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Demons Of the Flesh

Demons of the Flesh | Bloggers Soul Book Review

In general, we hear about sexual Left Hand Path Sex Magic, also called red or DEMONS of the FLESH, while more rarely we find information on sexual alchemy. Although the two terms are used interchangeably, of the first, most people’s opinion is that it is Left Hand Path Sex. Therefore something dangerous and practiced by deviant and evil people for purely material or sinful purposes, of the second one says that it serves spiritual evolution and must be practiced under strict control, following precise prescriptions and techniques, so that it can be part of the practices of so-called white left Hand Path Sex Magic. Even so, it is often rejected and again ascribed to Left Hand Path SexLeft Hand Path Sex Magic.

At the dawn of the 21st century, Sex is therefore still considered something embarrassing to talk about, as it is a matter of “treacherous”, “dirty”, “sinful”, “forbidden”, “pathological”, “amoral”, in a single word, “demonic”, useful only to produce perversions and violence and to groped towards the temporary satisfactions of the flesh?

In part, it must be admitted that this is the case, despite the Sexual Revolution. Still, luckily it is enough to go to any bookstore to be informed that Sex is also its opposite, that is a disruptive and revolutionary power, completely free and within reach of all, capable of moving energies and making the individual intellectually and spiritually accessible, happy, cheerful and satisfied, when lived in full mutual respect.

There are also, in this case, two sides of the same coin.

Sex is Not Evil in Itself. On The Contrary, It All Lies in Use Made of It

Everyone knows that it is never a harmful tool, but the user and Sex’s mind is a tool for producing energy. Indeed, I would say that it is the only other genuinely renewable, inexhaustible, clean energy source within everyone’s reach, along with sunlight. The “color” of this energy, on the other hand, we define it according to the “colors” we have inside, so some will “really” use the Sacred Sex as a system of transcendence and moral evolution, enhancing their vital and spiritual energy. In contrast, others will “really” make it an instrument of exploitation, coercion, and violence. When I talk about Sacred Sex, I realize that implicitly I assimilate it to Love, to feelings, to affectivity experienced through the senses, but this cannot be said of all the texts I will talk about. Therefore it is good to specify it immediately.

How to distinguish one road from another is not in my ability to indicate it. Still, I believe that the difference is determined by the greater or lesser level of ignorance of those who should transmit their knowledge to us and of us who welcome them, so we can make ourselves against differences only by living, that is, through personal experience and comparison with the experience of others. When I speak of ignorance, I mean a lesser emotional and affective experience and a reduced ability to transmit spiritual knowledge, Love, and wisdom. At the most, we can say that the boundary between the abuse and the use of vital energy is outlined when it is transmitted to us or a mentality that makes us free and independent, but eager to share, or on the contrary, we are convinced that it is not necessary to understand, but only to obey: that it makes no sense to cooperate, but it is better to depend on others, becoming exploiters in turn.

In my opinion, a good self-assessment system could be to see if the needle of our inner balance is more shifted towards Venus or Mars than the famous and homonymous painting by the Neoplatonic hermeticist, Botticelli.

Alchemy or Sexual Left Hand Path Sex Magic?

If we wanted, in any case, to try to hypothesize what sexual alchemy should be like at an ideal level, what could we answer?

Nothing more, nothing less than it is a technique. A technique that transforms sexual energies by enhancing vital energy and changing the emotional and spiritual sphere. A system to ward off ignorance in favor of a person and collective self-awareness, society being nothing more than the set of these same individuals who believe in the brotherhood and equality of all human beings, without distinctions of sex, race, wealth, and belief.

Any other form of mixing and distillation of mental and spiritual energies that do not involve everyone’s absolute possibility to obtain the same results is no longer Alchemy. The philosophy of alchemy was born as absolutely cooperative and equal; not understanding it and behaving differently is just a sad “imitation of alchemy”. The differences arise from the objectives that animate individuals, but not from the Principle that animates Alchemy.

Therefore, we can understand sexual alchemy, stripped of negative connotations and selfish intentions, as one of the fields of action of spiritual alchemy. The sexual part serves to release and transform sexual energies into vital energies. In contrast, the alchemical part that deals with the sphere of the most profound emotional and psychic transformations has the task of distilling and refining them, making them much more potent through self-awareness. Everyone knows that Sex without the active and voluntary participation of the mind and soul is nothing. If you don’t feel any emotion, no feeling of fusion, and exchange that such an intimate union can create, the final result will only be emptying.

On the other hand, when “matter and spirit” perceive each other and merge into a single “thing,” they produce energy that fills and enriches those who “evoke” it more if it is channeled towards inner growth. Trying to be more transparent, the sexual part discovers and lays bare the ego in its undifferentiated entirety. It is the mental habit that falls, but it is Alchemy’s responsibility to act as a Mirror to this inner nakedness to make sense of this liberation, making the ego known to itself. In the still “hermetically” closed, the thin separate from the thick, until the Whole is reassembled and changed into a single substance, in an available image. Alchemy and SexualLeft Hand Path Sex Magic, therefore, affect the only definition of Sexual Alchemy and cannot and must not be separated, like mind from heart, instinct from reason.

 For the same reason, the Esotericisms of another tradition, who refer to alchemical terms, which have now become part of the standard cultural baggage, overlap and continually exchange the two words for making the meaning of their “SexualLeft Hand Path Sex Magic” clearer and more profound. In these cases, it would be more correct to speak of sexual left-Hand Path Sex Magic (of an alchemical nature) of a specific esoteric school; in other cases, we realize that we are speaking only of sexual Left Hand Path Sex Magic.

The “notorious” Texts

While the techniques of Sexual Alchemy remain secret, because they concern inner intimacy and personal experience incommunicable in words, those of more or less alchemical sexual Left Hand Path Sex Magic invade bookstores.

There are numerous reinterpretations of oriental sexual manuals brought to the West by commercial routes in the colonial period, no longer intended for brothels, private clubs, or occultist cenacles, but adapted to the well-being of the 21st-century couple. They are more “profane” texts, perhaps. Still, containing everything there is to know about techniques and positions for a better and healthier sexual activity in a spiritual key, starting with titles such as Tantra, an invitation to experience affectivity, Love, and eroticism in a free and complete way, to explanations of the Kama Sutra to be kept on the bedside table next to the Tao of the Sessocinese, and How to make Love all night.


if a new discipline such as Sexology makes giant steps, dealing with the psychophysical growth of the individual through books and courses dedicated to how to rebalance sexual energies and how to learn to relate better to oneself and others, on the ancient side esoteric tradition, nothing new under the sun. Many old and masculine texts continue to circulate (even if written by women), which invites the experimental and uncritical use of partial techniques, totally decontextualized. Perhaps not even today’s Esotericists take more literally. However, they are “crumbs” fallen from the pockets” of their ancestors. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that Sacred Sex, despite the greater sexual freedom, is in reality little practiced as a spiritual technique in the esoteric field, regardless of the “ethnographic” research conducted in the first person by the anthropologist Cecilia GattoTrocchi, which appear ridiculous as its author wanted to present them. Those who mostly use the left-Hand Path Sex Magic of desires, in my opinion, are not the Esotericists, but those who are interested in political, economic, and religious power, who well know that those who master their desire and know that of others, are not only no longer under the influence of no one (apart from his narcissism), but he can direct and control the consensus and direction of the world, or at least the flow of money into his pockets. In this regard, it is enough to see the derailment towards extreme forms of social-political marketing and NLP applied to human relationships.

The texts that take the trouble to reconstruct the history of these ideas are above all chronological-descriptive, very useful for the temporal reconstruction and to understand the links and reciprocal influences between the significant representatives of the esoteric schools of the time, but not always helpful for understanding the cultural origin of these same ideas.

With all the admiration for those who have dedicated themselves to a courageous work such as that of making public their ideas on Sacred Sex, many of these end nineteenth century, early twentieth century, read in the twenty-first century, honestly cannot be said to be immune from social, racial, cultural, philosophical and sexual prejudice, even when they try to fight it. The numerous paradigms stratified from age to age cannot compare with the different consciousness of the times. Nothing strange, “we are like dwarves on the shoulders of giants so that we can see more things than them and further away, not because of the sharpness of our eyesight, but because they are supported and carried high by the stature of giants [6]”, it follows that we must project ourselves towards the future by elaborating the past in a dynamic but critical continuity. Therefore, we would like to be able to read a more significant number of texts, including esoteric ones, dating back to the 1950s, which originate from the understanding of the oldest ones, keeping what is correct, but without fear of indicating what is outdated and why.

If, as I imagine and hope their heirs, practicing, have gone beyond these limits, where is the reinterpretation of the “doctrine”? Perhaps I have not searched enough, but starting from the hypothesis that it is given only within the initiatory schools, as it should be, would it not be correct to leave a less confused image also on the outside? The texts circulate, and fortunately, this cannot be prevented, but what one finds, even if in the end it is always the same Principle seen from different angles, would need a critical apparatus written by those same people who have direct knowledge of it.

It is only a suggestion, but when an inexperienced person approaches such decontextualized writings, he can feel nothing but a sense of confusion and perplexity if he does not receive satisfactory answers on which and how many mysterious ways have included among their rituals sexual practices for a purpose. Left Hand Path Sex Magical or transmuting, why they did it, who were the “controversial” protagonists of their diffusion, towards what purposes were they aimed, what are the ancient or oriental sources from which they were drawn, but above all, what was the mentality and culture of those interpreted them, what prejudices they had, which stigmas they received, last but not least the question of what is the useful functionality of these practices.

For my part, I do not intend to deal with the history of Sex from its origins to now, as there are already enough books that have helped to create a generalized awareness that sacred Sex has been and is used by all civilizations of the past and present and that will also be in the future.

 I prefer to focus my interest on the “modern” period, not from a historical perspective, even if I have to rely on chronologies, but from our Western culture’s perspective. A much less desperate undertaking than trying to understand the motives and practices of the sacred sexuality of the ancient Babylonians, whose spiritual dimension is more difficult to probe for us than that of our great-great-grandparents, with whom we share the same cultural paradigms that still coexist and influence our age.

The Terms of The Question: An Obligatory Path

In the full social, cultural, and industrial revolution, the nineteenth century also found itself involuntarily planting the seeds of the coming sexual revolution. Probably this caught many unprepared Esotericists and researchers of the beginning of the century who began to accuse the Christian religion of having opened the doors to the most primitive instincts with its repressive methods, not to mention that in the clergy themselves, there was a secular absence of true spirituality. Their counter-proposal was to establish a new social and spiritual order and a revision of Sex in a sacred key, to prevent the world from going completely crazy. Some even thought of directing this revision towards the advent of a new paganism. Still, in both cases, rather than a large-scale “cultural revolution” project, it is more realistic to speak of the times’ logical consequence.

 The survival of pagan cults and Gnostic Christian heresies, mixed with the medieval and Renaissance philological rediscovery of Greek love myths, combined with the nineteenth-century antiquarian and archaeological discoveries concerning the sexuality of the ancients, finally revitalized by the discovery of oriental sacred texts, did nothing else than to bring to saturation an explosive mixture fueled by the alternation of moments of repression and curiosity for sexuality in all its forms. From the loves of the gods to those of the great ancient generals, from homosexuality to sacred prostitution, from religious weddings to orgiastic practices, from the faults exposed to indicate the brothels to the phallus of Dionysus carried in procession or kept veiled and “straight in the basket” of the Villa of the Mysteries, slowly everything returned to the light of the sun and was confronted with what came from the East. Everything was filtered by the eye of those who, even though they had become capable of criticizing creationism, (until then considered the only explanation of the world and its physical, moral and social laws), did not want and could not detach themselves completely and abruptly from what remained—the glue of European culture. One could contest the social order between nobles and poor, cancel the French monarchy, inaugurate the democracy of the United States of America, question the integrity of the history of the world told in the Bible, fight against the religious interference of the Church in freedom of thought. Still, few doubted the existence of a God who observes humanity, judges it, and disposes of its otherworldly future. Whatever innovative path one took, this inevitably clashed with religion. As in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, even in the nineteenth century, the route continued to be traced:

if you attempted reconciliation between mystery religion and sacred Sex, you were accused of heresy, if, on the other hand, one opposed and “rebelled” against Christian dogmas, the accusation was once again of witchcraft and Satanism.

Holy Sex in the Bible

Was there any idea of ​​Sacred Sex even in early Christianity, to be taken as a model, for the Christian esotericism of the late 19th century, awakened by the tantric practices of Indian religions?

Yes, there was.

The most ancient Jewish-Christian sacred erotic text, available to all, is the Song of Songs, which from the wisdom books has merged into the Old Testament of the Bible. Explained by commentators as the Love between God and Jerusalem, it is not affected by the devastating sexophobic effects that the belief in an original sin has left on the subsequent Catholic theological interpretation. In Guido Ceronetti’s explanation, all the power of the Mystical and Sexual Love of the Jewish people is revealed, which first escapes the patriarchal censorship of its time by covering itself with layers and layers of metaphorical veils, which the translator wisely raises:

“Let your mouth water me with kisses because your love intoxicates more than wine .”; “Take me to the cellar. Plant your banner for me, Love. With sweet grapes and apples, support me, raise me. I’m dying of Love. “; «Your lips are a scarlet thread; your mouth is desirable. You overwhelm my mind, my Sister, and the bride. You overwhelm my mind. With a single glance, with a single necklace on your neck. Wonderful your caresses, my Sister and bride. More than wonderful wine. And the smell you give off surpasses any perfume. Honeycombs are dripping your lips; oh, the bride. Honey and milk in your mouth. Like a Lebanon of aromas of your clothes, the smell. You are the bolted oasis, my Sister, and the bride. The Murata Source, the Sealed Source. Your drains are a Paradise Garden of pomegranates, henna, and a nard of precious fruits. Let my Beloved enter her garden to eat that prodigious fruit »; «In my garden, I entered, my Sister and bride. And the myrrh and every essence I took away, and all the honeycomb I ate and the wine and the milk I drank. I was sleeping, but my heart heard my friend’s voice knocking – Open me, my Sister. My friend, my dove, my perfect one. The dew has covered my head. The night has dampened my hair – Already have I undressed and dressed again? Have my feet washed, and I go back to dirtying them? My Beloved took his hand out of the hole, and my hollows bellowed for him. To open up to my friend, I would get up. At his call, my soul went out, and my hand flowed myrrh. From my fingers, the myrrh flowed onto the latch I held. I open to my beloved. My Beloved had disappeared. “;

Where has your Beloved gone, Or the most beautiful of women? My Beloved has descended to his paradise, to the balm beds. It browses in the oasis and picks roses. I of my Beloved and my Beloved is mine. Hunt the roses “; «Your vulva is a curved still of fragrant liqueur, it is never dry, a handful of wheat in a rose garden lies between your groins. My friend, come, let’s go out into the countryside, we’ll spend the night in the vegetable gardens. There I will give you my milk. Among the unripe and ripe fruits, I have hidden behind the door for you what is richer my Beloved “; “Ah, if you were my brother, if my mother nursed you. Finding you on the street, I would kiss you. I could do it without shame. With the fragrant liquid and the tears of my pomegranate, I irritated you. Your left under my head and your right embrace me. “… and Ceronetti, without false modesty, but with high points of” mystical erotic penetration “, superior to any text on sexual Left Hand Path Sex Magic, explains:” Nine are the doors of the body; this, to which Apollinaire dissolved his hallèl, is the ninth. The hand dangles from the hole in the bolted door, which touches the coral door and changes into the hand that Jerusalem has (nefas) smelled. As soon as the door opens, retracts, and disappears through the closed door making the flesh moo’s emptiness, they are moments of spasms of a dream.

The erotic vision drips myrrh, which is feminine Aquinnah, in its purest manifestation, and the fingers calm the fire that is kindled in the half-waking state. But no one has entered the hole; no one has left the room. The loving soul of God masturbates in solitude, dreaming that the Beloved is near. He gets up and goes to open the door; the Beloved has disappeared, the street is deserted. Sometimes, however, it was the wound. The Bridegroom’s hand enters the dream through the closed door and leaves the hidden cavities empty is expected, it changes into a golden dart that has a fire on its tip and plunges into the heart several times, piercing it aside. apart, it touches all the viscera, and going out to dive again seems to take them all away into the fire of that tip, while the emptied and aching body is filled with the peace of unexplained and infinite Love. The cherubic dart repeatedly plunged into the spiritual target heart, like the mosaic executor’s sword in the groins of the Moabite at the Shittim. That hole is a peephole: whoever applies the eyes can see a burnt landscape that exhales deliciously, like an incredible bloom. Diviniamoris cusp. In Vulnus ictal coincides. The erotic exegesis of the Canticle also helps to understand this foramen of Love of a wise and fairy nun, daughter of Carmel, without being from Jerusalem, descended from converted Jews [Ceronetti refers to Saint Teresa and the famous statue by Bernini who portrays her, pierced by the arrow of divine Love, in an erotic, mystical ecstasy unprecedented in Christian art]. As the door’s figure refers to other doors to infinite doors, the hole of the Canticle’s dream refers to other holes, of the celestial wound, and opening onto unspeakable realities. In the alchemy of the Canticle [the fragrant wine] is the queen of essences, in universal magnetism, a magnet in which the divine Sophia has put a great deal of strength to attract souls and bodies.

 The Canticle to lead to the soul has chosen the organ that bears the closest resemblance to the door and the empty room, the uninhabited street where the soul pursues the soul through ecstasy, torment coarseness. I translate you overturn my mind, an upheaval that for an ancient, Semite or Greek, has nothing negative because mental upheaval is the passage’s condition to a higher order. My nard sends its smell, and The mandrakes send smell are twin sphinxes of the erotic gnosis ride of an enigma. There is no doubt about the exclusion of rural allusions when a text speaks of mandrake. Those who are disputing Lea and Rachel are very close to Jacob’s hand; they represent its strength and power. The mandrake resembles the hand; drinking its juice is equivalent to sperm impregnation.

The symbolic significance is made transparent by the Semitic root identity (d-d) between Mandrake, Maumelle, Caresses, and Amorous Enjoyment, a wonderful circle in which the prophet King David is also included. The same root also holds vast (dud) and hand (iad). Here there is ambiguity: the mandrakes indicate the hand and what of the hand must not be diverted from the door. Otherwise, as Onan one dies between their smell and that of nard, there is sympathy and correspondence – but because, also, loving caresses emanate odor, they are acts charged with emanations from the depths, they have the power to open all things, old and new. Nardo and Mandragore are nudity as active energy, the body’s aphrodisiac force, whose purpose is not the simple capture of the senses. The mandrakes (caresses, breasts, enjoyment) attract in the empty room, where one celebrates the triple mystery of erotic, psychic, and spiritual knowledge. Evil is missing in the Canticle as an obscure demiurge, contrary, contention, danger, mixture, perdition, adversary, darkness, death. Evil is absent because the God who creates it to measure himself against him and overcome him is absent. Whoever is justly tired of too much God who is in Jacob, breathes in Leviticus. In the song, the dust of a female dream is in God’s place.

 This is what attracts Let me enter your rooms o king Where we will enjoy and have joy together. The empty rooms, cellars, the passages of the dream of the erotic way as a gnostic way also open for the beloved Amata is Amato, Amato is Beloved, without subservience to a sexual condition that just beyond the veil no longer has sense. But the reading of the text, inevitably, changes according to the reader. The whole vision of the Canticle is excessively passionate. The intellectual vision is typical of a male reading No longer being a man or a woman, thinking androgynous, gives all the figures the perfect intelligence. We keep all of this to me Let’s keep all this in mind because we will often find it “fatally changed”.

Ancient and “new” Gnosticism

The other oldest text that has come down to us reveals to us the Christian. Still, the Gnostic doctrine of Bishop Valentine is instead the Gnostic Gospel of Philip, where reference is continually made to the sacred marriage. Before its rediscovery in Nag Hammadi in 1945, fragments of this text or the doctrine itself may not have been circulated secretly or simply from “mouth to ear”. The same accusations of “use of sex” were attributed in medieval times to the Cathar, Albigensian, and Templar Christian communities, of clear Manichean Gnostic orientation even if at the same time, they were surrounded by an aura of “purity” and “chastity,” to the point that it becomes difficult to distinguish between defamation and some form of reminiscence of older hierogamy. Another story if we delve into the neo-Gnostic movements of the end of the century is that the use of Sex is specific and documented by the texts.

Neo Gnostic Sex and Chastity, Retention of The Seed, and Generation of The Body of Light

These opposite things are reconciled by sexual left-Hand Path Sex Magic of a Christian – Gnostic matrix, perhaps because, as the old proverb says, “of necessity, virtue!”. Those who want to follow the path of chastity and continence, based on their religious beliefs, do so, but all the others who fail and risk feeling unjustly like unclean incontinent sinners, what should they do? They turn to esoteric Christianity. Let it be clear that this aspect is not recognized by the Orthodox ecclesia which, instead of understanding human needs, is closed in on itself, generating monsters, i.e., genealogies of sex-dependent Popes and cardinals, inquisitors devoted to sexual violence, daily news of open causes against hundreds and hundreds of pedophile priests around the world.

Esoteric Christianity seems to be nothing more than a form of Christian mysticism that seeks to recover the one now lost with the Christianity of the origins.

 It is aimed at genuinely religious people who want to practice a sort of perfect marriage between spouses, who do not wish to procreate after ten children, or put on a condom (a symbol in their eyes of purely sexual desire) or practice self-eroticism, nor devote themselves to virtue, which would make them weaker towards physical desires and distance them emotionally, can they find a perfect compromise in being able to love each other body and soul, through Sex, as a transcendental moment of mystical union, using the technique of retention of the semen and the reabsorption of female moods. In this act of Love, they can feel that they are coming into contact with the divine, purifying and elevating their physical Love through their spiritual Love, transmuting everything into something that transcends the simple biological embrace.

The Jewish origins of the system through the vision of the Kabbalists and the Theurgy

In Kabbalah and Eroticism, we read:

“Both man and woman are deserving of the divine presence, (the Shekhinah) dwells among them, otherwise a fire will consume them.” the act of union between man and woman, when performed according to the Jewish ritual, is loaded with a theurgical meaning. The perfect sexual union influences the divine presence, determining it among the deserving. OtherwiseahamAbulafia, Isaac d’Acco, or any other kabbalist were probably married or, at least, considered legitimate sexual relations from a strictly religious point of view

The mystics Kabbalists, therefore, speak of the need for sexual activity, which must not be repressed. Otherwise, it could generate “excesses”, but neither should it be confused with getting lost in the flesh’s pleasures by turning away from God. The Kabbalah, the esoteric discipline of the Jews (not recognized by the Jewish religion), admits based on testimonies based on sacred texts, the importance of Sex in the couple as something sacred, intimately linked God. The author is precise in this, more than any other: l sexual union where the divine presence reigns are charged not with left Hand Path Sex Magic, but with “theurgic meaning”. The term left Hand Path Sex Magic is only a container, which according to the ancient conception, has in itself the possibility of both good and evil in Theurgy and Goetia. In this case,

the term Theurgy appears a little out of context, given that it forces the gods to manifest themselves. However, it still clarifies the author’s intention to describe the union between spouses as a “moment” in which divinity descends into them. Etymologically Theurgy means “divine operation”: from theos (God) and ergon (work), «it is an ieratikèpragmateia, (sacred activity) the opposite of anosiourghia (impiety). Giambico, whose philotheurgism derives directly from the Chaldean Oracles, meant theurgy “as” the “wisdom” and “art” ofLeft Hand Path Sex Magic used for mystical and religious purposes “and” thpragmaticof spiritual operations to establish direct contact with the Giambieality Michele Psello who translated the Oracles in the 11th century in Byzantium, interpreting the matter from a Christian perspective, clarified that “according to the Oracles, the” flower of the intellect “is in itself powerless to lead man to grasp the divine fully; the theurgical rite, therefore, remains indispensable and, at times, implies the constraint of the gods

It differs from the official oracles as regards the entry of the divinity into the person since it was believed that the divinity entered “not by spontaneous act of grace,” but responding to the call of the operator or even undergoing the constraint. Furthermore, theurgic art is distinguished from ordinaryLeft Hand Path Sex Magic in that it is always used for mystical-religious purposes. »Wherever you look at it, it is clear that divinity and with it illumination or blessing come down only to allow us an ascent, which is welcomed only by those who make themselves receptive to being possessed by something else. outside the “profane” sphere or who manage to find the inspiring and uplifting beauty of the transcendent even in everyday life.

 The union with the divine is expressed naturally with the sexual metaphor and concerns a form of “divine” Left Hand Path Sex Magic , for tOutsideson the soul can experience it not only intellectually, but also through the flesh, since “beauty, as sin is in the eye of the beholder “:

“the universe is preserved and is joined to cau. It concerns Love’s madness; others using philosophy, still, others using a the urgic power that is superior to all human wisdom. It gathers together the happy characteristics of prophecy, the purifying powers of the purifying and initiating art, and, in short, all the operations of an invasion that takes us all and comes from God.

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