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Karm And A Lot Of Its Aspects

A Brief Introduction All of us have heard about karm, maybe through our elders or the priests of the temples. What is karm? What is its functioning? How is it determined? Is it carried through the various human lives of a soul or does the karm of one human experience remain confined to it, even when it is not fulfilled? Does the karm of one life impact another? What...

how does karma works

What’s The Definition of Karma- How It Works?

Karma, also known as “cosmic justice” is the sum of a person’s good and bad deeds in this life which will determine their rebirth in accordance to Buddhist beliefs. Karma is the idea that every action has a reaction, good or bad. The Buddhists believe in reincarnation because they believe in karma and they also believe in the law of cause and effect. Let’s...

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