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Is Chakra A Real Thing?

Is Chakra a Real Thing?

To many in the western world, the concept of chakra is something that belongs in a book of myths and legends. However, there are many who believe that these energies exist and serve an important function in our physical and spiritual well-being.As you know, we are spiritual beings who are living the human experience. Therefore, the human bodies have more...

How Much We Can Trust Astrology?

How Much We Can Trust Astrology? Many people believe that astrology is the study of how stars and planets affect our lives. Astrology can be used to explain personality traits, potential partners, careers, and other life decisions. Astrologers use astrological charts to predict future events. More people are trusting astrology as it is becoming more common, but are...

science of Astrology

The Science of Astrology and The Spiritual Realm

The science of astrology is related to scientific studies. The scientific study is related to the stars and its origin its movement. Same is the study of astrology, it also studies heavenly objects like stars and its position but the difference is that the astrology predicts the movement and position of stars to predict the future of people. Astrology is used to...

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