. This illusion presents a huge lines crossing and,moving each other.the oblique lines never meet and seems like crooked.

How does this illusion work?

In this illusion, the background of the picture disturbs it and creates an illusion. The disorter may cause the illusion of deceptive image. There are many suggestions of the Zollner illusion.

An impressive depth is made in this zollner illusion. The lines seem to be near to us and on the hand farther from us. The depth impression is created from the angle of the lines.

The brain perceives the impression and tries to increase the angle between the long and the short lines. The disturbance of the image causes brain to take away the lines and them make them towards each other. Now if doing this experiment requires colour change then both the colours of same brightness won’t reflect this illusion.

The Ames Room Illusion

This is mostly very common illusion we must have faced actually. In this illusion, the two people who are in a same room look like different sizes.

What is seen in the Image?

The Science Museum in paris has this room called Ames Room and what  the image showed was two people of same size and height appeared different (tall  and small.)

How does the Ames Room Illusion Work?

The room is already disturbed and to create this illusion, there is a need of imbalance sized room. The room is basically shaped into a trapezoid and the illusion is very dramatic. If we want to make that happen again we have to stand in the corner in right side and make another person stand in the left corner but far away.

This is the tricky part of the illusion that makes a person who is seeing this believe that the two individuals are different in sizes and appearance. The person on the left will make a greater angle.

Perception is the biggest illusion

Perception is the biggest illusion

The perception is taken as a grand illusion and there is a need to reconstruct the reality of the mind and psychology. The data provided is limited and there is a huge gap in processing that data entirely.

The huge gap increases when there is the need to process data only. But there is a need to make the whole situation crystal clear too. The aim is to ultimately develop a decision that is completely based on the clarity and information in order to take some appropriate decisions.

A mental model for making a decision that is totally clear and free from the doubts and determinant is needed. This model is applied in a situation and such a model is in reality.

Just like a fruit has a ripening stage and it ripens and gets good for eating. The colour saturation helps in determining the ripening of the fruit. In this way the ripening of the fruit is made diagnosed and in the same way we can easily diagnose the perceptual system.

The perceptual system gets amplified and intensified in such a way that the capabilities of the system are enhanced and in result perceptions are out.

Any image that we perceive or view cannot be used for making misleads and the perception is actually a blueprint that can be reconstructed into a new image.

The perceptual illusions are all demonstrated by the perceptual processes that our perceptual system makes or follows. For example when we look at some image, it seems like particular balls are moving but when we see the same picture from a different angle everything seems to be normal.

Human Psychology and some facts

The non-clear and the processes that are not determined are also a cause of illusion and the reconstruction of some capabilities has helped us in getting rid from these percepts.

Perception and illusions are something that creates curiosity in a person’s behaviour to know more and more about things and how this illusion has happened and how to solve it. The perceptual illusions are constructed without any physical relationship of the entities. An example of Kaniza triangle can be taken here.

Human Psychology and some facts

Perceptions are the visual impairments sometimes we see due to the visual defects of our eyes. Illusions have one thing and i.e. perception which is taken as a property. Sometimes illusions entertain people and force them to think for it helping their brain to grow and remain curious.

In everyday life, we have illusions and illusions are related to anything like hearing, smell, taste etc.

The insights based on the personal experience help in elaborating the process of understanding and this will ultimately help in optimizing some models. These experiences are the needed perfects for making an elaborative understanding.

 Attractive learning output can be created by different playful illusion and the attention of the people gets drawn to these illusions and  this will help more and more people to understand the phenomenon behind the illusion and the phenomenon that is used in the perceptual system.

People on finding the illusions can sufficiently devote their time in the energy. This will help and make people curious for the solution of the problem. They can easily understand the mechanism of the perceptual thinking and the system.

These can be thought or taken as the dys-functioning and the malfunctioning of the mind. The perceptual illusions can be taken as something that indicate the mental level too and brain’s perception.

The view of taking perception as a malfunctioning of mind is also a standard way of seeking illusion. The perceptual system becomes fallible , slow and very imperfect.

The illusionary perceptions of our mind transforms the input sensations and the sensory inputs into understanding the situation to generate the actions that are leading according to adequate current situations.

Human intelligence can be perceived and judged by seeing how perfectly everyday situations are handled by the humans. The humans reproduce the answers of the most complex situations with their perceptual systems.

Human Psychology and some facts

In a biological system, the perceptual system acts so appropriately and brilliantly. Perceptions are something we can act accordingly. Perceptions act according to the nervous system of the body, the fast the body, the fast is the output. The artificial perceptual systems has the normal perceptual system as a bench mark and some programs transfer the natural products and the transfer is made to technical products. The perception field has a well-advised development field.

The top down processing in the illusions system is the most powerful system that eases up the perceptual system. The big-data of the sensory inputs is compressed in the perceptual system. There is a confusion whether the top-down approach will characterize the illusion and it has a guided model-based nature.

We perceive the things we have knowledge about and this is really hard connected, our brain is full of loaded information and the perception from the perceptual view can be made. The different hypothetical situations ar or hypothesis helps to make clear the whole illusion and the data.

One of the key assumptions for hypothesis testing is that perception is a constructive process depending on top-down processing. Such top-down processes can be guided through knowledge gained over the years, but perception can also be guided by pre-formed capabilities of binding and interpreting specific forms as certain Gestalts. The strong reliance of perception on top-down processing is the essential key for assuring reliable perceptual abilities in a world full of ambiguity and incompleteness. So I hope you are clear about the diversity of mind with illusions from this article.

You can read more article fro our site about delusion as well. Apart from that, you can read articles about meditation, spirituality and others too. So stay connected when we publish new articles.

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